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  1. Yeah I agree, bai qian is a high goddess that’s she was able to punish her but how about those low status immortals or mortals , too bad .
  2. Thank you . But about sujin is that heaven’s punishment or just a punishment coming from yehua and/or from heavenly emperor ? heaven’s punishment I’m referring to those above the 9heavens like Buddha or Brahma .
  3. Guys, is there a law that prohibits other deities to hurt a person who is in trial in mortal world or in the immortal world ? What happen to the deity who tried to hurt her during her trials ? Is there a punishment written for tjem in the book of fate ?
  4. I have a question . When ye hua hurt susu during her trials, is it also part of what was written on her trial? does he need to act like a cruel person to her and doesn’t he control his actions? I am wondering if it is the same with the people who hurted susu during her trial like sujin ? so for the trial, they were sent to mortal realms to be reborn, the parents that raised them are they still blood related to them? Like song xuanren from pillow book
  5. So the love trial is beyond your control what is happening to you because it is all written down ? yeah just hard to understand if it what they have is love trial or eternal love
  6. Is it possible for a person to experience hard trials in heavenly realm during his lifetime because the heavens wants to forge him through pain and suffering and save the world ?
  7. Is it possible if the person has experience a heavenly trial because the heavens wants that person to restore the peace of the world ?
  8. Thank you . But can an immortal undergoes love trial ? For susu , she became a mortal and then she undergoes a love trial . But how about immortal ? What if they die from the love trial? what will happen ? Isn’t that still useless? Who is deciding for their trial?
  9. Can you please tell me about this will of heaven? So everything is fated to happen and jinmi is fated to die for the peace of six realms?
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