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  1. @Anjalifairy I think is new CF Yaya, like the Kloud beer & Chanel advertisement. Hopefully something surprise us @Gisell Gisell I’m so so so happy & excited when he’s updating his IG. I never think we can see his update so soon
  2. @Anjalifairy yup, the new menu looks good. The PD never let them have leisure time, always get something challenging for them But it good for us, we have more chances to see our Chef SJ @Gisell Gisell I feel you. I can’t wait for every Friday but I don’t want it to be over too fast. Before the YS, I keep watching his YT & old interview to see his face. Ahh... I’m going to repeat this @serenilmauve wow. He looks good & charming from the BTS photos
  3. Thanks for sharing this, at least we know that he ate a lots and enjoy during the holiday Miss him so much I hope he can go for other variety show before he start filming the new movie ‘Concrete Utopia’. @Jeomju1216 Welcome to this forum
  4. Happy Chinese New 牛 Year to those JEOMJU who celebrating Be patient to wait until next Friday for Youn’s Stay. I can’t imagine after Youn’s Stay, we need to wait for how long for his new movies
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