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  1. If you have more sources or links , you can put those in the post. But honestly, as a fan, I am more inclined to direct/official interviews, there are many in gg /mm fans accounts, the completed translations available in english. Gossips that include "someone said, someone asked, or someone mentioned" , not entirely the truth. And I never found in any gg official interviews, that mentioned about the songlin rumors.
  2. Once again this is guangre forum, please dont keep on mentioning that whale or his drama, and before reposting, check first the source, that site - layar hijau - mostly reposting gossips, for clickbaits, its not legitimate news source. Please keep our forum clean and happy , no unnecessary drama needed. Thanks
  3. Its like they know that shippers pay attention to those numbers , and that we love to put the puzzle pieces together , so gg and mm keep on giving the codes and hints, yes we got it , and please keep on hinting lol
  4. Media rarely ship the actors , if there is any rumor/gossip , could be that was paid by some agency with motive/agenda , as in LD case last year. Any new drama/series will have the hype or excitement about the pairing, its usual business. They are actors , its their jobs to have good chemistry with costars. I think guangre will be just fine , we just keep waiting for sugars
  5. Its true what you said. And i think, for me personally, im not against YY or dislike him, i am not a fan , but also not antis. ( no offense to YY fans ) The ex GR ppl who begin to ship R + YY, they bashed and discredited V , to make it reasonable that R "deserves better" , and these attitudes are not okay. Everyone has free will, has personal choice, but please do so without hating others.
  6. It is ridiculous how some ppl will twist facts and make up stories to support their imaginations. Why imaginations, because I dont see R do anything that remotely resemble what they wrote as "romance on set" , whenever I saw any bts from the currently shooting drama, I saw a professional and mostly bored R , her face tho , its like , please let this be done soon!
  7. Agree , I rarely into modern romance drama, but this one hook me in so fast haha I have seen the movie version, This Is Not What I Expected, and I gotta say, for me the drama version is so much better. The characters are so different, I like Nannan and Lujin drama version Hi fellow fans , I am usually silent reader, nice to meet you all , and i see some friends from ELOD thread also *waves hi
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