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  1. They are, some of them post again in weibo the old gossip, old news abt V and other actress, also old rumor of having wife ....its boring
  2. I know, I saw the ig post also, you have rights to protect your works, and even tho we are all in the same fandom, that doesn't make it okay to steal other people's works. Stealing is never okay.
  3. Hello, i found this weibo post in GR CP, although trying google translate, still confused anyone can help to roughly translate? many thanks before https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4470359480610746
  4. I only wish there is some brave people who would put them together, either as guests on variety shows or just anything, GR fans are massive outside China, even tho we all do not understand Chinese language properly whatever Guangre they sell, we buy lol
  5. I was curious and checked via google maps , indeed they are not far, the map said 8 min by sub/train, or 23 min by walking/by foot oh what this ship made us do lol , thanks for the info
  6. Hello, I have seen some of VR scenes in V Love, with eng sub, on instagram account @akanechiro , she edited the vids very nicely
  7. I dont know much about the reputation of that male lead, but I also have uneasy feeling when I saw the pics, like the guy is not nice , just a hunch *sorry for his fans , if any here
  8. ZBB lamp post ! LOL yes poor him , also that Cang Yi guy, he is also always "eat dog food" , their costars really are patient haha
  9. If not mistaken, Netflix has new chinese drama this year , the sequel from Tale of Yanxi Palace, the title is Yanxi Palace - Princess Adventures, only 6 eps, but quite good, for a sequel
  10. Hello all, just want to say hi and thank you to those with so detailed informations and analysis , im a quiet observer at ELOD thread, but cannot resist our Guangre charm, hence here i am, boarding the ship nice to be here with you guys
  11. Exactly how I felt , still cannot move on, either replaying the episodes, or the soundtrack lol my hubby is getting bored of ELOD haha
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