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  1. First the shoes... and now this. Now that we know he deliberately favors the number 8, the sugar is especially sweet! As long as it's 8888 right??
  2. Wow! Speaking of co-workers from Miss S. I think I read somewhere that one of V's weibo friend who he added after starring together in Miss S also added Reba during that time they were filming. The same guy on V's birthday dinner posted pics of V, their group of friends, and 11 wine glasses. In the friends group photo there was only 10 people including the photographer. The reason we think it's R's wine glass is because he also edited this post to add a picture of V and R from Mr. pride and Miss Prejudice but then again later edit the post to remove that picture. Am I getting my sources right? Anyways, it seems like all of V's friends and co-workers are introduced to R. How sweet is that?? What does that tell us? On a related note, didn't someone posted here that when V was showing red girl (from Candle in the tomb) pictures from his phone in the bts, she also asked if that's "your house Reba?" Oh oh and one more thing, you guys remember when she steals his phone and randomly texts his friends? He later has to go apologize and explain to them. That in itself is telling. No matter how close you are, that's pretty rude if you're not dating. He really pampers her! Hehe
  3. At this point, even the heavens are shipping them. 10million followers on 8/2 at the 28th minute. Like really??? Her new drama has references to Hao Yun Lai. Her old drama has 'Dong Hua' broadcasting station. Like what???
  4. About her new drama with Yang Yang. I have a confession: I used to have a huge crush on YY! He and Zheng Shuang in Love020 got me into chinese dramas actually. Although, the infatuation died when I can't get into any of his other dramas or new style now a days... ZS also has a lot of personal issues that it's impossible to ship them together. Anyways, I'm not sure how I feel. I guess jealousy for V because YY is super hard to resist visually. However, to me, V outshines YY in looks, personality, charm, and acting. Of course Rb is professional and she's worked with so many good looking male leads before so I know we have nothing to worry about. Don't get me wrong, I would still watch and enjoy the heck out of their new drama together. I've also read the novel years ago and thought it was alright. Fun fact, in the novel, she made a gaming group called "Hao Yun Lai". Yup that same song! Haha To be honest, I also felt jealous for R when I saw V and ZS filming "I'm waiting for you at summer palace" together so I deliberately watch for any signs of his attention on her because she's also super beautiful! Good news is that V is faithful to a fault and never focused his gaze on her, not even once, which is why we love him. Haha not sure where I'm going with this post, I just have some feelings that I need to let out. It's almost like you're dating the man of your dreams and you see your ex who you've had deep feelings for kind of feel. Hahaha ignore me.
  5. Yes he is! He's so handsome today even with short hair. He and his perfect posture, looking so elegant in his fitted navy suit, hands in his pocket... the manly aura is unreal.
  6. Awwww thanks for the details! That makes sense now that he bought it as a Valentine's day gift for her. It certainly can't be the other way around. If he didn't buy it, then why would she lend it to him to take a pic with? Why use an unrelated/unsponsored product to promote TMPB? Obviously the gift came first and the story was spunned around it. His pose while looking at the perfume is like... "I hope she likes my gift". So sweet! Also 1314 = one life, one love. No wonder fans thought that this was their first attempted grszd.
  7. Omg, the translation for his new hit is soooooo funny! They said he edited the lyrics and directed the dance hahaha. We're moved! Can someone make him an MC of a variety show already???
  8. All I can say is that the entertainment industry is full of bad apples. Just want our two good apples who are so similar in their world views and moral high ground to end up together so that as fans we can breathe a sigh of relief that our idols found their true love and happiness in each other. Anyways I really love the donuts comments. They will support all of his work partnership. Let's do the same.
  9. Must be that they filmed both versions! That's why V wanted to rewind the tape. Btw, when I hear "The script is real, everything was filmed". My mind jumps the gun and I hear: "GR is real. They have been happily dating for years." Hopefully a day not too far away. @pips and Cha Cha, our fellow shipper from drama to real life.
  10. @Karma29 Oh the poor souls on stage who were subjected to his legendary bad singing voice! Hahahaha they all dispersed so fast. Can't wait to see our adorable comedian.
  11. In Chinese, 8 is pronounced "ba". 八 is the character and is represented by the thumb and forefinger gesture. Let's have Reba explain...
  12. He's just marking his territory as usual by showing off how cool he is in his makeshift motorcycle looking like the supermodel that he is and to let everyone know that "8" belongs to him. The overcast sky is the same as her last post. Either they were together or he's flaunting their love again. Couples in Asia likes to match and wear couple shirts, shoes, rings, even sharing the same sky... Yup, I'm seeing it too. Soompi is keeping us entertained with all the visual updates.
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