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  1. @Fong (p. 191) @sg_niner @guguthecat YES to what all of you pointed out. I actually joined this forum (about 80 or so pages back) because I had seen some bts & probably some or maybe yhx of mm & this ml. This was (2 or 3 months) before their drama together came out & I felt my heart shatter a little bit. BUT, the awesome sisters in this forum pointed out more strong, important, telling points about our guangre (check out previous pages in this forum, around p. 117 or so if my brain remembers accurately) so as not to worry about this... What’s important is the recent/now happenings: * I don’t see mm associating at all with whale guy after filming. Also what was said previously in other posts (no promotion on their weibo of opposite lead so far, etc.) *The fact that they restricted what press could ask is also telling, because what would producers, etc. of a show want? They’d want to amp up the curiosity between the leads to drum up more publicity for the show so more people will watch..Could also be what @triplesung said...but just looking at what I’ve seen about the way it works in the China entertainment industry is that it’s part of their promotion plan to cp the leads....so I don’t know... *Lot of “sugar posts” from mm referring in some way to gg (I personally think it is to reassure gg & point out her connection to him) and a few vice versa. * The fact that whenever each of them are on a show/interview (however more so gg because I haven’t seen mm on anything recently, at least where I live, because I’m not in China) the other is brought on or referred to - like hc, both times gg was brought on; they could’ve chosen any friend for gg, why was it mm? They could’ve asked any question to him - why was it in reference to mm? Again some connection made to the other. (Praying it is to “test the waters”) * Looks to be in all likelihood (proof - pic) that gg’s assistant was @ the season 6 Go Fighting premiere...why would the assistant be there without the person she’s working for? It didn’t seem like she was there for recreation or self interest as on a “day off”..(At least for me, I can’t figure that out...if you all can, please let me know, you can shatter my delulu, it’s ok, lol!) * imo, please this is not meant to offend anyone, but I’m going to make an analogy here, but, if you are in a relationship with someone who is a diamond like gg, why would you choose coal (this ml) instead?? Because I choose to stick to my grszd (whether delulu or not) because there’s so much proof that there is something more..you may even say there was more solid proof in the past; but in actuality there’s still some pretty good proof right now, just fewer & less obvious than before because of circumstances & situations [like dw (toxic fans) or jx (this was before, however I’m not sure where jx stands now since that 520 posting & video of gg’s..hmmm?) as has been said many times before in this forum] Anyway, I too, am also soo sorry for this long post, this is my “awake” time (time zone differences) & when I have the most time to check/post here too..
  2. Yes, I know exactly what you mean... have a hard time to see him within the same screen, so haven’t been able to bear watching but did see a few clips.. However, as you said, there’s definitely a bright side to this, lol! Keep them coming! Lol
  3. Gg is perfect as is! That ml is nowhere near the same league as gg - never in a million years! Gg has nothing to worry about... But still want the sugar to keep coming!
  4. Agree with @Eery2 & @Nupur Sinha! IMO (just my opinion) I think mm should speak out & also legal action needs to take place including whoever shared license plate...if it’s already at this point with death threats & nothing’s even being stated officially, imagine what could happen further?!? It’s very scary & disturbing...worrisome..I feel worry just as their fan...but this kind of thing, crazy control problem has to stop, it’s gone too far already..
  5. Absolutely CRAZY CRAZY situation! Needs to be reported & he should change license plate/get rid of ASAP..can’t believe this?!?!!!
  6. I know, my background is the same as yours as I’m not from China, so it’s a total different mindset. The fans in China really are the ones that give “star power” and the clout to actors. I’m just amazed that they know so much about the actors agenda/where they’ll be & what they (the actors) will take part in. Where I’m from, there’s no such thing...
  7. Totally agree - what makes me so angry is they have no right to tell her who she should & shouldn’t be with...I’m praying both are strong & especially mm to stick by who she loves no matter what they think & consequences...what about the other couple (sorry forget their names) who are like gg & mm in age difference but it came out that they were seeing each other for 9 (?) years & just gx with marriage & pregnancy - what was their backlash like?
  8. It’s so irritating & annoying! Geez, dambed if he said mm name & dambed as he didn’t say her name! It’s a catch 22!! It’s so frustrating that they are allowed to do that & have the “power” to make things so difficult! Utterly ridiculous & makes me so upset!!! Feel terrible for hc (btw, them!), feel totally awful for gg & bad for mm! Just want to filter in only positives for them all somehow...
  9. Haha! Lol, I’m ready!! I’ve been ready a long time, lol! Hoping marriage then it’s solid & ALS fanatics can’t do anything about it..lol
  10. There is a pic in this forum of someone that looks, I swear due to the height, eyeglass I’ve seen him wear in pics @ the airport & clothing, at the Go Fighting shoot, that is gg - if not, it’s someone that looks exactly like him resembling all of the above. It is NOT outside of the studio/hotel when they went inside... Just saying I Will keep my delulu going on, thank you very much..lol
  11. @水蜜桃 I wanted to ask you what you think of jx posting for v (douyin on 5/20) because he’s not on contract, so why would they be involved?
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