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  1. Thank God .... we from Indonesian binjin fans are called Cloverleaf Indonesia Fans today, are doing a little kindness for those who are less fortunate. We give them food that we meet on the streets through funds collected from binjin fans we can manifesting our gratitude as fans binjin.
  2. Hello..... I just want to correct a little flower delivery, the last part (IG Jazzytrigonia) came from INDONESIA, we fans of INA are very grateful, because our plan went smoothly, today 11 June the flower has arrived at the place of binjin. We sent 2 flowers to Hyun Bin and SYJ and also cake. Hope SYJ will share them on his SNS. Pray
  3. what did you expect from them? did you see all of their interactions during the event? so that your sender's heart became doubtful. Since when did you start being a binjin sender? binjin is still the same as before hb kept running behind SYJ and kept smiling. You are weak just because there are no sweet moments on the show but what about the evidence of LA shopping photos. According to me, 1 proof is enough to convince my ship to sail PS: Please send the thread if you want to say doubts about you can do DM, you can ask via IG Twitter, they will definitely reply to you.
  4. hello everyone I have been in this forum for 4 months and only become a reader even though sometimes I occasionally write a question if there is something I want to know. if my time is empty I start to re-read all the analysis of loans from page 1 now I have reached page 40 (honestly very tiring) and I want to say a little my opinion and friends outside this forum for example IG Twitter FB so far they really believe in the forum this is their last place to measure the discussion about binjin. Like the Weibo Forum (Weibo and Soompi) So if there is an analysis and words that are considered to be
  5. oh ....well I just received someone to say that HB officially came to the Baeksang Award event thank God it's enough to make me happy
  6. Can anyone confirm if hyun bin will be present at the baeksang award? I received a message from my friend saying hyun bin is not sure he can attend because he has a shooting schedule. i will be very disappointed not to be able to see binjin in the same room after cloy finished me will cry
  7. If you want an english translation you have to wait for someone to edit after the event is over. i think youtube and tiktok don't seem to have the thing that you want
  8. I saw it there whether it's the latest or the old one I don't understand https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/076/0003573256 does anyone understand how to use the application. JTBC because I read a lot of JTBC broadcast live Baeksang Award. But until now I have not been able to use this app.
  9. Until now I can still choose by using 4 accounts one gedget. In our area vote starting at 10:00 a.m if at night the vote is filed we repeat it during the day. and my account has been verified with 4 different emails (I have to add a new email through a google account) I have 4 accounts there all have 3 tiktok accounts that work well. we vote when everyone sleeps huf ... so tired but we keep the spirit to binjin
  10. I saw it there whether it's the latest or the old one I don't understand https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/076/0003573256
  11. According to the initial plan I read finished shooting around December and the film will be screened in early 2021 but because of the pandemic so now it cannot be predicted.
  12. instead of a hug in baeksang:D see hand in hand armpit into the room alone I think it will die. Why are they not doing that right? they have often done his hands on his back, hands on his waist, hands on feet hoping my wishes come true:blush:

  13. is it certain that baeksang will be held without the audience whether it is also included in the nominations ~~ it is rumored to be broadcast live onrime on the jtbc channel
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