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  1. On 2/1/2020 at 5:43 AM, jstgt1501 said:

    Us Donggeuls have always many HQ pictures, DY's fansites are the best! A lot onf thanks to them 

    Yes, and now that I'm in a dong yoon draught I miss them even more!

    Also, new update. Our boy considering a noona romance!!

    Jang Dong Yoon in talks to star as male lead in new JTBC romance, 'Sunbae, Don't Wear Lipstick'

    More speculative details here


  2. 19 hours ago, jstgt1501 said:

    Here a wonderful gift from a fan!! She translated many of Dong Yoon's interviews \o/


    THIS IS SO GOOD! I read through all the articles. And I love everything about this guy hahaaha. He is sweet, caring, quirky, righteous, sensitive to people around him, has good music taste (Radiohead, Red hot chilli pepper), good movie taste(silver linings playbook <3), reads and writes poetry, a foodie (has a map of his favourite restaurants), drinks lots of water and wine (amazing skin + fun company). The only thing the poor soul can't do is dance. That sexy dance wave he tried at fan meet was hilarious and so awkward.
    But the man is an ideal person to stan. He states that he wants to be a "decent person" first. Wanting to be kind and decent consciously is an admirable quality.
    Since Gong Yoo 7 years ago, Jang Dong Yoon is the only person I've stanned in the last 5 years.
    I hope he does more interviews, grows internationally too and achieves great success. Hope to hear more of what goes on in that mind of his :)

    Any and all Jang dong yoon fans should read the articles above

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  3. 4 hours ago, lightbringer06 said:

    while talking about his mom.. such a filial son...I totally get him there.

    omoomomo, what a cutie patootie. I saw some clips earlier, but they weren't subbed. Will check out the subbed version on the link mentioned, thanks chingu!


    3 hours ago, jstgt1501 said:

    4. He speaks in English pretty well: 

    I love this fact! I hope he gets a netflix show, then does some interviews in english hehe. Or some english movies too like Choi woo sik in Okja! He's definitely got acting chops, I hope he makes it big someday!

    13 hours ago, lightbringer06 said:

    I agree, his personality, that's why I was immediately enchanted by him :wub:. It's hard to find actors who are truly genuine in both their career and personal life.

    Same. He's QUIRKY! and so genuine haha. I also kinda love-hate and respect the fact that he isn't on social media. Just shows he lets his work do the talking. He also maintains a mysterious aura like the actors of yesteryear. Also shows he isn't the slightest bit narcissistic (although my heart could use a selfie or two)


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  4. I was also wondering how much weight he had to lose for "The Tale of Nokdu" drama!

    He looks super broad in this one. This is from 2018 some time around "A poem a day". I think this was his buffest period ever. Rawrr! :love:

    But for TTON he needed to pass off as a very pretty woman, so he now looks like this. The long hair looks nice and the short I don't miss as much as his buff shoulders and the cheeks. So thin!  T_T


    But he's shown a very charming side in this drama so I've fallen further for him haha.
    He sure is a hardworking dude!
    Link to article https://www.idntimes.com/hype/entertainment/devi-latifah/potret-jang-dong-yoon-di-the-tale-of-nokdu-c1c2/full


    More yummy proof pics -





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  5. On 11/15/2019 at 12:18 PM, ChunSungIm said:

    hug means their story didn't end yet.

    He acted so well in this one! I wish they added another episode to tie it all up. I havent seen Solomon's Perjury yet, but seen the other ones. School 2017 was a hit and miss (was too focused on the OTP haha). But I recall thinking he was cute hehe.


    1 hour ago, Lazilady said:

    I have the film Beautiful days in Eng-sub, in case you want to take a look

    YES PLEASE! I wanna see the badass scruffy side of his. Downing some beer, smoking in a shady alley *giggling*
    Which reminds me of a pic someone posted recently on twitter.

    THIS PIC IS FIIIIREEE <3 %EC%9E%A5%EB%8F%99%EC%9C%A43.jpg

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  6. Profile

    First Name: Dong Yoon
    Family Name: Jang
    Native Name: 장동윤
    Also Known As: Jang Dong Yun;
    Nationality: South Korean
    Gender: Male
    Born: July 12, 1992

    Age: 27


    Debut Story - In 2015, while studying at Hanyang University, Jang was reported in the media for his bravery. It was reported that Jang had come across a robber with a lethal weapon threatening a convenience store clerk in Seoul's Gwanak District, and that he had devised a quick plan to have the culprit arrested. He was recognised with a commendation from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for this act of heroism. This popularity later had led to him receiving many casting offers.

    High School Years -  Describes as his most formative years. - link. Got his lifeguard license, started studying hard in a competitive environment, joined literature academy, won prize for his poems, learned guitar and played in a music band - link. Regrets not dating in high school.  - link

    Music he likes - Radiohead, Red Hot chilli pepper - link

    Movies he liked recently - By David O. Russell Joy and Silver Linings Playbook, By Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes and Snatch - link

    Link to Intro Article - https://mydramalist.com/article/the-ultra-fan-guide-to-jang-dong-yoon-011013841

    Link to Interviews - https://thetalkingcupboard.com/2019/12/23/here-have-some-jang-dong-yoon/



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