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  1. Honestly I have no good excuse to post this, except I stumbled across this on Instagram and knew ya'll would appreciate was this scene edited or is it a BTS?
  2. Aigooo, I'm smiling ear to ear watching these videos. Crushing so hard on KYK right now. He's so frikking adorable. @VanillaSaltif things dont work out between him and JKJ I'm in line too hahaha.
  3. HAHAHAHA I LOVE how everyone agrees that our girl is slightly out of his league Veteran forum members, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's rare that in threads women aren't worshipping their "oppa" Either way, ladies, you remember how in the old times, a Man was required to have looks, brains, career and women just needed to be trophy wives on their arms? It was and is still socially acceptable. So why cant the inverse be true? Namely the woman be more qualified in most respects and have a beautiful man. Instead of saying she should find someone who's better than her, or more successful than her.. why can't she be with just someone pretty with a kind heart #DumDumDomKYKIsMyNewBias
  4. Ouuu, I see, so that's why he's up till late night On a side note- that explains he's got a thing for models. JKJ fits right into that type hahahahah
  5. Looking at their explosive chemistry, even the interviewers are asking what's going on between these two hahaha. This is around episode 11 when JKJ is at hospital, that means they've become more comfortable after about 4-5 months and the rooftop kiss. Ps Can someone help me find the full version of this video?
  6. It seems JKJ 's ideal type is someone who's puppy like, Good natured, Has a bright aura when he smiles, someone exactly like KYK
  7. I actually feel a lil bad for him? JKJ seems a bit too good for him? She's beauty with brains! This is her third or fourth career after Samsung, TV presenting and modeling and she's acing at acting too. And KYK seems more of a chill laid back less ambitious guy in real life too? I saw him on an hour long live TV show once where he talked about how he wakes up late, watches too many movies, super relatable. He did NOT sound mature and in fact very cute almost boyish... I think it's on VLive. I'll look for the link later. Found it - hearing him talk here, he sounds so innocent https://www.vlive.tv/video/20475 Anyway, She's super! Our boy KYK didn't stand a chance against all that hahah. Had to fall for her! And on the first shoot maybe!! Check out this BTS from their first shoot - at the 1:00 mark, JKJ delivers a complicated dialogue flawlessly and poor KYK just sits down and looks at her in admiration and showers her with compliments!
  8. I didn't see the actual posters, but there's a video on YouTube. @ktcjdrama KYK is trying so hard in this video hahahahah. He's putting on all that charm and playfulness! Since this is from 6months ago, their equation has probably changed hopefully for the better, but in this video Gaahahhhaahaha. Especially at 1:22 .. HE CANT STOP STARING ahhaahhahahaa AMEN!!!!
  9. Just looked this up! Oh Boy! People are gonna be pissed hahaha, they were such a fan favourite! Sad for them. Let's enjoy watching these dorks jumping around instead haha.
  10. Same here, first ship . I think shipping actors is frowned upon in drama threads, and discussions are more around characters.. So shipper threads exist to pacify shipper hearts that are smitten by actors off screen chemistry!
  11. hahaha, which makes me wonder.. Did all that deep conversation not raise his blood pressure? I'm wondering whether he could see her facial expressions at the end of their conversation
  12. omo omo omo, I've been smiling like an idiot the last 15 minutes watching these videos!! Literally every moment of them together in these BTS videos is giving my shipper heart LIFE!! That level of casual touches, hidden smiles and smirks hahaha <3 Btw, I think KYK has a bigger crush on her? He seems really flirty from the get go. He says in the interview how he's a shy person otherwise, and we see some of that in the script reading where they're a bit formal. But in the poster photo shoot videos he's trying to tease her with that rose and is just straight up playing around with her.. Please bring the shipper gods luck here too!! Also when asked, Love or friendship? JKJ plays it safe, but our boii KYK makes his preference very clear!
  13. @vangsweetie637 Well they are both single, and seem very compatible, so my shipper heart just wants to spazz till Dispatch confirms!
  14. Inviting all the chingus from the drama forum! @ktcjdrama @triplem @tinymel @blademan @turtlegirl @extrodinairey @VanillaSalt @turtle0217 @Tyduck @adrienne @Ameera Ali @thistle @vangsweetie637 @blukimchikdrama @0ly40 @Fiona0754 @gladys57 @ShannonK @Cayu18 @fieza1871 @nohamahamoud2002 @rocat @sn2111a @Ernest Wert @erenst @ara8 @oneandthree3 @reign84 @Yanni Yanni @grake
  15. Hi All, I'm super new to the forums, and this is my first thread! Super excited! Just finished watching the super cute rom-com "The Secret Life of My Secretary" and these two cuties have sizzled on my screen week after week with crazy chemistry! These two aren't young, but they've got such playful personalities and just seemed to gel together so well in the BTS scenes. Did I mention the chemistry? It was on FIRE!! throughout, BOTH on and off screen! The people on set, some interviewers and even the PD shipped them! All Galik lovers, lets board this Ship!! And here these two riding along merrily KYK looks suuuper happy
  16. Also, did anybody else feel a double-meaning sexual innuendo here? "Deep?" "Deeep" "Why should we do anything deep?" LOL, I'm a bit lost, is it incorrect translation? Or is it what I think it is? HAHAHAHA
  17. Looking forward to @blukimchikdrama's subs on her channel! haha ps - I hope you ladies don't mind me spamming the forum hahaha. Withdrawal symptoms Too many pics, so leaving it hidden
  18. Can we talk about the cringe-worthy "Awesome" here hahaha and the look of pure disgust and disapproval from OTP HAHA And the derp moment here. "Cinderella Dom" y'all
  19. That was a lovely message indeed.... HOWEVER... I muted the damn thing even when watching with subs HAHAHA. The subs and voiceover distracted me from the kiss (clearly I hadnt replayed the raw enough), so after rewinding god knows how many times, with maybe a slow-mo one time, I finally read the subs, and the message was super sweet! long-lasting love and passion for these two! Maybe they'll show up in a cameo in some other show? That happened on a couple of shows recently *fingers crossed* You have company hun My base for comparison was Park Bo Young (5'2) hahaha. She looked like his kid next to him in the movie. I think taller than 5'7 is rare for leading ladies in korea? YES! and I'm so grateful! HAHAHAHA, guess Dom's type is the kind of girl who takes charge?
  20. YES! He's done more of darker/arrogant guy roles so far, except for the movie 'On your wedding' (where he was just as adorable as this show, but dressed shabbily). He's defined my new standard for rom-com leading men - "cute guy in a hot man's body with an angel's smile". I look forward to see him take up more roles where his character smiles Same goes for JinKiJoo. I hope she takes up more of crazy quirky veronica-park-esque roles so she can show off that arsenal of facial expressions she has. More comic roles please!
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