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  1. I tried few times to insert music but I failed. The best way at the moment is just to get the music is via youtube. For example I use to convert video to mp3 from youtube, and sometimes I can even download track that I like, if I like it very much. You can try by yourself if you want.
  2. Hey! Thank you so you! I have only Instagram and I'm trying all I can to obtain the most out of my post. But I didn't thinked before to share my pics in forums. To be honest I dindn't even knew it was posible. Since now I tried everything to get people to know me and to folllow 'cause this is the key to increase sales. I was begging others to mention me on they're pages, I used and still using igautolike.com, and from now on I'm gonna share my best photos in the forums. Cheers!
  3. Hi, I’ve just singed up in Instagram, there is a buton <ADD Photo> smth like that, click there and add photo it's very simple. Just like i mentioned i'm new on Instagram and I tried to make myself popular, posting different photos with me almost naked, but I can not get very many followers. One week ago a friend of mine told me about this site Instagram Like Bot that it is helping you to become popular and get more followers. Today I have almost 10k followers and this is just the beginning. Try it by yourself.
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