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  1. hello, that's really difficult to open a restaurant business... That's due to the fact, that the equipment for restaurants is so expensive...
  2. Yeah, it's great because not everyone would be able to start his own restaurant business, because the kitchen equipment for restaurant is expensive!
  3. Buvshaia


    Yeah! Happy birthday to all the people that were born in August! My mother, my grandmother, and my sister were born in august. So I have two more birthdays coming. There are a lot of famous people born in august. If you want to, go on https://www.sunsigns.org/ and search for who was born on the same day as you. When we were kids, we loved the history lessons, because of that. When we studied some new historical person, and he was born on the same day as us, we took his name. And we thought that we were just as cool as they were.
  4. I have created a site on repair of the air conditioning system . It was my first website and I spent a lot of time studying all aspects and nuances . I can accurately recommend you to use for the initial users to use WordPress. I understood that the most important thing is advertising and website optimization via Google . Here https://caveni.com/the-10-best-google-analytics-plugins-for-wordpress/ I found the best Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress .My recommendation to anyone to read more and be aware of all the latest and newest update in wordpress.
  5. Buvshaia

    Cute Pets Poll

    I lost 2 dogs because of cancer. Luna and Elea, we had them for 7 years. They were like babysitters for our daughters, I could say that they were even like the second mother. We got them both before our daughters birth so they took part at their education. It’s like losing family members and they were family members. My wife and and daughters were the most affected by that. Then I bought an aquarium since the death of a fish can be replaced without any emotions and it’s cheap. We already had some deaths and the next day they were replaced without the kids even noticing it. Now I want to add some worms that I saw on http://arcreef.com but still thinking about it.
  6. I tried few times to insert music but I failed. The best way at the moment is just to get the music is via youtube. For example I use to convert video to mp3 from youtube, and sometimes I can even download track that I like, if I like it very much. You can try by yourself if you want.
  7. Hey! Thank you so you! I have only Instagram and I'm trying all I can to obtain the most out of my post. But I didn't thinked before to share my pics in forums. To be honest I dindn't even knew it was posible. Since now I tried everything to get people to know me and to folllow 'cause this is the key to increase sales. I was begging others to mention me on they're pages, I used and still using igautolike.com, and from now on I'm gonna share my best photos in the forums. Cheers!
  8. Hi, I’ve just singed up in Instagram, there is a buton <ADD Photo> smth like that, click there and add photo it's very simple. Just like i mentioned i'm new on Instagram and I tried to make myself popular, posting different photos with me almost naked, but I can not get very many followers. One week ago a friend of mine told me about this site Instagram Like Bot that it is helping you to become popular and get more followers. Today I have almost 10k followers and this is just the beginning. Try it by yourself.
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