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  1. just so you know before i became a ppc shipper i was a a pmy fan first and i honestly its my first time to watch psj in wwwsk ..(became a fan of him after) but your statement that" make like pmy is nothing" i disagree with you coz i never read or saw that they treat pmy like nothing. they even wish for hpl ratings to rise up and care for pmy because she looked tired this past few days.
  2. hey guys please stop comparing psj and pmy .. we are all here to support parkpark couple not comparing them. please let this thread be a happy shipping place again..
  3. if that is their first kiss well i more convince to wwwsk first kiss because i see how slowly ,gentle yet i saw the "LOVE" between the characters in wwwsk.. Sidenote: I Dont know if its just me but i like how youngjoon hold miso's neck closer to him in their first kiss and especially in their wedding scene..
  4. I kinda feel the same way , I mean i always find their bantering cute and funny. And i feel the chemistry between eg and dkm more than ryan. Sorry, It just my opinion..
  5. I remember if im not mistaken in bts of this episode is pmy on top of psj ? while discussing how they will do this scene?
  6. actually their stylist team reunion is one of the reasons why i still holding on and staying to this ship .
  7. Im a newbie here when it comes to posting but i've been a lurker since day 1 i hope i could join too shipping PPC til the end ...
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