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  1. Reality wise, since we don't have a direct admission from both sides, we can say that they are just friends. Here's my two cents on this topic though: As a woman, when you are with the person you like, you will not actually describe him exactly as your ideal type. Instead, you will identify the opposite. This is based on experience. Because, if JSM describe JK as her ideal type in public, for her that can be considered as a form of confession. Liking SM photo with ODM. Probably JK knew that there is nothing going on between the two hence, it is okay for him to
  2. I don't want to be pessimist but, I won't be surprised if there will be no announcement by next year or the following year still. Given the current situation, hate against JSM is heating up, they will probably won't admit the real score of kookmin. JSM have received tremendous hate on the last episode caused by those immature and obsessed haters (pretending to be blinks as well). So imagine if KJK and JSM admits their relationship, haters will multiply and they'll go crazy as hell. But who knows, there might be a miracle that's going to happen. Let's just hope that they both enjoy
  3. @Rumble fish I have to agree with you on this. I thought I'm the only one who's getting the negative vibes from all the complaints and unnecessary comments from the members. If it weren't for the kookmin moments I saw from watching the entire episode, I will still be devastated until now. I also find the scene where JK sang, a bit weird. Like, why did he received a badge for dedicating a song to JSM? This episode was supposed to be for both female members. They should have BOTH receive special treatments but that's not the case. It only favors one female member. I felt sorry for JS
  4. @GN.Drives I think it was JK. If I remember it correctly, JK also called SM a "shaman" in the one episode. Haha. Soo cute
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