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  1. Really love reading your posts so much, you basically summarize what all of us pichi fans here are thinking about in such a precise, accurate way! Even though I too feel scared of my overt expectations from pichi, it's really true they are not trying to clear our suspicions about them at all. I am sure they know how so many people are speculating about them dating IRL, so if they are really not dating they should be bothered about it normally, because couple or not, I believe they are very close and good friends at least, IRL, so if they aren't really a couple, such dating rumors might trouble their friendship, in spite of which they aren't trying to clear things up making us more confused and doubting instead. Some of the recent behaviors which make me truly suspicious and not giving up hope on them are: 1. YIN's post on confession day - pichi cap, chanel watch, why reveal them like that suddenly? 2. On YIN's bday, LDW on vlive chat, rushing by saying, "Hurry up, friends!" as if he is in a hurry and needs to go somewhere else. 3. LDW's reaction to "Me After You" song and when he says, "If I was an artist, I would sing this song for my lover" that has even, only LDW fans doubting him to be really dating 4. When YIN is asked about whether she wants to work with LDW in another project, she completely skips the question and starts talking about her character Jin Shim in Taiwan Conference for Mirae Face Mask Like Seriously? Especially the last point, was a great chance for YIN, to do away with all dating rumours with LDW, if she/they were bothered with it because they aren't a couple IRL. Another thing I have on my mind lately is that, LDW seems to be involved in a lot of projects recently, without even taking much rest at all, i can't help but think, he's actually thinking of probably settling down and get married with his lover, so he's trying to do as many projects as possible just right now, because after you have a family and all, responsibilities and some restrictions will start coming into the picture, according to what I understand about the Korean entertainment industry... The above para, is pure speculation on my part, not so sure about this... but the other things I mentioned above, are making me really doubt them, because I believe they had many chances to clear things up, in case nothing is going on between them IRL... but they are not doing anything in that regard but instead doing some such things which makes us doubt them even more....
  2. What are they doing today? No updates! Obviously they can't post updates about kiss day... but some hints would have been nice
  3. Painting or real? The picture perfect couple cause visual explosion!
  4. Why would king Kong entertainment post that middle picture of them silently staring at each other like that? What does it mean? Found it in Wookie's vlive account post dated Feb 6, 2019... Maybe it means nothing! Just my delulu mind! Sorry
  5. Talgi hahaha... We know somebody likes to be called like that by her boyfriend
  6. He is holding a pink rose in his hand and kissing it and look at his gaze... Oh god I am in shipper heaven I am imagining too many things
  7. I don't know why I got this feeling but I am feeling like this post is intended for our girl because it's her birthday! #shipperdelusions
  8. Don't know if insta will block the video, watch it before it does
  9. Just dropping this adorable video here... I can't get enough of them... I want more...
  10. Just get married already! We can't wait! Their explosive on and off chemistry and that BTS hand rubbing scene, drama chat body language, its just too evident seriously! They shouldn't torture us fans like this... I think there are many pichi supporters out there cheering for them... what's the need to hide? We support you! Please be together and live happily ever after! [Note: Wish they actually read this thread, ninja style... ]
  11. Exactly! Everytime they are together on or off-screen they are too perfect! I guess I am overly invested in this couple since goblin days but their chemistry is too undeniable, at least for me! On a side note: In HK, LDH and LDW get married and have children. Why did nobody think of creating a scenario like this for the pichi couple! If it would happen, I think we fans could live off it happily for a really long time. I can just imagine how nice it would be see them in that setting... But then I guess, with what we already have, we have gone crazy about them, if we were to see them in a drama like that, we would reach pichi heaven, PDs in Korea maybe scared of killing off so many people! Only pacification to my mind is, if not on-screen just let it happen in real!
  12. But I really missed watching Hotel King... LDW's character is so complicated in this drama... I was watching it for LDW only frankly speaking... he is seriously an awesome actor... his character in HK scared me to death sometimes. can't believe the same guy was the cheery, bubbly boy, Park Ri Hwan, in Bubblegum and the cute Grim Reaper in Goblin
  13. I just binge watched Hotel King... seriously speaking the kiss scenes may be more filmsy but i felt nothing... but even the most soft kisses between YIN and LDW makes my heart flutter... am I just overly delusional? LDH was good and all but seriously I got the friendly vibe off them, from the drama, I didn't feel that romantic tension that YIN and LDW had during that sofa kiss. the road kiss when they reconciled, or that table kiss ... but that's just my opinion... I guess if you have already seen the best pairing everything else seems incomparable to it, the pichicouple will always be my OTP! Btw, this is just a personal opinion... Hotel King fans or LDH fans please excuse me, if you dont agree!
  14. Don't know if this was posted here already... This is a compilation of moments when LDW calls YIN strawberry and also says "Yoo In Na saranghae" in the live chat... Seems like Yoo In Na mentioned in her radio show she likes both of these things and would like to hear others say it to her....
  15. I have seriously been trying hard to watch other dong wook and in na series with other costars but it's so difficult, I am still totally in the pichi couple universe, hard to imagine seeing them with someone else right now, just can't make up my mind to try it as of now...
  16. Seriously I didn't care who she ended up with, in that drama... Normally that doesn't happen with me, I would normally be taking sides with whichever couple I like more .. but here I didn't care... It's nothing like the pichi couple... If anytime there's a triangle story surrounding them, I will obviously go with them all the way!
  17. Yes exactly, he wanted to open the bottle for her back in the goblin days as well but he was probably just wondering whether it would be too much, or if she would think he is being too clingy or something like that, he was being conscious and considerate about what she might think... According to me, that was the Time both sides were trying to make good impressions on each other, so LDW was probably being cautious not to make any mistakes at that time. In TYH, we can see, all that awkwardness is gone and he doesn't worry about such things anymore... So obviously their relationship has progressed in some way since goblin days...
  18. oh god! This just made my day! haha obviously he can't allow that kiss to be real, with him around!
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