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  1. I wonder if LDW met YIN on the day she was filming the second scene in this post, I mean her hair is all tied up and everything, if you know what I mean
  2. @cherrinekim I agree with you, your explanation above seems logical and most likely that is what must have happened... He felt sad seeing her sad or thinking that he was the reason she would become sad, that might have caused him to cry quite without context in that scene...
  3. Btw in goblin this shoulder nudges were started by Go Eun as she pushed YIN towards LDW... But I personally found the TYH one more cute which was initiated by In Na herself and how LDW starts smiling and then laughing broadly as she continues to do that... The more I see all these, the more I want to see them together always being playful like this... They really look so great together...
  4. Am I just pure delusional or is LDW nodding his head (meaning yes!) at the end of this scene when the camera zooms onto YIN's face? It might not be properly visible in the insta post, so please re-watch this scene in TYH ep16 and let me know if I am just imagining things?!
  5. So it all boils down to how seriously and actively LDW pursues her and makes her realize that it will all work out just great between the two of them... Once he is able to do that it, our ship will finally sail! All the best, LDW! Just go for it! YIN certainly deserves it, and you too! Can't wait for it seriously!
  6. Seriously right? I have been get this feeling sometimes that probably LDW has already made it clear to her about his intentions but maybe she hasn't responded yet? Or I don't even want to think about it But only thing that contradicts this is YIN's behaviour with him... It was discussed here that she can easily guess if somebody likes her... So she knows LDW likes her and if she didn't enjoy or like that would she let her guards down around him so much? With everything we have been talking about the past few days? That doesn't seem right because she seems like a sincere, mature person who would take this kind of thing very seriously.. I am seriously so confused about what's really going on between them... But I sincerely wish everything's going well with both of them and both of them are happy in the end...
  7. This guy really likes ad-libbing kiss scenes with YIN Old news but still .. In goblin: And in TYH:
  8. Oh really?!! High Five then! 'Coz I am doing the same! Soon I will memorize both Goblin sunny and grim reaper scenes as well as TYH! Seriously in Goblin too, I liked the 2nd lead couple much much more than the main one, honestly speaking when I re-watch it I actually skip the main couple parts! Its a good story and all, but #pichicouple just outshines them on so many levels, I can't help it!
  9. I am missing Touch Your Heart so much, re-watched it millions of times already I am mixing matching re-watching goblin and touch your heart, it's so frustrating with no new updates from both of them...
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