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  1. I guess there r only two possiblities now.. 1. no news because they r really just friends. 2. no news just because they wanna keep it private until they r really confirm to go to marriage. Im not really sure if they're couple, why dont they just make it public? as they are already in the age of marriage and fans are mostly encouraging them to find their own happiness, it's not like they r still young idols who needs to conceal their love lives.. Unless they really have diff thoughts like they really dont want their relationship to be seen under spotlight until they r going to get married? or they just simply friends..
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_bkTi4nxt0/ Guys! Please go to TVN Asia Instagram, theres a post asking which drama deserves to have season 2! Touch Your Heart and Goblin are one of those six! Comment below we need Touch Your Heart to have sequel! Show Pichi Power!! Now it seems like WWWSK has more comments. GOGOGO!
  3. Hi guys, i just saw a video from amazingyooinna's instagram story. It was about the last kissing scene in goblin. oh damn, it seems like LDW was being impatience is it..? he seems like grabbed YIN's hand and patted her back abit too hard..
  4. I guess im the same like u AquariusMY. just watched it two days ago. and they made such great chemistry together in film
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