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  1. This is so cute now if only their counterparts would do the same thing Credits to owner
  2. Hoping you’re all having a great weekend!!! Missing TYH so I was browsing for anything related to it and came across this FMV. The reason why I love TYH so much is because the story does not have a lot of fluff, it is a straight out rom com with no love triangles and complicated story lines...it focused on the love of two people who said what they needed to say to each other without all the mess being dragged on for several episodes (shout out to the writers who kept the break up in only 1 episode and yet it was heartbreaking enough to make an impact)...has an awesome supporting cast...best kdrama ever IMHO
  3. Good morning shippers! We are definitely missing our OTP Here is one of their twinning moment...
  4. Keen observations skills, I’ll delulu with you It could be a diversion...delulu mood ON
  5. I second this! It is to be expected that things may not work out, and I have one reason that I can think of but as @Minyeonie said, we just keep it to ourselves. Being able to feel giddy because of their interactions is enough for me. If they happen to move on then let’s be grateful that for a period of time we were able to escape the humdrum of life and be happy for them as a reel or real couple
  6. Looks like YIN got plenty of practice being a ...this clip was from secret hotel
  7. Now I have that gif ingrained in my head of YIN wearing a black hoodie, jumping and tumbling to avoid the press
  8. Wonder if this would apply to our OTP or are they more than what has been discussed in the video
  9. And then Wookie said “its me”...best confession ever!!!! Delulu mind ON: What if they decided to let the cast know during the same scene? I wonder what was the congratulations at the start for...hmmm?
  10. Yup it was on the video in your post, @intrariver @Jungminii did a great job breaking down the scenes
  11. @Minyeonie The bts video has clearer eng sub so the thing that was said about KJR having a gf and the reaction of the office manager is suspect...hmm delulu mode on...
  12. My thoughts exactly 13 hour difference right now, 12 during DST...
  13. It was from the bts of the episode where jin shim fell forward because she tripped and they ended up hugging...
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