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  1. ha ji won also X2, daddy long legs 2005 hb was cameo, haha now the other way ha ji won again please she is good also, can have lots of learning from her, please dont stone me its for the good of the boy right? then decided gotta to post this clarification here otherwise his fans may not be happy... <https://www.weibo.com/1863469122/HpJTbdRWT?filter=hot&root_comment_id=0&type=comment#_rnd1555397929539> the cn fansite says that his rendition of shallow (a star is born ost) during 13apr fm is sang in dedication to the victims of the recent tragic event in gangwon as what i have expected being his fan, he is always that thoughtful & kind, bravo to our binnie today is a sad anniversary day in sk, so i hold my random thoughts to some other day for posting
  2. my this is cute, hahaha... then i will ask him why you change fm poster colour from blue to pink, why pink & not green, you mean vast has alot of spare cash to change decision so randomly???
  3. ok thanks for the link showing off his creativity in lyrics changing hohoho.... his spoken english is good (hawaiian coffee variety cant rem exact name, late autumn movie) , no way he mix up you & true/heart & love, even during navy days he was some kind of natl rep involving foreign delegates/dignitaries huh? ah....maybe he become jinwoo got short term memory lapse, cant rem lyrics correctly LOL btw anyone saw english tweets on chat session?
  4. oh so cute, the fm audio so clear ha? which one please let me go listen again, give link please hahaha...hihihi...LOL
  5. hello, sb talking abt bts moments, havent watched alot of bts bcos of time constraint first i am his fan & i also like psh hardwork & her character from childhood star, i admire her spontaneity esply in varieties i have glanced thru jhm bts, intimate scenes rem i burst out laughing, haha...so mechanical do as instructed feel...other scenes very friendly & cordial....partner of same age not so decorated...maybe of diff nature/temperament/character/exposure didnt spark off, sorry i havent watched enough of her shows to comment on this partner, only watch jhm becos the boy is there, sorry now with syj same age...very well decorated with awards...he is completely at ease, usually he is introvert, shy person, not willing to do aegyo, his nego bts with her completely at ease so much i feel he is with guy gang back to playful teenager feel, being always introspective & hardworking at least i see on his career devt/acq of skill aspect, think he is in awe of her skills/talents & wanted learn from her/to be in the same league, sorry i havent watched enough of her shows to comment on this partner, only watch nego becos the boy is there, sorry then there is another partner in sega, his senior & also well decorated with award,s this partner i wow, she is veryxn goodxn, her drama, saegguk i usually dont watch , i finish 54ep (i watch becos my other oppah is her partner here), her movie cth with kmm i cried, before sega she has won big awards big reputation for skills, i havent watched bts of sega, roughly i think you will be able to guess my take on any rumour from this partnership here are the yt vid s from sega bts/ng if yall interested <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLdAALZEdnDUUfc5Rci3Dog/videos> for the boy's coming new work, i hope he can partner his sega lead again not nego lead, because i dont like to hear talk/rumours again disturbing him in his career devt, have peace to focus on career or really settle down to family life , learning again from his seniors, improving skills until one day he score big on awards for film & again drama thanks for reading my rumblings
  6. dearest forum mates, alot of the Q & A session is recorded in this tweeter account, BUT its in korean i cant understand at all <https://twitter.com/teacher_hb> re the mystery when our boy has started having an interest on the movie a star is born, vast was asking fm attendees to send in request from/cut off date BUT i dont understand korean so cant check...his cn fansite also didnt say when they send in request BUT i am quite sure they know about his liking sometime ago prior to vast request from published interviews/shows NOT hearsay speculations, then remembered & wanted it, this fansite does not tolerate/fan shipper comments/posting/ thoughts NO NO, so likely its got nothing to do with couple stuff, sorry to be a spoil sport here ....the fact that he is willing to accede to request to sing song to be associated with someone (netz having such recent memory of it from the jenga clip) is good consolation, right? **HOWEVER** some feel good stuff...i hope...please watch the full official mv of ost its you, compare it to his vid background during fm (my post), in his specially edited vid i found an extra scene, its heejoo going to jinwoo's bed & tugging him in (when he mentally/physically injured) ...to a shipper mind it signify the significance he placed on this healing act in show (mentally/physical), would be easier to select scenes from original mv, am sure he not singing full length like original, why gotta get a new scene in, takes more effort, right? if yall can scan net for longer version of the ost vid in fm, haha you may be able to discover more goodies for the shipper soul, hihi
  7. @Snowyclouddwelcome to the forum dedicated our lovely couple from mota, imaginary or real, if you are already a fan of either, hope you would come to love the other as well i just saw this from twitter so excited gotta come in to post, it very clearly showed the background vid which he chose for the opening number on 13qpr fm mota ost its you....who is in the vid?.....hahaha
  8. that s why i said baby boys must be in blue.....see blue suits him so well , why must change to pink huh? link below during chat session, like jinwoo who had short term memory loss he couldnt correctly remember jinwoo s birthday & theme is totally mota /opening number was mota s ost <https://www.weibo.com/1863469122/HprxR4hR0?filter=hot&root_comment_id=0&type=comment#_rnd1555161905664> link below chinese fansite has requested to vast for him to sing a title from a star is born, so today he sang shallow a song from the show, errrr show is also somebody's favourite movie that 's why this written here <https://www.weibo.com/1863469122/HpsTpiblK?filter=hot&root_comment_id=0&type=comment> lastly this is for his fans, yeah he said he is looking through scripts sent in, fans can expect to see him in a new production 2nd half 2019 or early 2020 <https://www.weibo.com/1863469122/Hpsrr5k76?filter=hot&root_comment_id=0&type=comment#_rnd1555164257446>
  9. this is the 13apr FM from twitter just now, he sang mota ost, i havent really listened to his singing voice yet, i remembered the classmates/fans say he cant dance, so he will be REALLY impressed with girl's dance because her dancing i have watched she is GOOD!!!
  10. oh my so funny...the phone call gif and i also remember she brought from the outside world strawberries in the little house show my os to zinu: please stop playing your little follow the leader game, i thought you like the green colour, green is also a pastel colour, good for spring right? baby boys are in blue & baby girls in pink ; switching from blue to pink then back to blue, ur making my old eyes blur.....but i like it so keep the game going, good training for the old eyes & brain
  11. @rori0711thanks please read my dm @syahirannsyakirannthanks for the reading & offer of help, hopefully you can help find the resources that i couldnt, to say that the OPs leading text may be the truth, TW is a drama he acted in, manyx3 ....years ago also shot on overseas location....하트...끝 period [ps i dm you with the OP's link please]
  12. hello im back writing after watching the no cut jenga video, 17 minutes is a gift for those who didnt order the blueray like me wonder why they cancel the blueray, i read complexities with the production house, also i read same with the encounter blueray, cant they switch service provider after failing 2 times? now there wont be official commentary from the boy & girl post drama on the blueray then i read the yt comments to the swoon who released the no cut jenga video, alot of requests & likes to release the bts for the photoshoot, now that there is no blueray, hopefully they can also release what inetz requested & the ngs then its hooray to the fans & shippers , whats the marketing motive behind cant think of any?? omg i am so curious here, hope someone dm me your take plz,
  13. haha, after watching their netflix jenga vid & reading the inetz comments, WTx 2 months after last epi or still promoting the blueray or market testing response for season2...just when i have moved on in the drama world?? anyone know whether they are still selling the blueray after the pre-order confirmed? i seriously think they are market testing for season 2...hopeful?...if you ship them in RL then it wont happen in DL...depending which camp you are from These 2 are such tease, one closely following the other, from pinkish background colour in their official FM poster , to endorsement fansign dates & that speculative statement, choice of brand fashion in movie attendance event (thought he was endorsing rogatis & k2 , here he is wearing Valentino , im not sure is he current endorser or how fashion sponsorship /endorsement stuff works, anyone knows?...& she just came back from being V muse) , then just saw here vid of his tw fm promo & her new cosmetic cf vid ( now bluish background colour omg) OK, nothing but coincidence plus now pastel colours are in because of spring s arrival, spring being the season of new beginnings, i hope our beloved boy will do his own market testing on 13apr with a certain guest s appearance bye for now until other coincidental reportings PS & IMPT: our beloved girl looked really fantastic & sexy in one of the allerman cf vid/pic titled wedding preparation (rem seeing it on her soompi fanpage)
  14. @rori0711thank you for the yt video esply the fmv from unicorn heart, think it took some effort in getting all the matching moments from their past works, errr for being cryptic she herself started it first by wording the secret santa in her insta LOL btw is anyone going to seoul for his fan meet, ermm being in this forum i hope to hear of a special guest making appearance on the day (think it has never happened before what say the hb fans here)...pinky background of the official poster for both fan meets hahaha... keeping the dream alive fighting
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