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  1. ah i like such partnership as well, JCW new drama female lead not confirmed? (havent kept up-to-date for awhile), the proposed female lead i dont like her in her previous p/s with my k idol bias, hope she reject/ they change the original proposed ya ya , yall really have too much imagination!!! as mama kim i will look forward/support every work my sonny kim works on (without prejudice to who his partner is) ....his "personal" preparation would be...for the coming work which includes mental preparation for the risk /physical drain from any action work, workout/training to prepare for action scenes, discipline in the diet, just like how he did it for FE,CA, Rampant to all his shipper fans in this forum, a shipper fan is still his fan, i really hope everyone would be able to appreciate his hard work & support all his future work REGARDLESS of who his partner is in the production dear chatroom mates, I am busy catching up with my work/ home stuff/korean studies so would not be coming to this forum frequently, came in now only becos yday i got bombarded with msgs when i changed access to soompi thanks for reading my ramblings
  2. this post is NOT off-topic, its my honest/best wishes for binnie as his fan Today is Fathers Day in my country... the below OP is currently hot & his works in insta is going viral today... abit abt his insta works i read, he is a lover of photography (dearies yall know why not off-topic right?), his works are all on his 2children, their pics from places all over his country....wow the backdrop so beautiful, his target (children) so lovely, the significance filled with fatherly/family love enjoy the pics & appreciate our own father s love who had cared for us when we were younger (whether or not they displayed it)
  3. @gets0meair @Jalhanda dearies / phd (mota studies), what is the answer to my Q...how?...i am a failed mota/shipper fan myself...cry! from Min Of Culture/Foreign Affairs (SK)... if you want to hear your oppa s love confession, start learning hangul/korean NOW
  4. omg saw this so cute, gotta post to let my forum mates cheer up over the weekend (not sure whether posted already) now i be like cutie zombie cha/secy seo, give everyone a quiz then yall post answer to up soompi rankings ok? Q: watch vid & answer where/when did jinwoo say those words in vid ( i roughly rem, bet a phd (mota studies) would be able to say exact details) PS1: vid is for binnie s fans to goo goo ga ga over his wink & ending in the most alluring tone? PS2: he said those words (fr mota script) to his fans during fm & substituted his love target...hahaha
  5. i am much cheered after seeing this, although i am not carmack s fan (im non fictional reader), knowing that she is on the best seller list is great vindication of the dissing from inetz & cnets really saddened me to read the many caustic comments from cnetz targetted at staff & actors since cfans are such huge kdrama fanbase, her genre has its own chinese novella writers & their large fanbases, just couldnt understand why a similar writer could see something good from mota while the drama would receive such low ratings from cnetz overall anyway, i hope carmack s rooting for the drama would be a strong push for netflix to consider a season2 which many fans had hoped for (of course S2 cant be of THOSE NA genre...hahaha)
  6. the OP is NOT his fan bcos if she is, she wld be like me added into the post on his prof attitude towards work (obviously audible in vid), what if binnie is working with another actress in his future work, then she wont support/love him in those projects anymore? that's why real fans dislike shippers, my attitude to shipping is we must focus first on the individual actor love them for their talent/skill AND be receptive to either one working with another partner in their profession in future i am not happy with the OP because she totally miss out on hyunbin 's attitude towards work when interpreter said it clearly (from hyunbin of course) PEACE
  7. this is the full ver of IsYou from hk fm, yall can roughly gauge who is appearing in vid backgrd if interested since alot of yall are PHD (mota)...backgrd not fully shown becos its more on binnie
  8. ah, i missed this vid snippet, was too engrossed with cutie hyungseok & secy seo in vid how can i miss the vid on the best romantic scene & go for zombie cha/secy seo first, really am i a fake shipper/beware i may be from another camp...hohoho i dont know what insta poster is writing/dont understand, what i understand from the cantonese MC/interpreter plus a little hangul from binnie...MC asked how he can be an expert in romance, binnie say no its from the script (hangul i understand), interpreter said binnie is only truthful to his profession where ever the script takes him, MC then asked binnie to use the same romantic gaze on attending fans, thats abt all to the vid as hyunbin 's fan, i am most happy to hear the phrase "truthful to his profession where ever the script takes him" not abt any other matter/extrapolated/interpolated as fellow forum mates, i am sure yall love hyunbin as much & would expect such level of professionalism from him in any work/all future works PEACE
  9. omy, they are so cute, such great friendship to be rooting for binnie in hk fm tho only in vid form, i can hear the cheers from fans, they are very likeable to them as well bravo to MC sammy leung , he had totally engaged the fans as a result of which i can hear (in vid snippets) so much more response from hk fans cf with fans from earlier venues , of course all of us saw a super smiling & cheery binnie, cn fans who attended were full of praises for sammy plus our beloved binnie then abt vid from park hoon, he was giving a quiz on a drinking scene in mota as hyung seok (i cant rem dat scene?), the vid fr sec seo was him giving a quiz on a scene in abandoned carpark (oh dear cant rem details here too?) OMG do i need to earn a PHD like ceo jinwook/hyungseok in mota studies before i can qualify as mota fan?
  10. the 2nd video on Best Action Scene, its zombie cha appearing at the end of his memorial service & hb shot him, said weather was hot during filming & was stung by bee here, of course recovered enough to continue filming
  11. aw, i lost my bet, SH didnt kok/duet with him for Shallow...i cry for his voice <https://www.weibo.com/2727706197/HtJVnuPxa?filter=hot&root_comment_id=0&type=comment> looking at the backgrd vid from sneak of hk IsYou, seemed like no change from tw ver wa i thought i was watching SH s fm instead HB s, torturing hb fans making them watch another woman s face when he s singing, huh? BUT everything not lost yet...maybe we will catch some sneak of SH 's singing ImHere with HB 's face in backgrd vid tomorrow, cheers
  12. just come in to post this, wow binnie is very popular with hk press & people need to have a security ring to fence off the very enthusiastic crowd at hk airport hope his 11may fm would be equally energetic, memorable to him & as well as fans attending
  13. wow whoever did the gif really got microscopic eyes, i have contributed at least 2 views to the 500k total counts but i dint see the pulling of sleeve at all, aw i am a failed shipper huhuhu any other cut from another angle that i missed? errr i depend on yall to strengthen my resolute to stay on this ship! i think since they have cancelled the blue ray, i cant think of any other commercial use of unpublished behind footage of the finished work except to generate more buzz for the netflix drama still available on their platform? optimism in the air alright!!!
  14. ah, then i would want to suggest to shinhye to test her fan s love by putting binnie as background vid shown during her coming fm singing also...hahaha
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