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  1. yeah, I’m glad KSH is back. And what a come back he did, to show up in the last scene of Hotel Del Luna. I think it’s not even a 2 minutes screen time, but it made an impact. Oh nice! I also watch Kdrama a lot. Actually, I used to watch it more than Cdrama. My first Cdrama was “Love 020”, which I love. Then I watched 10 Miles of Peach Blossom. I love it too. I also read English translated Chinese novels, especially the ones that’s been adapted in tv series. Most of the time, I find the books better than the tv series.
  2. Is KEM good? I don’t particularly like the actress it’s why I can hold off and not watching it yet.
  3. Yes, weekly. It’s 2 episodes per day, 2x a week. So total of 4 episodes per week. Last week, there are now 12 English subbed episodes. But raw, there are 20 and I think this week, they’ll release the rest? btw, I’m curious. Like say in Tencent, I have VIP subscription, so for series that are available in English, I get the extra episodes. But not as many as for Chinese. So, to avail of those extra episodes, do you have to pay extra, on top of your VIP subscription?
  4. Me! Started last weekend. I’m able to finish all 12 eng sub episodes. And I agree with you. It’s addictive. I really like Menghui especially when she’s on PTSD because she’s a bad-a$$. It’s really funny. Actually, I watched the OTP in “Wait, My Youth” in Netflix. I like their chemistry so I’m glad they’re able to team up again for “My Girl”. I wish Youku, like Tencent, will make their app available to non-Chinese speaking viewer like me. I’m willing to pay for subscription. For the meantime, I have to be patient in waiting for the English subbed episodes in YouTube (I have ViKi sub
  5. Thanks for the explanation @libra22 . That makes sense but personally, I think dubbing in different voice doesn’t help the character and instead it pulls it down because it sounds so scripted and it’s distracting especially when the voice doesn’t match the actor/actress - I’ve seen some that has the actress’ voice dubbed in a little girl’s voice. But I may just be in the minority who feels this way, given I don’t understand the language. Anyway, I have on my watchlist “It’s Ok to not be Ok”. Thank goodness it’s in Netflix. But I’m waiting for it to be over so I’ll just binge watch. I lo
  6. I finally got around to finish all episodes, with English sub. I like it watching it raw, but I love it more when I can truly understand what’s being said. Lol. I changed my opinion about XY. He’s the sweetest husband/boyfriend. I love that he did finally draw the line between him and Anna in ep 31. And I love how, as Mr W, he silently helped JX heal and move on. I also love how he relentlessly pursued JX in hopes of a second chance. I still don’t like the last episode though. While I’m ok now of them not having a baby yet - I think it’s ok for them to have a few years of just them,
  7. I also don’t remember this. Maybe it’s another deleted scene?
  8. This is one of my favorite scenes. And more so now that you’ve translated it. One wants to move forward together, one wants to end it. It’s so sad but I can feel that they’re still very much in love with each other. It’s this scene where I wish, even if everything is not completely sorted out yet, that they’ve already suffered enough by being apart that it’s time to be together again. So, thanks again @libra22
  9. Bummer that we’ll not know now. Agree. LJ is so pretty here. Also, I know Chinese drama are notorious in using different voice instead of the actual actors’ voice - I find that this is specially true in costume drama. I assume though that with YAMD, they’ve used all the actors’ real voice?
  10. Yeah, it would have been nice if they added the duck scene. It’s silly but a funny one and it will show how much thought XY put into his proposal and have all their family and friends involve too. I wonder what’s the bigger context of that Hungary bus ride? Is is part of their honeymoon, like they go back to Hungary since that’s where they met each other again?
  11. I agree with you. There’s no proper closure for her. It’s just a revelation that she did that nasty thing 3 years ago, and then that’s it. and she even got invited to the wedding. Although, on a side note, while in airport, JX received a message from Anna. And I wonder what’s in it - I’m guessing a full confession of what she did? @libra22 may I ask if you can translate that text of Anna to JX? I felt like, it’s one of the reasons why JX made the decision of accepting XY again. Also, as much as I hate this version of Anna, whenever she dances, I temporarily forget that I hate her. Lol.
  12. I’m done watching all episodes. And just like most of you, I’m also disappointed that episode 36 seems too rushed. The reconciliation only happened last 10 minutes, and after that, the wedding then cruise honeymoon. I wish there’s more. I wish they’ve settled all issues in episode 35, then episode 36 can be - CJX moving back to Wang family - and have her interact again with NaiNai, Zhengren and Aunt. - Married life of XY and CJX - Time skip of 3 years, then XiMi or maybe 2 XiMi (twins) Maybe there’ll be season 2? Lol. Also, for the mess that she created, i
  13. In ep 31, when XY talked to Anna, did he tell her off? Finally cleared up what they are with each other? Set some boundaries?
  14. Here’s another BTS. And it seems they’ve adapted another lovely scene from TW version where there are multiple “chickens” (in this version, ducks) that the FL chased and at the end of it is the church where ML proposed in front of their friends and family.
  15. Anna is obsessed with XY. And with that kind of obsession, any crumbs you throw her way, you’re giving her hope. Which is what’s happening. XY is giving hope to Anna by continuing to be nice to her. And he knew how much Anna wants to be together with him, but he’s not clearly drawing the line that there’s really nothing between them anymore. XY is no longer in love with Anna anymore, and I wish he’ll tell Anna straight up that that’s the case (maybe in episode 31 when Anna ask if he missed her). And if Anna continue to pursue him, he should simply ignore her. Anyway, we’ll see to
  16. Here’s a longer version of the preview. I’m curious to know what’s being said especially with the lawyer - I’m guessing XY and XY lawyer making a case on why they shouldn’t divorce? It seems funny, with JX bestie as her lawyer. Dear translators, will you please help translate? Thank you!
  17. Btw, Anna in this version is perfect for her role as a ballerina. Her form is beautiful. And her blow up photos - 1 in XY’s room and 1 in her home - are gorgeous. Is she a ballerina in real life?
  18. Yeah, I think so too. She’s playing the pity card to the max. And yeah, luckily, Nai Nai, Aunt and Zhengren can see through it. Good thing they’re not as gullible as XY and I love that they remain loyal to JX.
  19. Agree. Agree. Agree. Especially now that you gave more context as to what happened - I was just guessing on some scenes based on how they act. So, thanks. In a way, I can’t blame Anna if she’s clinging to XY. And it’s because XY is still super nice to her. He still entertain her. So, Anna remain hopeful especially since for 3 years, CJX is out of the picture. This is the same as in TW version and I wish they diverted from it. But at least, on the upside, for this version, there’s no official relationship between XY and Anna. In TW, OTP are definitely in a relationship since he cal
  20. I can’t decide. I love all of it except for the party dress. Somehow I don’t think the party dress is “her”. Or maybe I’m just not into sparkly velvet thing, which I think is so old fashioned. Lol
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