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  1. Dats nice !! Was expecting it to be different, as they don't exactly include everything from the novel.... The stalker part only I was curious, coz I felt it had to be there for longer time considering it's one of important aspect of YunSeo's life...I felt stalker track ended too soon....whereas it deserved to be given more screen space .... Got to know, novel had a proper wedding mentions of kid too, Jin-Joo
  2. Has Any one here read the original web novel on which Touch your heart was based...... Did drama went exactly like web novel????... It wud be helpful if a short summary can be shared Thank you in advance
  3. It's been my feel good drama ...it was tough to bid it goodbye!! Hoping to see the actors in their next drama ....if they can come together it wud be Bliss. ...will miss my weekly dose of smile & giggles Review : Touch Your Heart
  4. Will be looking for to this drama ..... specially for JinHyukshhhi .... Can't wait to have him back onscreen !!!! Goodluck Oppa !!!
  5. EP 11-12 #TouchYourHeart I enjoy watching two episodes back to back…& specially for this drama…its just worthy of binge watching...How this drama goes from happy to sad to again happy in few moments… Finally, we had much awaited JungRok & Stalker faceoff…must say stalker is good actor, with his expressions he did manage to bring out that creepiness of stalker…His smile & eyes are so creepy….& JungRok being the perfect knight in shining armor protected “his girl”…JungRok had been quite sharp in recognizing Stalker’s driver & timely reaching to protect YunSeo (how sleek he looked when he drove back) …..How I loved the conviction in his voice when he warned the stalker “Stay away from my girl”….The confidence & right he showed on Oh JinSim…just spoke volumes of his love….Every girl deserves a guy like JungRok in her life…. It was heart fluttering how JungRok, stayed with YunSeo until she felt normal…& glad YunSeo opened up about her part of story…she needed to open out her emotions she went through all these years…JungRok was so considerate so protective about her, he understood her pain & stayed with her throughout… YunSeo narrating her flashback, just made me realize all this so gets close to reality, the incidents in news this week…& the coincidence of timing of this drama, it broadcasted just in time when there has been so much news about DRUG/SEX SCANDAL of *famous* celebrities is under investigation,it's just so disturbing to even imagine what girls wud have gone through at time & gonna suffer in their lifetime. …None of the girls, wud be as protected or strong like YunSeo… or get a second chance like her… Hope everyone who is involved receive the hardest punishment they deserve….with no leniency. ++++++ JungRok was quite smart in asking for the date “officially” …which turned into so fun at amusement park, though the brave girl & scared hero is quite tried & tested sequence in Kdramas…but Wookie’s expressions as scared JungRok were priceless…I liked the irony of the situation…he was consistently convincing YunSeo he will protect her…but he himself was more scared of rides….but the main highlight was JungRok bringing that cotton candy for YunSeo…it was so precious & adorable how JungRok tried everything to cheer her up, YunSeo really needed this funtime to divert her attention….. No wonder when she next time dealt with stalker even if it was through telephone conversation she had that in built confidence & she wasn’t scared at all ….She talked to him boldly as she knows, she has nothing to fear, when she has JungRok beside her… Though it was surprising, how soon & easily stalker issue was handled, I was expecting some courtroom drama “An attorney fighting it out legally for his GF & make stalker pay for his crimes”….they had enough material to drage this whole issue for 2 more episodes so, we cud have just 1 epi of break up two of them reuniting in finale week…but with stalker issue resolved more focus on the “Breakup”…& it gonna go the usual Kdrama way…we will have a whole week of break up… JungRok asking for break up, was literally heartbreaking for YunSeo, & even for us it was heart breaking…but somewhere it just shows sincerity of JungRok’s love for Oh JinSim, he loves her so much to the extent to give up on his own happiness for her sake… Its not easy having the world's eyes on you all the time…& how tough a life of celebrity is, always being conscious of the image they carry in public & always have to be ready for being in limelight….but JungRok realizes what acting means for YunSeo, how much she loves her passion of being onscreen…& he will do anything he can to help her achieve her dreams…. Mr Choi-Ms. Dan, goodluck to both of them….rooting for them, more than the second lead… ++++++ From previews, its quite clear they gonna go separate paths, that’s why not looking forward to next episodes…its gonna be a tear jearker week ahead…but really hope things get normal sooner than we expect & everything sorts out in next two episodes.… so we can have a happy final week filled with only smiles… p.s.—JungRok is really a sweet sweet considerate boyfriend!!! Every girl deserves a BF in her life.....
  6. Jealous JungRok is cutest thing to watch…he gets too adorable whenever he gets jealous …poor him, cant even openly express his jealousy.…& YunSeo so wanna enjoy this dating period…she is having time of her life…So love whenever JungRok gives his little smiles to YunSeo & tries so hard to refrain smiling at her cute antics & innocence…it just so heart fluttering … JungRok needs to learn dating things seriously…poor girl had to go on date with Ms Dan …but she really made things difficult…how she explained the love triangle…making YunSeo jealous so soon…Glad she directly went upto clear things with JungRok…his friend seemed to be fanboy of YunSeo the actress… I was expecting YunSeo to again break into doing the chicken advt…like she did in first episode…. All male vying for YunSeo’s attention was hilarious… poor JungRok he must have been so jealous insides…no wonder he was depressed...but YunSeo made it up for him...by kiss *_*...& it was really hearttouching of JungRok to find the lucky mirror for YunSeo, he definitely touched her heart...beating everyone else... Mr Kim, is quite a fun & bright person…hopefully he will be regular cupid & peacemaker for JungRok-YunSeo in future too… Mama’s boy!! So like the character…he is too cocky…he is weird but interesting & I doubt if he will be happy to know I am rooting for him with Ms Dan …Loved how he helped her…he was really considerate there at the café…& Boy got abs..hopefully love will be in the air for them soon.... Glad to see the awaited kiss, went smooth & gentle also Nobody watched them, no mistakes... Everything was just too perfect! JungRok-YunSeo, proved EP 08 kiss rule true …was so waiting for this, hope they get many more opportunities to kiss … they hadn't enough back in Goblin… really hoping JungRok gonna be as protective of YunSeo, as Grim Reaper was of Sunny….Already sensing troubles awaiting ahead for YunSeo, the stalker is too creepy & scary…hopefully, JungRok always gonna be beside YunSeo, she will really need it. Looking forward to next episode!!! Though still can't have enough of current one!!! Lee DongWook & Yoo In-na are richard simmons adorable together…they have such a wonderful chemistry out there…. Cant wait to see more & more of them…
  7. So loving this drama so soft & heart fluttering ...Can binge watch it on loophearts in eyes emojis was invented for this drama ....so brings a smile on my face throughout, so much that cheeks hurt... Every episode leaves me wondering if JungRok-YunSeo can get anymore cuter ...they just surprise me by getting cuter & cuter...So loving them getting all adorable & so sweet with each other. ...these two are so mushy & mushy & amazingly in love ... Have loved them in Goblin & back then had wished them to see them working together & Glad they are part of such a sweet show ...they carried forward from where they had stopped...they will complete their love story this time round YunSeo so innocently cute ...she is still that little girl who is untouched by negativity, always full of life & innocence... YunSeo nailed it with her imagination during meeting, at rate they going...soon Attorney really gonna blame her for stealing his heart.... her imagination really gonna turn true soonest JungRok was really sweet giving YunSeo a handwritten note & also being thoughtful Abt taking her to late night date I love when these two get awkwardly cute...specially JungRok, his innocence & awkwardness still reminds me of Grim Reaper's awkwardness when he used to meet Sunny...especially in the moments where JungRok can't understand YunSeo's actions... Wishing both of them a "long" story with slow steps this time round Looking forward to jealous Mr Kwon...he gonna be a delight to watch...YunSeo gonna have so much fun .... p.s.-When JungRok was seeking Dating advice, so missed Goblin ...Kim Shin wud have teased him more ....
  8. Though I have not watched the final week of The last empress !! Cudn't make myself watch it without JinHyuk (so biased fangirl) ....But not taking credit away from Shin SungRok, he nailed it playing evil Pehya as a character, Hyuk is a character an actor deserves ...Had seen him do more evil character than Hyuk...in My love from another star, so knew he wud do negative best ....but I was surprised by his comic scenes, he deserves a good rom com Anyways, but still got to know the show ended with Hyuk's death, it was surprising... & Must be disappointed for HyukSunny shippers can understand the pain of your ship drowning.... I wonder, if I shud be happy or sad ... somewhere my guess of "Hyuk's death in climax" turned true......though reason might not be the same but still, my guess of Sunny ending up alone with both heroes dying in end turned true .... p.s.-Guess more than hero heroine Hyuk-WangShik love Ultimate true love both lived & died together...Out of everyone Hyuk genuinely trusted & believed WangShik, more than his blood relations... Their bond was pure friendship from Hyuk.....they might meet each other in their afterlife ...
  9. So it's finale week of The Last Empress ... hopefully Writernim wud be bringing a logical end to this drama...which have a been full of twist & turns from day1 ... It had been a wild ride since it's first episode...With CJH, out of picture now I may not be following the finale week ... But still, my guess about the ending, it might go the "where stars land" way .... & Sunny will work for punishing Hyuk or whatever the situation will be ... & they might show WangShik, just disappear from the Island, & he went ahead for surgery & may not survive through it....& If he survives through, he leftback to his hometown ...& in epilogue may be they will bring the original fatty WangShik raising DongShik... As for HyukSunny I see a happy end for two of them ...
  10. Second last week, before this drama winds up…& as expected things getting paced up....& glad WangShik had been safe…& we gonna see more of him … A new character, Empress Eun…at final stages…though its too late, but if it helps in taking down the imperial family I don’t mind her late entry….hope she gonna stay useful & helpful to WangShik, considering He saved her life. First few minutes of the episode was so intense, nail biting…& intriguing to know who will manage to get the upper hand b/w WangShik-Hyuk… (so in love with the BG score) felt so like Hugging WangShik when he was talking abt his mother…. (JinHyuk nailed that scene, perfect expressions) & Hyuk disappointed me didn’t even showed any remorse for his actions… So loved their face off…even their action sequence on the bridge…Hyuk so deserved that kicks & punches…seeing WangShik beat Hyuk with all his heart was so richard simmons satisfying, had been waiting for this moment…WangShik had been holding up his frustration for long…though it was surprising how WangShik left Hyuk alive… hope he has another plan ahead to fulfill his revenge…so he can be at peace. For me personally, at this stage, Hyuk is a gone case …. :P he keeps swinging from being bad to good to back being Bad…when we were completely hating him, he was turned into cute Hyuk…& when we started liking him he was back to being the Evil ruthless Hyuk… (fingers crossed, hope he gonna stay same till finale) I really wonder if writer wants him to be the “Hero” or the “Villain” he cant be both…& the way he behaved with Sunny, be the forceful kiss or him being so hard & rash with her…was heartbreaking… Sunny jumping in to save WangShik, wonder if it was right thing to do, or was it even required, it instead brought more trouble for her, considering now even Bin is not around in palace to help her when needed… It was good to see Princess Ari helping her, & even told truth about KangHee...& even court ladies were one by one coming with clues to her, she had enough proofs …only to be destroyed by Hyuk…Hope she had saved a copy of them with WangShik. KangHee is getting eviler with episodes, expecting more punishment than anyone else…as for YuRa, she helping Sunny, I don’t think its way for her redemption, neither she is wholly on Sunny’s side…but its her means to the end…its her survival instinct which making her do anything she can, even if it means helping Sunny… A special mention to Shin SungRok, the actor, he does has a personal charm in portraying evil Hyuk & even the cute funny Hyuk…. He makes Hyuk interesting as a character, where some hate him, some sympathise with him, He literally owns the character to a point …had seen him playing evil psycho in My Love from another star…& he nailing it this time round too… Hope extended episodes will make sure evil people suffer & people get happy end who deserve it…
  11. Dani & EunHo are adorable together & doing such cute things together even though they are not officially a couple yet…I like the chemistry & understanding they have for each other…without being in a relationship as a love couple…Their comfort level just speaks volumes about kind of bond they share…where they don’t even need to speak out in words, yet the other one will always be around. EunHo, is maturer for his age…he wants to have clear feelings for Dani… & I simply adore how he looks at Dani, with so much love filled eyes, & yet Boy needs more time sort out his feelings….His look has a perfect mix of Love respect & adoration for Dani… It was good to see, Dani settling well at workplace… & she is getting recognized for her hardwork…her idea of reusing old books as gift…was brilliant idea…It was wonderful that she got support from everyone around…though the boss lady will take her own time to come to terms to accept Dani as a talented person….Dani is quite a positive & bright person …how she convinced the writer & even came up with marketing idea too… The president of publishing is one fun character, more than being “luckyboy” he is “funnyboy” I laugh hard whenever he is onscreen & whole staff gangs up on him…He gets all cute & funny & his reference to LJS’s drama “I can hear your voice” …..was epic…. What amazes me, how drama not only focuses on relationships, but it also depicts the actual process of publishing houses…how much efforts & hardwork goes into publishing a single book…many new contents come up every day…but only few make it to publishing level…. & In digital era, where majority of creative writings directly goes on blogs…keeping the charm of Book & book reading is getting more difficult for publishers. Looking forward to jealous EunHo, hope after that he will 100 times sure how deep his feelings are for Dani… p.s.—Once again, I love the written text at ending of each episode …they are simply Love
  12. Two episodes down & I lovethe beauty of this drama…its light on heart & charming … So does justice to its name, “touch your heart” its really heart warming…&heart touching….for me personally it gonna be a sweet distraction from heavy & intense “The last Empress” drama I am following currently …this new drama gonna be my relief pill… Yun seo is just cute & good in acting… she is stunning while expressing her naive personality…& JungRok is completely opposite being hard & rude on her…but now with him being interesting in starting all over again, hopefully will make things easier for this hardworking pretty girl ….It wud be interesting to see how this Handsome Man & Gorgeous girl will come together…Their chemistry is on point…specially in their bickering scenes, its so fascinating… JungRok has an interesting way of seeking apology…though it didn’t seemed like one…no wonder it made YunSeo drunk…& she being all elegant & sophisticated after was sight to watch out…so loved that sequence…. JungRok’s clueless expressions over YunSeo’s antics are worth watching… Wonder if there’s a mystery behind JungRok always calling YunSeo by her original name… wonder if he happens to be long childhood silent lover which Oh JinSim doesn’t seem to remember… & Him asking YunSeo “to start from beginning”….gave so Goblin feels…!!! He giving that heartfluttering smile to YunSeo was so worth falling for… ++++ Goodluck to YunSeo, may she be the best secretary without whom JungRok will not be able to function…How surprised he was, knowing she learned how to transfer calls… Apart from lead couple, Mr Choi-& Ms Dan is worth looking forward too…they are funny together…hope things work out for mamma’s boy… Introduction of new character…hope he gonna add to the fun & not be spoiling it… Looking forward to more fun & Love episodes…This drama has my heart already… Curious to know how long Mr Kwon will be able to keep up his word to YunSeo—“I wont ever ask you to like Me” p.s.—Also will look forward to more moment s when “JungRok” will finally give more smiles ….
  13. With few hours left before we reach filnale, things getting fastened up at the palace…& getting all interesting & intense as many things happening in single telecast…glad to see Yoon not dead (fingers crossed hope he wakes up soon), Bin got arrested, Dowager upto her tricks to manipulate Hyuk…DongShik kidnapped…& Finally the moment we had been waiting for Hyuk knows WooBin’s identity…& his reaction was as expected….& Hyuk is back to what he is known for being evil & ruthless, scary Pehya…His expressions were priceless…how much he had trusted Bin with his life , over everybody else…cant blame him to feel so cheated Though I still have doubts if he already knew about Bin-Sunny all along & he was fooling around till now, I doubt if he got suspicious from the moment Bin had snapped at him during that blast sequence, when he had saved Sunny…Coz Dowager manipulating him got so easy for him to sway of trust over Bin….Still, I will give a benefit of doubt to Hyuk, that he was unaware but how he treated Bin after knowing truth was harsh…even when he smashed on his head while Bin was trying to save Sunny, how Hyuk was almost choked her to death…all his cute antics to win over Sunny had gone down the drain…all his efforts got wasted, considering this is fourth time he tried to kill off Sunny… Hyuk had been so harsh & rough with Bin, he has his trust broken…Hyuk lost his precious Bin….& even on Sunny too, Pehya had been too hard on her… I somewhere felt Bin had been impulsive in revealing he is WangShik, he shud have given a chance to Sunny to save little boy, but cant blame him considering DongShik’s life was at stake…& loves him to death… though it makes me wonder how easy it is to kidnap DongShik, he shud have been kept more safe & secured knowing things will get dangerous…DongShik shud have been send off far safe place…. But everything said & done, I loved the moment of clash, where Bin reveals himself & that priceless unbelievable expression of Emperor…ShinSungRok & JinHyuk nailed it as performer…the whole sequence itself was so intense…& engrossing…considering its one of the defining moments in the story, & most awaited moment, it gave goosebumps…Even their sequence was perfect in performance….when Pehya confronts him during investigation… Must say, there is No soft feelings & there is No limit for the cruelty of Imperial family right from Dowager to Hyuk to KangHee…they can go to any lengths to do what they want to do… Dowager was too much framing Bin, for Yoon’s accident…though whatever she said, about Sunny, Byuk, Yoon & Bin working together was true…. I wonder how she gathered all the info…. As for Yoon’s accident, for some reason the “coma” situation seems staged for the bigger purpose… Hope, all the victims of imperial family, whom WangShik helped will end up being useful for him at time of need, that was surely a smart move from him…. Sunny & WangShik were dealing things smartly individually …but things got worse when they came for each other’s protection… YuRa, no matter how much she helped Sunny…still I have no sympathy towards her…but for once, her action was helpful…when she was dealing with KangHee…she tried hard to save WangShik too, but it was too late…. Sojin, that was so unexpected of her, in order to deal with Sunny, she made things worse for “her Biiinn”….he got injured because of her…. +++++ As for climax, I will still stand by my assumption of WangShik dying 99% unless a Kdrama miracle twist saves him…Somewhere deep, I see Hyuk’s death too, considering he is psychologically loosing it all …Mentally he is not too strong to see downfall of Imperial family & he wont be able to take it, seeing power going off his hands…its gonna tough for him to have a commoner life…Thank God, I never shipped Sunny-Emperor… Either Hyuk or WangShik have to be killed off, logically writernim cant kill off both the leads… As for Sunny, she might have to lead single life, after everything sorts out, she will give up her Empress title & live life of a commoner… raising Princess Ari, & DongShik too (if WangShik dies)….& years later if Hyuk redeems himself & have a change of heart…Sunny might forgive him…. In some alternate universe, after growing up DongShik & Ari might fall in love with each other… The last week of The Last Empress, stage is set now to bring in perfect climax & punish the culprits & give happy end to the ones who deserve it… Hoping for a satisfying end & Hopefully it wont be a rushed one…& we will get a proper closure...It had been a wild ride throughout, so don’t want writernim to mess it up in the End….I don’t mind if its extended to give a proper end. Excited for finale week & hoping against hopes to see a happy end for “My Biiiiin”…
  14. Hadn’t thought of starting watching new drama, before completing the ones I am in middle of…but this had been drama I had been waiting for since it was announced…the actors reuniting after Goblin…was so excited to see them together…Reaper & Sunny gonna “touch hearts” all over again… Lee Dong Wook, he stole hearts as grim reaper & he gonna do same now too… already had a good laugh & fun watching the first episode…specially, DOTS parody they used one of the iconic scenes!!! Jung Rok, is too serious & cold hearted…it was so difficult to convince him to have YunSeo as his secretary….it take all efforts from JoonGyu , he is an fun character too…liking him already…He was happiest to have YunSeo in their law firm, it was so tough for him to convince JungRok…& his first meet with YunSeo was interesting. YunSeo is a star…she is happy & positive person…& she looks so gorgeous & stunning… her first meet with JungRok was stellar….though she was annoyingly cute…JungRok was so pissed off…He gonna have tough time teaching things to his new secretary …from transferring calls to everything…Goodluck Mr. Kwon… *fighttiinggg* So loving their chemistry together…guess they continuing from where they left in Goblin… they will finally get the happy ending, they didn’t got back there…. Hoping to see more of heart fluttering moments of peach couple in coming episodes… YunSeo gonna have fun time at law firm…she has interesting colleagues for company… Overall enjoyed the first episode, it started off on good note…Looking forward for upcoming episodes…will be rooting for this drama… Hope they'll be consistent with the comic sequences & witty lines (something I love watching).
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