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  1. For anyone who wants to understand the difference in characteristics of Manniang in the drama and in the books: For anyone who wants to know her fate:
  2. Yeah the boys and girls are counted separately, so the 3rd brother isn't necessarily older than the 4th sister. Changbai is actually the 1st brother.
  3. In china, kids on the same generation aren't counted based on their parents but on their paternal grandparents. For example ML's father has 4 daughters, 1st Hualan, 4th Molan, 5th Rulan and 6th Minglan. The 2nd and 3rd are daughters of his brother. QH is his parents' only son, but the 2nd in his generation of the Qi family, he has an older cousin.
  4. Besides, GTY is Ershu, 2nd uncle. It means he is like a distant relative from and older generation (although he is not that old), so at the time she is considering him an elder, she doesn't have to care that much about the man-woman boundary. More, GTY is not the one everyone is going after (no women want to marry him), so it's less dangerous to talk to him. She avoids QH bc he brings trouble, not bc she doesn't want to talk to him.
  5. Prove that the higher men think of themselves, the more easily they are played by women. Learn a lesson guys, women' tears are the greatest weapon of all time.
  6. That's why I said he's not the suitable one for ML. He is a different type of character than GTY. He is a noble gentleman and would never use tricks to get ML like GTY (not saying GTY's way is wrong, just different). He would never force ppl against their will to fullfill his own pleasure, as it's not his way of doing things. This is not about who wins. I just want to prove that he is an extremely good person and he loves ML just as much as GTY. He is just not the right man and could not give her what she wants. He also knows that ML could not be happy with him, that's why when ML's about to get married to GTY, he tells her that GTY is a good man and wish her a happy carefree life. All his life he never once wrongs anyone, and it's exactly why he's miserable. There are many kinds of love, and his kind is not the 'main character's type'. But the fact that he gives up on ML doesn't mean that he doesn't love her enough. I really want him to get over ML later and love someone else, but he ends up alone, loving her till he dies. The author is just too cruel to him, he should have gotten the happy ending he deserves.
  7. About Qi Heng: In the book, QH is the one character that I regret most. I disagree to some pp saying that he's a 'wet blanket' or he doesn't fight hard enough for ML. The point is that he is in a situation where he's not allowed to fight, unlike GTY (He doesn't have to fight much to marry ML). GTY grows up in a family where no one loves him and everybody is bullying or taking advantageous of him, so he has a valid reason to be rebellious, and he doesn't have the responsibility to marry for the family. QH, on the other hand, receives all the love and caring from his parent. This is his blessing but also his curse, because when his family ask him to give back, he is responsible to do so, not because he can't be independent without his status. It would be extremely selfish of him to abandon his family to be with ML, as his parents love him so much. His 'baggage' is much more heavier than GTY, he's in a situation he cannot escape.
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