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  1. @Babalooba I couldn't find any interviews to support this statement even in korean. I think we discussed about it before. But she dated someone after LMH for sure according to her Healer's interview.
  2. then we could say that both PSJ and PMY is Bulldozer couple then. Proof in wwwsk and proof of them with their other co-stars. I must say PMY's acting skills is changing somehow. She seems like not who I seems to know way back before wwwsk. And it surprised me in a good way. She seems more confident now. And confident enough to lead HPL drama.
  3. true2 sometimes I'm confused who's actually got the title. I guess it's belong to ParkBogum. If I'm not mistaken way back during his FM 2017 people call him Nation's boyfriend. But I think he is called 'Master of Romantic Comedy' and 'Buldozer Boyfriend' and 'Forklift Boyfriend' now But I guess this time we can call PMY 'Bulldozer Girlfriend' too. haha.
  4. haha we wouldn't know her answer until the interview comes out... Last time she wasn't having superb chemistry with YWJ on screen and even off screen. They obviously having oppa-dongsaeng vibe. But medias still ask her about possibilities. Maybe because she is Chemistry Queen. I guess she had to say 'no comment' to PSJ cuz they knew each other before wwwsk or considering his image if she reject him publicly. And duhhh... not even tiny bit of feelings for him? It is hard to directly say no to PSJ. lol. Manly actor..nation's boyfriend..
  5. Unless they are cool enough to work together again like HB-SYJ now who will be working on the same drama despite their dating rumors. But now, PSJ-PMY are having too much attention now so I would say not for now but PLEASE someday PLEASE. I imagine them acting in movies like The Notebook or A Walk to Remember or Mr and Mrs Smith? they both had actions before lol
  6. nowadays that kind of questions will be ask. Especially when chemistry exploded in a drama. Because it is not easy for actors to build chemistry. Can't find anything between PMY-CJW. She said 'NO' to QO7D's costar, YWJ. She said 'no comment' to PSJ. So I would say (seeing the offscreen chemi) PMY-KJW's chemistry is beyond her other co-stars and people hope they can date. So we just have to wait for the official interview after her drama. I think this kinda question always come to PSJ. PSJ said 'absolutely no' to KJW and said 'open to possibilities' to PMY.
  7. I'm actually more interested in her IV after drama end.... there would be a lot of obvious questions expecially her chemistry.. wanna see how she's going to answer it. Prepare your PPC heart guys. hoho.
  8. Another plot to overcome the trauma. Oh well. LYJ gone through trauma through kiss lol. how bout this one then... I was wondering what will happen in ep 15 and 16 too. I assume SDM's mother have something to tell, probably later there would be problems in their relationship. Then, somehow try to win each other's hearts again and who knows... later they skip to the scene where they have kids and her kids also a fangirl LOL. At least, it ends as fangirling things too. lol.
  9. I saw there too. At least they are being honest on how the storyline goes. When there's some part which I can't understand, I read there and somehow understanding the storyline. Let's just see how the last three episodes will go.
  10. sometimes I do feel like she might suggested it lmao. She learnt a lot from previous drama. PMY said in the mnet interview that director allowed them to adlibs at any parts. Thats why also in current drama she also made a lot of adlibs girl, I've been watching other romcom too but never see actors always add adlibs. She learnt a lot from Captain.
  11. thats why we cant help ourselves talking about it. Despite her interest in fangirling world, did she notice the similarities of the scenes? If she aware about it, she might try her best to change a bit of it but..sorry we still can see you Miso
  12. @zashi23 haha oh well .. if you say so. Too much effort to put if I want to summarise it. The love story also different. And sorry guys, I just got to say it, probably her current drama's writer must be a wwwsk fan too. Lol. I can't help seeing similar scenes and even some dialogues. Watched wwwsk back to back makes me remember the dialogues too. Haha.
  13. yup. the only and one and only same thing is fangirling. Later I'll try to summarise the webtoon story.
  14. OH I GET IT NOW... well I dont wanna say it cos it might sound like comparing so I've been keeping quiet. HAHA. I guess it was okay if she want to do romcom right after wwwsk but ..pretty much the same storyline...hmm... it should have been another storyline. The writer should had just follow the webtoon storyline. She's a good chef too. And there's many hot scene too tho...haha. Tho she will stay in the same office, at least she's the boss haha. And she can still fangirling.
  15. I guess it is true that she might be tired these days that Yoo Jae Suk said 'be strong' for the support truck.
  16. when can we get the dvd? tooooooo longggggg I cant waittttttttt pleaseeee release it by 1st WWWSK anniversaryyyy
  17. If I'm not mistaken, I think there's an interview that he said he doesn't want his future partner to stop her dream just for the sake of marriage because he thinks it is important for both of them to have understanding with each other. Maybe one day he will reconsider that previous thought of him about not wanting his wife to work. (probably changed already) On a good side, he's having that kind of thought makes him working hard like now for his future family life. And his great responsibility as the eldest. And I'm waiting to see his future marriage life especially on their 1st year marriage.
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