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  1. Guys... I am 100% sure that SHE IS IN LOVE got a sense that she mentioned everything she loves... hehe
  2. I think he meant totally from the beginning whatever the storyline goes but he will be secretary while pmy will be vp. Somehow I cannot see how things go possible and it will be totally weird if they follow the same storyline, not the continuous after their marriage. Can you guys imagine LYJ wanna stop working becos he want to go dating and wanna get marry? totally disaster. It's good PMY choose to make the continuous of their marriage life, of cos there would be ups and downs but I think at home, KMS is the boss haha. And yeah more cuddlings, sweetness, hugs, kisses, omg what more can I imagine hahaha
  3. well I would be glad if they delete other than PPC since they claimed and wrote clearly on the upper side profile that their acc are for PPC. It is for the sake of PPC shippers who wants to see PPC only. Like me. PPC done great job with their costars and their romances were great but I love to see only PPC when I follow PPC fans' igs. If they like other ship too, they should make another accs or stick to PSJ or PMY individually. Thats why sometimes I like to see update more in this forum than other platform. Thanks guys for always updating. And still thankful to PPC shippers that always update PPC only in their igs.
  4. ohh why?? Jillstuarts needs him... haha Their revenue went high since his endorsements. I never knew about jillstuarts before he chose to be their model haha. Or did he found another sport wears to endorse?
  5. I think PSJ can be director one day. PMY said he's good at finding points of acting to deliver feelings. Most his costars praised him for his good acting. Not to mention his kiss of cos, with good angles taken. I dont say he wont be an actor anymore someday but because he is smart, I think he will be more than just an actor. Maybe holding hands with awesome ent as board members or maybe film director idk. He seems a person who capable to do many things.
  6. uuuuu hello PSJ, YJ's fav shirt or personally your fav shirt? You must kept it somewhere right? LOL
  7. No wonder she had wonderful fun time everyday going filming for wwwsk. She has someone teasing her, making her smile, jokes around, what she wish for happy film set and not feeling tired all day long ~ thank you for sharing @twoparkcouple
  8. oh I imagine it's going to be really good haha probably gonna hold and hug him tight from the moment he got the scar on the hand. wow. jealoussss haha
  9. It wouldn't be weird if she comes with jinjoo hand to hand right haha since they are buddies. Oh well...probably her friends asked her will she attend it and she chose not to but psstt psstt look after my man for me huhu 웃픔. So sad but oh well things can get out of control if medias aftering PPC. Yeah maybe PSJ gonna watch it twice (like he watch his MR movie again with V hehe) or having big movie screen movie with her at home. If she freak out,he's there to hold her
  10. If anyone know PSJ, he is a guy with manners and sweet so he always kind to staffs and people around him including womens. Specifically, if women, he is being a gentleman but he has very very small number of girl friends. Even if he knew them, I dont think they are as close as him being comfortable with PMY. Well I can guess who he's comfortable with but since he kinda shown his feelings for her to the public, it could be awkward but they are comfortable with each other. I think they are awkward bcos they have to talk about their deep romance in the drama but actuallg they are not awkward to each other.
  11. hahaha why does her/his costar/friend are so related to each other? what goes around comes around. Now your friend is my friend and your costar is my costar LOL what a small world! And these celebrities are going to be their close friend who knew about their relationship LOL
  12. PSJ, your opinion is interesting but I like PMY's HAHA They can make a movie of WWWSK season 2 or maybe netflix short eps. I wish it is movie because we can get more restricted contents in movie you know gosh this truly show that they dont bother with the dating rumor so this can totally shut those people who said she hates him and hates the dating rumor. She's so comfort with him even close up her body to him just for interview. These two really .. I confirmed they do have things going on between them.
  13. uuu anyone in Korea, you can get discount on the ticket of The Divine Fury on 31st from 5pm~9pm. Only 5000won wow. Around 5USD. wow I wish I can go to the stage greet/무대인사. For Seoul, it would be on 10~11 Aug. huhu
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