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  1. Anyone saw the full ig stories posts of jtbc? About the casts having 100% same image as the drawing characters? I think all of them really are. Wow. I'm really excited to see how will they pull off and bring out their characters through screen. And based on the IC script reading, it looks really intense. There must be so much emotions that we can expect from the drama. I was shocked when I saw PSJ screamed, immersed himself in ParkSaeroy... wow (sexy angry psj ) It will be fun . So~ excited
  2. theres no buzz in korea about ppc's relationship right now lol. All focusing on their new dramas. They are off radar. That dc site always have random topic brought up. You cant find it anymore. Cos too much posts in there lmao. Do not worry everyone. In Korea, ppc is doing fine doing their stuff, focusing their thing. She turned off her comment, now she turned on for her other post. See? nothing bothers her. But kindly leave good comments to her. Since she is missing her fans. Advisely not to discuss abt psj too in her comments. And tagged ppc in post that better for them to not know Her love life, she handle herself. She knows We just stick in our posts
  3. I dont know why , I love everytime he said "JTBC Fri-Sat drama Itaewon Class, first broadcast on 31st Jan". mybe bcs his sexy voice I can hear to his voice all day haha
  4. Beautiful To Our lovely Beans in 2020, The beautiful 2020 has come. I'm back and forth in Kangwon-do and filming site, doing my best to complete Haewon-i. How's your January? Nowadays, I really want to meet everyone. That's how I always gain my strength. Let us be happy together this year too. The weather will be fine soon, until that day, I'll find you. Happy New Year! I love you! PMY, Jan 2020. looking forward to the magazine photoshoot!
  5. I'm happy to hear PMY got real recognition as Romcom queen in Korea with among amazing Korean actresses.
  6. at least we got the chance to see the earlier caption Maybe she acknowledged that Simba already called Olaf so she might try to figure out other character name in the mean time haha
  7. Just enjoy the happiness. Just follow the flow of ppc showing to us They are feeling happy, we also happy. It's a winwin. Regardless whether their way of showing their relationship or just our delulu or 'destiny'. Well I choose to believe ppc is real
  8. 2020SS ZIOZIA Casual yet handsome means Seojun you can have intelligent handsome oppa,oppa eating mintchoco donut,flower boy oppa,ready-for-date oppa, or hardworking oppa his bulky muscle is super lol I cant help thinking abt the end of wwwsk ep 13 I wanna CARRY YOU HOME!!
  9. 2020SS ZIOZIA We both love coffee flawless skin..(urgh,im jealous) Cellreturn and Tirtir power wow
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