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  1. thanks for the tag. Too cute, always nice to see a guy with children. Heidi was just showing this exact same picture to me today.
  2. Haha yea comment was funny. I also wonder about chestnut. The comment did seem serious to me. Father is the sentimental type kind of like with poem. It was interesting though usually it's the moms that pay attention to SG more. Anyway, glad they had chance to talk about it and get closer.
  3. first no more sg for profile? I think what he has to be more precise is selective attention really bc he gets so passionate about certain things that other things get lost. haha yea I was also amaze with his hitting bottle talent, but teacher also said he was athletic when he was young too.
  4. Definitely, has no problem having fun by himself, but I guess that's part of his charm.
  5. My nephew is actually into origami when he was 8. Although, that's not common for many boys in States.I laugh when SH didn't read SG's card or kind of made something up. SG seem to be upset about shallow thinking too. SY said he was just a distracted child and he did admit he loses focus easily.
  6. Haha I laughed at the education gap @Lawyerh. I do like the new version of SJ. People don't get so detail in the USA. I wonder what my teachers would of written if they have to. How was the notes like for you?
  7. Great job @gm4queen! What program did you use? I never have that much patience for editing.
  8. Yea same here, just happen to watch it because nothing else to watch. I find the plot interesting and refreashing.
  9. Oh, that must be kind of a blow to SG after Na Rae thing now Yi Han choose SJ too. Dum dum dum...Should of known you pick SG after profile pic change lol.
  10. @gm4queen After all that hard work Yi Han still ran to Na Rae all excitedly. I felt bad for SG, but at least remember to run back and give him a high five. It's was also funny when SG and SJ was listening in about dating advice. The kid have a system haha. I never understood the richard simmons her off thing because boy like girl when I was a kid. Think they fail in execution.
  11. Yea, good balance and strength. Most people don't have good bottom strength. It kind of remind me of the horse stance in kungfu movies back in the days though, but updated version. Too bad the children were still not as interested as they hope, but at least they try.
  12. lol I never eaten that kind of steam egg, but the way they ate it made it look so tasty @Heidi Seow. She didn't really add anything to it, but seem hard to make since she fail first time.
  13. Poor Seung Gi @Lawyerh and @Heidi Seow. Also, Heidi I know what you mean with hungry picture.
  14. Despite how the Devil had daddy's issues and was throwing a tantrum, I can't help smiling, cheering for him, and cracking up at 1: 45 With one episode left I did not expect much from Lucca. He's one of those people you look at and want to protect more in my eyes. In a way I was happy that he left so that we can focus more on the main characters. Like @ktcjdrama said definitely problems in storyline, but glad had happy ending and a few highlights here and there throughout. Oh sorry for confusion, I think I combine what I read from what sadthe1st said in previous post with what you said. I like the idea/premise of whole drama, but some issues with execution.
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