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  1. Haha yea I remember his like two questions or so and that was whole conversation. I think another reason is there is also big age gap. I think he's friendly to all, but like in MC he say awkward sometime didn't he... Of course he is respectful of his wife because he's not in acting role so he does have more control of situation.
  2. Yes, that's the one. Although, sometime it's hard to tell in variety especially korean variety. Like in running man some people think they're too rough, but they all love each other. Kwang Soo is suppose to be the worse but behind the scenes everyone say he's very polite and reserve. I feel like if they feel like they went overboard, then would apologize in bts. I remember early episode of running man with JH. The one where he was doing modeling jeans etc. I really feel KJK was trying to make him feel better about jeans and was even cheering for JH even though he was on other team. Maybe he felt he can handle more now because he's done a lot more variety since.
  3. Actually, I think it's actually common in SK even with short hair. Hihi I remember on youtube for Happy Together someone said he's like politician good at 90% lie, but tell it like truth. Which is funny because also have this pure, innocent and aloof image too at times. Sometime I think variety shows are an experiment for him to test things out like he does with acting. Like JaeSuk said in family outing how many personality is he going to show that day.
  4. Actually, felt she had more chemistry offscreen with Sang Yun in VIP as compare to actual drama, but I haven't been able to continue with latest episodes. With JH I feel like they were both comfortable with each other in bts. I think so far only the military thing as negative, but nothing else really which is amazing because sometime people speculate and create rumors.
  5. Haha yea only about 2 days ago. I never know what my schedule would be like so I try to finish it quick during Holiday. The power of JH . Yes, I did watch BP. I enjoyed it too, but yea ending was upsetting and beautiful at same time. Do you know where to find english sub for his Saturday NIght Live, Uncontrollably acting, or Life Bar ep?
  6. Actually, late 30s near 40 I don't consider that young anymore. I guess that's why I'm shock all the list was flower boys. Although, I don't hold being a flower boy against them either. Thanks for recommending MF. I don't know if I would change the order of my list though. I enjoyed it and it wasn't sad ending at all. I was thinking of another sad ending because of rooftop scene which didn't happen . I can see why it's not for everyone though. JH is good at the whole suppressing feeling, but I think it can be heavy for all 24 episodes for some. He never really got break or big temptation from that possible happiness bc of setup and no time in whole revenge ordeal that some needs as break in melodrama.
  7. Actually, I find it's more than just doctor genre. When talking to a Korean friend she was always amaze at the actors I like even though we're the same age and I'm always surprise at certain views on things or when she recommends a drama to me. She seem to like light drama and happy endings more. Also, even something simple as liking face more before military because skin is better. I feel a lot of them became better actors or more manly looking after military though along with other international fans. She would only watch certain dramas for actor and only if it has high ratings. I just read summary and give 1-2 eps try and if I like it I'll continue. I'm sure not all are like that, but interesting to see.
  8. Hihi I think that's why he gets burnt out and fall asleep randomly at different times in the day or they always tease him for it. I caught glimpse of him in Croatia, saw Dragon Bromance, Real Men, Running Man, Urban Cops and family outing. I think that's why for me he grew a lot from ep 20s of family outing to the later version of Happy Together. I like his chemistry with Jaesuk.
  9. Thanks @The Reel Life. I think Fated to Love You and Beautiful Mind sticks in my mind more because they're different from his norm and show his broad spectrum. I do hope he mix it up more because like he said actually older age better to express romance since they have more experience. Also, don't want him to get typecast. Yea, after seeing whole sub for ep 16 I felt even more so. He was always talking about making Hwi his. I think beside his great personality, he also admires Hwi's skills. A good person to be your right hand man. Something he probably wish from SG too, but couldn't have. Also, the fact that BW wish Hwi didn't come, but also to be there to witness his moment. Despite BW's betrayal and review Hwi still trust him at the end to do him the last favor. He still hoped that BW would be different so there's definitely more to this relationship mutually. BW might pick his goals in the end, but he does have certain rules and he give certain chances for those he love. @Biology Lesson yea picking 1 emotion is hard. I think what attracted me to JH is actually because he can display complex emotions, shift from 1 to the next or a combination of emotions at the same time. It makes you empathize with his character and want to hear his reasons or story.
  10. Hello @budgerie, yes I'm kind of new to Jang Hyuk world. Thanks for the warm greeting. I'm not sure if it's just a guilt feeling. BW never had a good relationship so it was nice however short-lived it was. As someone mentioned, Hwi was also there for BW and was just as ready to save him before the great reveal. Sense of belonging and love is a basic human need and that's why last scene he say it was hard.
  11. I don't think it's ever quite that simple especially when the person takes on the role of a King in most dramas and even more so in Asian dramas in particular. I think it's more about the message BW is sending out. He let Hwi chase after SH knowing that Hwi would probably let him go and BW already told him the consequence of what would happen if he stands in his way. Still BW let both Hwi and SH go the second time and truly hope they ran somewhere far away after Hwi promise he would forget everything with many witnesses. Now for the third time he is just taking his stand and showing that he hasn't gone soft to me for any future revolts not just Hwi in particular.
  12. thanks for the tag. Too cute, always nice to see a guy with children. Heidi was just showing this exact same picture to me today.
  13. Haha yea comment was funny. I also wonder about chestnut. The comment did seem serious to me. Father is the sentimental type kind of like with poem. It was interesting though usually it's the moms that pay attention to SG more. Anyway, glad they had chance to talk about it and get closer.
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