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  1. Why catching chicken important good night @Min2206 sweet dream +2
  2. he keep giving everyone money But he can’t afford ** sorry for disgusting gif
  3. goodnight @Wuzetian hey @twinkle_little_star when you go out of the script - @sadthe1st , @joccu +2
  4. wow she so strong , to save her He dive in @Min2206 thanks but isn’t near yet , I am so hungry today +2
  5. Is so relatable: That my brother after iftar , when he come back to table find me eat half of Samosa +2
  6. He isn’t roommate he is nightmare mom +2
  7. me every time I finish work @Wuzetian watch taxi driver is comedy and melodrama and action it’s amazing +2
  8. @partyon only benefit I may get from my share is his good cleaning ability, but I wanted oppa not cleaner +2
  9. some questions don’t need to be ask +2
  10. She save his RickRoll'D again, virgin oppa can’t stay away from trouble @Wuzetian it’s sell your hunted house ,I 45% recommended it with 10% multitalented oppa share included ** getting rid of my share @4evrkdrama my twin @partyondidn’t give offer of buying my share +2
  11. @sadthe1st I watching ep 5 can’t stop laughing at him , our virgin oppa need a lot of help +2
  12. what you do when you think finally you will be sister in law to your MASTER - side affect of HaRa abuse to SA
  13. Finally the pay time - breaking thing wouldn’t bring the money back women , let’s sell it
  14. SA is nothing compared to HaRa Hypocrisy is Everyone: I don’t even know what say but that rich coming from you girl
  15. SA is a funny # don’t think bad of me , I just want to cherish our moments together , attempts to make 18+ movies isn’t cherished moments girl is a crime
  16. the comedy is , him couldn’t say a would to deny SA announcement about their engagement next him going his room to cry like a baby girl
  17. @LeftCoastOppa I love how one lamb can recognise his other fellow lamb ,but poor thing didn’t know Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones Him in few hours later
  18. # oops sorry I need to wash your hair to do your hair and makeup before interview - only explain why a bucket of water appeared in the office mysteriously ** HaRa may need to kidnapped her too to company her nephew in his vacation
  19. everyone is a writer now in this drama , if EJ can write script, HaRa wasting her talent in screaming in screen, she should be writer too
  20. @maribella I hope she doesn’t knows definition of shooting too their is a husband who need to be shoot in back of his head with his annoying behaviour clearly she doesn’t know about kidnapping - i bet HaRa think of it as paid trip from mummy to son , with the benefit of skipping school
  21. Finally stepmom and disco oppa agree on something ~** what you think about HaRa disco oppa : step mom : agree she give me CHILL too
  22. even Ha Ra can’t stand SH stupidity and slowness to figure thing quickly - who else would kidnapped our child dummy
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