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  1. as fan I hope he did meet your expectations +2
  2. shallow club member @partyon , @sadthe1st , @elan1 , @joccu Me : hallelujah ... thanks to @Lmangla for finding this gold +2
  3. I am interested @Lmangla He just nut case don’t worry everyone, i didn’t break a thing See
  4. crash lading on you isn’t on the list @larus @Min2206 , @elan1 It was tasty , more sweet for my liking but I enjoy it nevertheless +2
  5. first night at nightclub after year of lockdown +2
  6. Try to make Oreo cookies ice cream I watch from YouTube, I can’t wait to taste it Good night @Min2206 +2
  7. After startup , I triggered by money +2
  8. they have other common disco oppa and mr Na their are punched bag for their love one , EJ always screaming at disco oppa , SA and her gang beating Mr Na
  9. just because he hide with her now she think of him as a hero want to be back as EJ happy shipper reaction: @maribella & @LeftCoastOppa at this rate if he get stab for her , she will marry him
  10. Oppa What her creativity: kill the lead woman +2
  11. I bet No oppa can understand her creative vision creative mind : Do this , will be perfect Oppa : why getting a kiss need to be this complicated
  12. @kokodus , @willenette can’t lie say LMH abs like fine wine through years just like other oppas , even with fear it’s science know by @partyon their no abs to talk about re : page 6666 @4evrkdrama I learn the law by the hard way +2
  13. @Thong Thin get well soon , I was gonna send you our recommended medication here but @partyon told me is illegal to sell expired medication Expired : 1999 +2
  14. he only one he believes they are lover .. the way he touch spot and kiss his hand lol- me at this rate I believe SH only male who isn’t virgin
  15. did you want @joccu , @4evrkdrama take our hard earn money +2
  16. me and & my twin @partyon believe he need to decide out our cut of 2% delicious body - sorry @joccu Him : here look at your share +2
  17. @partyon@Lmangla @joccu @twinkle_little_star@Sleepy Owl @larus @Min2206 @sadthe1st @Thong Thin @MayanEcho @4evrkdrama @elan1 @kokodus @Wuzetian @gm4queen Enjoy a snack, You are not you when you hungry ... same vibe +2
  18. @joccu are you throwing queen title , LMH is royal , just take the title you may not see him he will busy with his other 99 wife’s You after my share of LMH : @partyon now I need to return all my money back to their secret hiding , we got 2% for free @Min2206 Good morning sunshine +2
  19. Congratulations @Lmangla I think this two should date in the gif , their thin line between hate and love after all *** boo # why I am surprised, every two month they try to kill me
  20. only in daily kdrama , you do something foolish and writer reward you with a love line story Third wheel
  21. @partyon , @joccu @sadthe1stwho is lucky woman I hope is worth wetting his hair for kiss ... #can't wait for this drama
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