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  1. Hmmm.. on the contrary, I feel like though Sunho's character might feel more appealing and somewhat unpredictable, I wasn't really impressed by WDH performance. I mean he is good, but not as much as I expected him to be. Before the drama I was really looking forward to the duo of YSJ and WDH, however I feel WDH acting is cold. On the other hand, though Hwi is the kind and good one here, he never failed to move me and let me cry with him whenever he shed tears. The guy is genius. He can make any role his own.
  2. Well, I don't agree with the thought that Sunho wanted Yeon to have good memories and start a new life, from the beginning it was partly his fault that she and her brother ended up this way. It reminds me of what Heejae said to Hwi, having sisters like her will not replace him. Well said.
  3. So I just finished watching with subs. That scene with Yeon, heartbreaking, couldn't hold my tears. Hwi felt really lonely, his eyes were filled with deep sorrow. And that last scene, wow, wasn't seeing this coming. I was excited about Hwi and Bang Won but what, to kill him? I believe the story hides many twists! And this adds to the reasons I'm hating Sunho, man he saved your life and you're threatening him with his sister. Same here about Heejae being on Namjeon side, it's frustrating. Anyways I have to admit, YSJ looks handsome with this look, hope they don't change it. At least he is finally clean. So this episode's rating is 4.8%, glad it's improving and I wish it will rise even higher and higher because it deserves. Good things take time! In the end of the day as someone mentioned it before, maybe it doesn't really matter since they have Netflix as well. The story is dark, at this point it seems clear where things are heading to, a happy ending will be unreasonable, at least for now. Good work from all for this week. Will keep watching.
  4. Btw, I don't know much about how the ratings affect dramas out there in Korea, specially given that the drama airs on a cable channel, is 3% considered ok? I mean it's a huge production and all the cast are doing a great job, they deserve the best.
  5. Started to watch this drama solely because of YSJ but wow, I didn't imagine I'll be drawn to it this way, it keeps getting better every time and I believe the real story starts next week, how can I wait till next weeek! And yes, I did say I want Hwi to meet with Yeon but this wasn't the meeting I wished for poor Hwi, what a life he's living. It's good to see Jang Hyuk having more scenes, I still remember he's the first actor which made me start watching Kdramas. Will wait for the subs to share my thoughts. But I'm happy to see much interaction on Naver, I can't even catch up with comments. Happier even to see 'My country Sejong' trending
  6. Let's hope we get to see a thin rim of light by the end of this episode, by Hwi reuniting with Yeon, or at least Heejae, he deserves at least this happiness, in the mid of all those fierce moments.
  7. I agree with the above comments on the character development, we're used to getting to know the characters well before any major event, battle scenes in this case, however the pace of the drama is fast and for sure this means they have a lot to show and reveal since each episode so far has been packed with a lot, so I'm not complaining. However it's true that the thread is so quiet and I was expecting more discussion and sharing thoughts. Looking forward to the next episode. Though I'm still worried about the ratings, I'll still enjoy it! Btw can't stop myself from appraising YSJ, spectacular job, his eye-acting is awesome, definitely deserves an award end of year.
  8. YSJ, Wow! Just Wow! I'm speechless. There are really few actors who can make me cry with them, he definitely tops the list.
  9. Korean netizens comments, wow, didn't expect such criticism, I dunno what satisfies them. I wish I could understand Korean, I would like to know what they think of YSJ, since he's the reason I'm watching this to be honest, though it didn't cross my mind that I'd be this amazed and enthusiastic about the drama and just waiting for the next episode to cooome.
  10. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did! Same here, it is expected that the first episode gets the lowest rating, with time it'll pick up hopefully. What makes me a bit optimistic is that it is trending and it's on the top at this very moment
  11. Same here, plus it's cable channel, though some good dramas got good numbers. I watched it without subs, seems so good for a first episode but still I dunno how things will turn out and what Koreans think about it. I would like to hear from you, no one shared thoughts here
  12. I'm so excited and looking forward to tonight! I hope the ratings would be good. Btw, did they forget to post the script reading pics
  13. Yeah I noticed he's tanned, I wonder if it is deliberately made for the role hmmm..
  14. Is it just me? I still don't get the storyline who's fighting against who, who loves who lol
  15. Back to Soompi, and it's been really a while! Finally will get to see Sejong can't believe it's been more than a year now, too long Sejong don't ever do it again. Agree with you on the looks lol. But it suits the character more, it looks more realistic this way.
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