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  1. I laughed when I read your comment about Hodong complimenting MIIGB. Probably because if you watch Knowing Bros episode in which Kyung-suk's mom was a guest, someone asked Hodong: "What is the name of the main character in MIIGB?" and he replied: "Cha Eun-woo"
  2. The song sounds so nice so I look for the name of it: "Two people" by Sung Si Kyung. Fun fact, CEW performed this song on Radio Star before:
  3. On the topic of "everything SH does somehow relates with EW", I am watching SH's episode of Let's Eat Dinner Together, when the shaman asked Minho's birthday and he said "March 30", I totally laughed at myself because I was thinking "Hey, he has the same birthday as CEW" So random!!! By the way, does anyone know the name of the song in the first Instagram post EunWoo vs SungHoon that @monica63 posted above? Edit because I just finish the episode. SH really got a heart of gold. She gifted the couple their dream wedding photoshoot and even shared their photo on her Instagram. I think I will forever be her fan
  4. @kangminjae Your post makes me jump out of lurkdom. Is this bad that I while watching and laughing at the second scene (backhug), I want to shout at the kids that "You guys got the hand position wrong" @monica63 Thank you for sharing ISH's message with us. She's such a sweet and down-to-earth person. Anyone that stays around her will be very happy thanks to her positive energy. Like you guys, I'm sad that EW and SH's interaction has been restricted so much due to all those negative reactions from EW's crazy fans (seriously, are they really his fans or just a group of narcissistic people who want to dictate how someone should live his/her life). I'm looking forward to seeing SH in variety shows soon
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