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  1. I laughed when I read your comment about Hodong complimenting MIIGB. Probably because if you watch Knowing Bros episode in which Kyung-suk's mom was a guest, someone asked Hodong: "What is the name of the main character in MIIGB?" and he replied: "Cha Eun-woo"
  2. The song sounds so nice so I look for the name of it: "Two people" by Sung Si Kyung. Fun fact, CEW performed this song on Radio Star before:
  3. On the topic of "everything SH does somehow relates with EW", I am watching SH's episode of Let's Eat Dinner Together, when the shaman asked Minho's birthday and he said "March 30", I totally laughed at myself because I was thinking "Hey, he has the same birthday as CEW" So random!!! By the way, does anyone know the name of the song in the first Instagram post EunWoo vs SungHoon that @monica63 posted above? Edit because I just finish the episode. SH really got a heart of gold. She gifted the couple their dream wedding photoshoot and even shared their photo on her Instagram. I think I will forever be her fan
  4. @kangminjae Your post makes me jump out of lurkdom. Is this bad that I while watching and laughing at the second scene (backhug), I want to shout at the kids that "You guys got the hand position wrong" @monica63 Thank you for sharing ISH's message with us. She's such a sweet and down-to-earth person. Anyone that stays around her will be very happy thanks to her positive energy. Like you guys, I'm sad that EW and SH's interaction has been restricted so much due to all those negative reactions from EW's crazy fans (seriously, are they really his fans or just a group of narcissistic people who want to dictate how someone should live his/her life). I'm looking forward to seeing SH in variety shows soon
  5. I have the last 2 weeks filled with meetings. The busy weeks kinda ease my separation pain from MIIGB. I still miss all the characters but hopefully we can see them separately in other shows and together again (on their reward vacation). Just check out JTBC channel and they upload this mash-up clip between our MIIGB and Third Charm. This cracks me up:
  6. I think she also has a shirt with slogan "Girls don't give up" (she wears this one in the episode when KS changed his hair to grayish).
  7. @annie1234 I swear I was just watching the exact same scene on JTBC youtube account and then came here to see your post. Haha, it totally "ruins" my melo mood because now I keep imagining JinJin in place of MR in some scenes
  8. @icyphoenix Lol, I was hoping for a whispering scene like this: What was I thinking If EW does this in a Vlive, AROHA fans surely will scream (a different type of scream from us DoRae fans)
  9. I totally get that. I would be offended if somebody treats our favorite shows like it's not worth the time or if they did not get the message behind the show. What I like about her review is she highlights the details which make us fall in love with the show, which tells me that at least the reviewer likes and appreciates the show even though she may not love it as much as we do. On a separate note, I start Lovers in Bloom because I miss ISH on my screen so much. Watching ISH in a different role (and different quality of script) makes me think SH must really identify with MR's character to some degree to accept the role and be able to portray MR the way she did. On a slightly shallower note, the way Do Ji Han looks at her in that show is also squee-worthy
  10. Thank you x 10000000 for the link! Now that I can understand what they were saying, KDY is hilarious, and SH+DH are like GF's goal (SH was hugging and playing with DH's hair, so cute ). Can someone share at what time EW whispered to SH and teased her like @icyphoenix mentioned before? I could not find the moment By the way, I really like this write-up review for MIIGB: https://thefangirlverdict.com/2018/09/25/flash-review-my-id-is-gangnam-beauty/ I don't agree with the final grade, but that is a personal opinion. To each their own I guess Edit: @icyphoenix Thanks for sharing SH's insta post! I was visiting her Instagram like 30 minutes ago and would have missed it. A true fan updates at lightning speed @joan140 ISH promised to play piano for Rainbow Falling in her previous Vlive video I think. EW also promised to play piano but at a different clip (I think it was his promise at the Vlive Early Interview for MIIGB, not 100% sure though).
  11. LOL, I just keep imagining if MR ever uses her Aegyo brand on KS, it's gonna crack him up like we have never seen before Thank you for the Youtube clip. Wow, CEW looks so babyface here (probably because of the make-up and hairstyle as well). He looks so manly in MIIGB, especially with the hairstyle in later episode (from ep 8 onward I think). I also notice that ISH seems to pick up more weekend/family dramas than miniseries. Maybe the schedule for weekend/family dramas is less stressful for her or it fits her lifestyle more (especially if she has other business/career than acting).
  12. Has this article been posted yet? Link: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/imsoohyang-astro-chaeunwoo-heart-fluttering-scene/ Can I love ISH anymore than I do right now? She's just like all of us @KymberleeD I mostly watch raw clips from JTBC youtube channel. They posted all the important scenes there @icyphoenix I love that lunch scene at the cafeteria too. They were so open and honest with each other despite the awkward air that was still there. I also love how quick wit KS was to score himself a lunch date with his crush.
  13. I tried to refrain myself from logging in and posting, hope that I would move on. LOL, so very wrong am I Now I move to watching JTBC clips without subs. When I watch with subs, I always look at them to understand the context and hence miss quite a few of subtle expressions in their scenes. What a poor fan would do but learning a few sentences in Korean By the way, don't know if anyone posted this before, but I found this MV on Youtube. The song "Rewrite the stars" fits our couple so well
  14. @annie1234 I saved those gifs just for this occasion Kyungsuk’s morning after Mirae's confession Fidgeting… Posing (probably one of the rare times he tries to look cool in his life) Girlfriend showed up, and all thoughts dissipated…. Credit to a fellow Beannie who posted this
  15. Thank you for the link! Her interview really comes out beautifully like you said. Beside the bubbly side we see on BTS, ISH is definitely thoughtful and well-spoken. I remember watching their Vlive Early Interview, and what she said when being asked to describe the drama in one word: "Growing Pain" really resonates with me. Here in the interview, I can see her not only understanding KMR the character, but also embracing and relating to MR's struggles and growth as if they were her own. I may have a girl crush on her If you let me pick whom to meet IRL between CEW and ISH, I will definitely pick SH
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