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  1. i bet the ratings must have rocketed during those dying minutes when the kiss took place! it was so swift, sudden and unexpected! would have made any girl's heart flutter!! it made my heart flutter for sure!
  2. omgggg the endinggg!!! JTBC didn't fail us fans! and the kiss was a rather long one too !!
  3. splendid episode! a few interesting points: 1. Wooyoung being so nervous in breaking the news to his admirer that he doesn't like her but she was just simply too cool and accepted the fact right away without much emotions.. wooyoung worried for nothing! 2. both of them wearing the mask doesnt help one bit, they are attracting even more unwanted attention towards them!! 3. KS mum is such a cool mum, running into them sitting on the sofa and teasing them... I''m sure she approves MR as a future daughter in law 100%! 4. the 2 seniors fighting at the pub because of SA... geez these guys should wake up!! 4. the backhug at the end... such sweetness *melts*
  4. such a great episode tonight! such cute and shy 1st love for the both of them...
  5. anyone has streaming sites to recommend other than weebly? weebly has been really laggy for me!
  6. for the ending part, am i right to say that KS commented that MR must never get on the back of any other guy other than him or something? LOL
  7. anyone can translate the preview for next week, especially the last part on what KS said to Chanwoo??
  8. fantastic episode that contained so many scenes of the 2 of them! made up for the lack of it yesterday! another 6 days to go till the next ep arghhh
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