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  1. The Queen's makeup is more accurate to the makeup trends of the Tang dynasty, which is when the series is supposed to take place. They actually toned the look down a little bit, since a heavy application of blush is also part of the look (along with the underlined lips, re-shaped eyebrows, and design on the forehead). If you google "makeup trends in the Tang dynasty" you can get an idea of what I am talking about with the blush. It makes sense that they don't make all the female characters wear it, since it's not really appealing to modern audiences, but I think it's nice that they decided to give a nod to historical accuracy.
  2. What site is this? I don't see any subs on the official youtube channel for episode 4...
  3. lmaoooo poor Qin Qian Xian...he's just too pretty for his own good
  4. Do you know where I can find the new unsubbed episodes? I can't find anything past episode 20.
  5. I'm also trying to figure that out...does anyone know when they are going to resume airing the show?
  6. Does anyone who read the novel have any idea exactly how much memory loss Li Chengyin suffers from? Like, does he remember his involvement in the war against Dan Chi, does he remember who killed his mother, etc.
  7. Wow...I didn't think it was possible for them to make the story more tragic, but they managed it...T_T
  8. omg there's an epilogue?? do you think you could give a short summary of it?
  9. when JM told XF she wished she could go back to the time when everyone lived happily together...I couldn't stop crying also @dramacraze9006 thanks so much for the translations! much appreciated
  10. Does anyone know what XF is saying in that last gif? Seems like he isn't even mad at the bride-switching...? Also YIKES at that gif of RY...I'm starting to feel like they are going overboard with his evilness. I really don't know how the changes to his character are going to fit with his ending in the novel...
  11. He knows he didn't commit the murder, and he knows his mother didn't do it, so the only remaining possibility is that a third person learned how use the Glass Fire. He doesn't need to know the details of how it happened to know that a third person must have learned how to use the Glass Fire. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."
  12. Wow, XF really is a birdbrain. He knows someone killed JM's dad and stepmom, and he knows that he didn't do it...so who on earth does he think did it? He keeps saying it's impossible for SH to use the Glass Fire, but he knows SOMEONE other than himself and his mother must have used the Glass Fire to kill JM's parents. Even if he doesn't want to believe JM, he has to admit that someone close to his mother is the likeliest suspect, both in terms of ability and motive. And c'mon, isn't he at least curious to find out who framed him? I really want to smack some sense into that pretty little head of his right now...
  13. Thanks! Can you explain what the "neidan" that SH ordered JM to give her is? I'm still confused...
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