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  1. lmao Houchi is really out there zapping each and every one of her evil half-siblings. Jingjian, you better stay on her good side...
  2. Super excited for this drama! I hope the rumors are true and it comes out soon!
  3. This makes a lot of sense. My theory is that whoever killed her, they did it because she witnessed some funny business and they had to silence her. The theory that the Old Madam of the Luo family did it to make Shiyi feel guilty and psychologically manipulate her doesn't make sense to me because it would have been much easier for her to control Shiyi with Shiyi's birth mother alive and under her control. I think her strategy of using Shiyi's guilt against her was just Madam Luo adapting to the circumstances. Just going off my gut, I feel like Concubine Qin is the most likely to be
  4. The funniest thing is, that in the beginning Lianfeng was much better poised to gain Lingyi's affection than Shiyi was. Lingyi was clearly sympathetic to her being forced to marry him due to an underhanded scheme, and was annoyed with Shiyi for what he thought was her role in the scheme. If Lianfeng had continued to play the martyr and put her efforts into intensifying Lingyi's suspicions toward Shiyi, she probably would have had a much better result. Instead, she totally blew all the goodwill Lingyi initially had towards her, and made Shiyi look like the martyr. She really messed that one up
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