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  1. You have good memory, his dad appeared one time in episode 1 so I can't say I remember what he looks like then, let alone what he looks like old, lol! That would be interesting if that's him though...
  2. What did I miss? You mean the old man who helped Zhao Yao is MQ's dad?
  3. I started this drama because of Xu Kai but now I'm also a fan of Bai Lu! They have great chemistry and made their characters believable, totally rooting for them! Is this drama popular in China? Hope to see more work from both in the future.
  4. I'm thankful that I can read vietnamese because the vietsub comes out about the same time. Let me know if you guys need parts translated while waiting for eng subs...
  5. The "Unfeeling" pill cracked when she's a mortal!!? wonder if it's going back to original form once she's back to Heavenly realm. I'm loving this addition to the story, more time for them to fall in love.
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