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  1. I really want to participate in the voting, but still unable to install due to restricted device things,, I hope Starple admin could fix this issue immediately! If anyone know how to fix it please let me know..
  2. Hai guys, does anyone here know what are they talking about in the following video? There are 3 more videos, you can check directly to the link below..
  3. Hai, I also have same problem with you.. Have tried to uninstall then installed again but no changes.. Already asked the straple admin, hope they can give quick response..
  4. Just want to enhance your delulu to the finest LOL.. Look who showed up in Netherland today .. Uri VP safely arrived in netherland and meet his lovely misso right away
  5. Seems like personal trip.. He took late flight and he looked cautios..Hopefully he goes to somewhere in Europe
  6. 10000000% sure that he sang that song on purpose!!! And MY post,, from all the emojis on her keyboard, she chose love emoji.. If I were her, I would not put that love emoji after I finnished my museum tours, I would rather put statue emoji, art or painting, or anything except red love one.. .. For sure she wants to expressed that love to someone special I will stay in this ship forever!!!
  7. OMG,, I think you are not delulu dear,, that cheers and love emoji... Wooww they are make our shipper heart beating so fast right now!
  8. The lyrics are deep and perfect!!! Two People by Park Janghyun Eng lyrics After a tiring day passes, underneath the moonlight, two people become one shadow A vague happiness that seems reachable is still over there Even if my scarred heart casts a shadow on your dreams PLease remember that a person, who loves you till it hurts, is next to you Although this path seems far sometimes, even if you shed tears out of sadness Until everything becomes a memory, let’s become each other’s resting place When I’m walking with you, when I can’t see where I need to go or the path I’m on I’ll remember the world of that day when everything dazzled with just you alone I’m still awkward and I lack but until always, I’ll be by your side On a dark night, e ven if we’re lost and wandering, let’s be each other’s light In the far days ahead, even if the dreams we’re looking for isn’t past the rainbow The times spent with you right now are more precious to me Although this path seems far sometimes, even if you shed tears out of sadness Until everything becomes a memory, let’s become each other’s resting place I’m still awkward and I lack but until always, I’ll be by your side Even if the cruel wind blows again, we will overcome the rough times together
  9. OMG!!!! My heart aaaarggghhhh Is he trying to tell to the world about his current feeling or is he trying to tell someone that he is trully loves her Can someone tell me why did he sing that song?
  10. I did a research back then since I was so curious about the girl reflected in the window.. And really apologise to ruin your fun dear,, that photo was taken at the ozone ritz carlton Hongkong. At that time, PSJ had business trip in HK, I think he was attending some events, he went with his manager and stylist team. And my guessing the one who taken the pic was the girl in white, who appeared as his stylist.. Hikss,, I also wish that the girl would be PMY.. And I will be happy if my research is wrong,,
  11. I also don't think it's PMY.. Kwang soo is also close to PSJ, they had filming together in Hwarang and became close since then.. In one of the running man episode, which PSJ became guest with kang haenul, PSJ and Kwangsoo seems like have known each other quite well.. I've watched the new ep of running man (truth or dare ep), I think the woman who was mentioned as his colleague then rejected him and the one who involved in dating rumors were not the same person.. Because in that show, PD was asked if kwangsoo only got rejected once or he had more than one rejected confessions, then after that question kwang soo mentioned the one who involved in dating rumors. And we will never know who she is since there are lots of korean celebrities who get involves in dating rumors...Poor kwangsoo..
  12. Woow another coincedences,, similar peace sign and posting date.. I noticed that they started the "lovestagram" from september 2015,, And this one.. These were posted at 25 September 2015.. I don't know the translation of his caption but the pic seen like twilight sky then PMY posted in the same date with caption "Good Night" also pose with beautiful smile and heart sign,,, my delulu mind said that they sent secret message to each other
  13. OMOOO he is really a real men!!!!! And here is the other full version of ep 13 wallkiss,, Woow their body movement really means something, they totally are into the kiss, and look at their "lower body movements"hahahahaha..
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