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  1. Hii my fellow shippers, thank you soooo much for all your update about wwwsk BD, I keep reading and never missed any of your posts here! Really love commentary abt drunken scene and of course bed scene (who don't) hahaha Btw, have you guys seen some ppc shippers in ig talk about "sofa" things, from their post i could assume something good happened at that sofa, their hint makes me wondering was there any deleted scene for sofa kiss or maybe the bts of sofa kiss as hot as the bed scene one? maybe someone can enlighten me here
  2. Can it be said that they were so into their characters then decided to use banmal so they can set aside their age boundaries? But, if it is not acting, as you said they truly highlighted what kind of relationship they have now, and now I do believe for 3000 that they are a couple their actions speak louder than their agencies statements
  3. @Nusrat.mitu yes this part! Thanks for pointing it Aww that's too sweet, even PPC want wwwsk 2,, yees pleaasee make it happen so we can see the extension of epi 13 Thanks again @twoparkcouple, you really made my day!
  4. @mimi8592 and @zashi23 thank you for enlightening me! Oh my never imagine how psj felt when pmy with her aegyo saying that line in supposed to be their "secret" moment @twoparkcouple woowwwwww!!!!!! It's getting hot here!!!!! I even can't concentrate on my work anymore!! Can't stop smiling like crazy
  5. I'm also very curious abt the bts of bed scene, the one when LYJ carried KMS into the bed and lay her down, in that scene, PMY hair looked mess, and the way PSJ carried her, looked bit awkward from the audience view,, or is it just me hehehe,, but then the rest was just went soo natural
  6. Did miso say that line in the drama? Or was it in the script? Because I couldn't recall that line even though I already watch wwwsk for 1234556788xx times hahahaha Oh gooshh,, no wonder tvn only gave us extra small parts of bts, because if they show us during the airing time, we all gonna die of happiness for sure!
  7. Hii guyss,, can't believe I decided to be back in this forum after a year,, I used to be regular poster during wwwsk airing time but then forgotten my password and got busy of real life.. But, I don't want to missed this BD excitement and would like to join you all here! Thank you so much to all of you who keep this thread alive and delightful to read .. I kept coming to this thread daily and never missed all the news about PPC Then couldn't thank you enough to @twoparkcouple for being so generous to share some scenes from BD.. Now, I regretted not ordering the BD coz I really want to see all those sweet moments!!
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