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  1. They should stop teasing us with anything DongFeng related. Just give us the premiere date already!
  2. Please dont be sad ending....... Please let it be a happy ending.......
  3. I just watched Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time. I thought Vengo Gao's acting there is on point. Not to exaggerating. I believe it depends on the Director. Wether or not the director can direct Gao. I also think that Gao's acting is improving. I like him better here than in Fu Yao. Just sharing my thought on Vengo Gao's acting. I hope Pillow Book's director can direct Gao well. Fingers crossed.
  4. So wait, there's really no trailer? The one they talking about is the one that we already know?
  5. I was hoping this is true, I kept checking my usual sites, just in case............ I am so afraid when this drama really airs. What should I do? Should I watch every week as the drama airs? Should I wait until the drama ends and binge watch it? If I binge watching it, what would happen to my real life? Endless questions. *Sigh* I'm ranting off my frustration. *sigh*
  6. Look at how far this forum has gone, when the drama hasnt aired, even the trailer is not out yet. I LOVE it!!!! But can you imagine when the trailer is out?! What will happen to our beloved forum? I'm sure we will discus and dissect the trailer/s until the drama airs.
  7. I love the fact that we are up to page 65 without 1 decent trailer out. It shows how much we love Dongfeng couple. This is the first for me to follow a drama even before the release date is out or even a trailer out. And I dont regret it.
  8. to @aprincessofmars or anyone in this forum who has difficulties with syncing their subs to their video, I'll be happy to do it for you. As long as it is not hardsub. Just send me the link of the video and sub file, I'll edit them and send them back to you.
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