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  1. New BTS
  2. TMOPB drama combine both characters to promote the actor, he is also from Jaywalk. They combine Mo yuan 1st disciple+ 2nd prince (Su mo ye) characters, so thats why its confusing. @Ninky Thank you for the information, I always thought they combine both characters to promote the actor since its not explained in book, but I only read TMOPB once so maybe I missed it
  3. Thank you ! I also found her remark disrespectful but don't want to ruin the atmosphere here
  4. The total views is now 6 billion
  5. The Douban rating is up to 6.3 The Total views for now is 5,8 billion ~ Gangsta Dijun
  6. New BTS and Interview
  7. New HD stills @janine Ang Please dont quote the pics
  8. I don't want this to end
  9. Guys be careful not to discussed AO3 scandal on public forum, it will only make it worse for XZ. When international fans trending #Welovexiaozhan on Twitter they got more mad. And I read that XZ's grandfather passed away on march 2 Pillow book is no.1 on Wetv Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand ~