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  1. I remember it mostly Reba's and Yangzi's fans who make a ruckus right? @jimmylyne There is a fancams of Vengo as crown prince laying down almost attacked and reba save him Around 1:27 Also around 1:27
  2. What prize? You mean that Golden Eagle Goddes award? @jimmylyne I think its the scene where she save the mortal crown prince
  3. New leak And I'm not sure what is this, maybe Official merchandise ? https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4429566841720296
  4. Hi, I just bought the Singapore version and I think the contents is mostly the same. Its also 50 eps, Canto and mandarin audio, the subtitles is decent but there is some off translation that bug me like Call me 'Hao Jiejie' they translated it as 'My lady' and Gongzi /Young lord as Master. But I think the quality is HD, the op and ed songs is HK version
  5. First look for Reba's new drama Modern drama is really fast https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/97670668.html?weibo_id=4428348421570373
  6. @rapo65 Dont worry, its included~ I believe this is the scene The cast list, btw Dylan (Su moye) is rumored to date the one who play Chang di (Aranya's sister)
  7. Yup, there is only that part unfortunately
  8. I believe Pillow book will be aired on WeTV because Reba attended the Promotion at Thailand (With Yang yang and Nikchun). And their subtitle is good, I don't like Viki because of the ads If you want to support them please watch on WeTV or their Official chanel at YouTube
  9. If I'm right the guy is from that BL series Addicted, they are spotted filming today but no official announcement yet. The plot sound like Our glamorous time
  10. OMG I thought I was the only one! Yes Chinese modern dramas is really boring and lacking something for me. Historical and fantasy is their forte. Recently korean try the Fantasy genre with Arthdal and I think they need to learn from Chinese @jimmylyne I dont think we could blame Jaywalk/Yangmi, they really promote Reba until she becomes famous despite lacking good drama offers. She's still young so lets hope she will get more chances in the future
  11. After watching this interview I feel bad for Reba, so after Pillow book filming its not like she want to rest but she have no new drama offers, that's why she join Produce 101 and Go fighting? And I do admit that her looks is kinda distracting in historical drama (like the Kings women) but I believe she could do it if they give her a chance
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