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  1. I am not sure and it depends what kind of fanfics but honestly haven't seen any rules against it or for it but what kind of fanfics do you have in mind? please do share
  2. To bad I didn't run into him but I normally walk on that street. Quite surprised he was that close to where I live
  3. I just realized how much I love LMH! His truly something and I adore his personality and character. Truly a sweet and wonderful guy. One of my favourite scene from public enemy movie the knife stab in the meat bank made the cut and probably the scene that created LMH in my opinion and there were some other iconic scenes such as the legendary roof top fight in My school's ET. I was in tears watching that movielog
  4. I don't think she ever was part of the production team she sold the rights to apple and they will do an adaption of it. So there can't technically be any drop outs and Overall in my opinion she is pretty happy to get her work brought to live and put on the biggest platform with a stellar cast. Her work is getting a global recognition and she is probably pleased with this making it big time. It's every authors dream to have their work recognized and believe me not many authors or writers ever make it because it's only a few minority that make it this far who get this type of love and recogniti
  5. An Indie film would be awesome but I have a feeling it's a documentary but then again the teaser didn't look much like a documentary. I don't know what it is to be fairly honest we will just have to wait and see
  6. I have managed to read little bit of it so far and it is promising. No wonder it won an award
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