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  1. O what? Angels and demons? I’m not even watching that drama! I chose the kPop song randomly...I only know EXO songs and purely because of Do KyungSoo . Apparently I want a forbidden love . Doomed from the get go. Like Romeo and Juliet. This is the second quiz I took. The first one was done out of sheer desperation coz I spotted KyungSoo in the mix and tried in vain to rig my answers so I could end up with him. Failed miserably . 614
  2. My eyes aren’t what they should be. I can never make out those profile pics so I stick with a pic of my cat . She’s my Ice Princess. 600
  3. @cenching I bailed on DOTS- gasp ...yes I did. It was just...too...unrealistic... and being medical I couldn’t stand the guerrilla medicine they were showcasing... but I am taken aback by their divorce. Although like you I never felt like they would work. But hey who was I to judge. When they tied the knot like in the wedding of the year it was just Song-Song bliss everywhere, so I just shrugged and wished them well. He was so flower boy (even now in Arthdal I see him with the long flowing hair and I think he’s prettier than the main actress )...and she was this Ice Queen (cold and distant). Maybe opposites attract? And with her previous bfs she seemed to prefer the rougher sort (Hyun Bin). So when they announced their wedding plans I was like, “what? Didn’t see it coming”. Curve ball. Anyway, it looks ugly. Just the way he announced it. So bitter. So public. Didn’t even say “it was a decision reached by both of us” to cushion the blow. Just his point of view. And to do it whilst AC is still in the works, he’s thrown caution in the wind. End of his tether. He wanted out. There’s already a lot of mud slinging. This will play out for a while. 586
  4. Wait what?? I thought they were the “it” couple. 566 https://www.soompi.com/article/1334872wpp/breaking-song-joong-ki-files-for-divorce-from-song-hye-kyo
  5. For a drama about angels, there be a fair number of barbed demons in that thread . Hats off to you @triplem for keeping the peace. 518
  6. Sigh...KBS might as well just come clean and say it outright that they have no plans to bring 2D1N back. Why prolong the agony? This article pretty much says PD Kim Sung has been offered the position of the main PD of a different show (which is fair enough, the poor man has to make a living somehow), so technically 2D1N doesn't have PD anymore if he accepts. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&aid=0002792561
  7. That we have my Friend. There was precious little romance in Misaeng. There were more important things happening in that little office. Office romance was just the side dish (meagre pickings at that). I will tune into Hotel Dela Luna (it’s Dela...NOT Del...Spanish speakers were obviously not consulted in the choice of Title). I may not last though. I have misgivings about IU and the plot sounds a bit out there and the Hong sisters... well... let’s just say they have been a miss for me in a lot of their dramas... they start off with a bang usually and then seem to lose their way mid plot? But I will give it a go for YJG’s sake. 954
  8. @Sejabin Go you! Real life is where it’s at. A very good and positive perspective to have. Yes to senior actors/actresses. I didn’t really “ship” LDG and PMY because it was obvious that it wasn’t going to happen. I just thought their connection was more heartfelt than the OTP. Yes to sacrificial love. I haven’t watched Angel’s Last Mission so I can’t comment. I just read PackMule3’s blog and she’s been recapping it and putting her own thoughts on it there. Conversations there tend to be less emotionally driven and more factual based so I prefer it. 946
  9. Nah I was shipping crazy king (Lee DongGun) and PMY. I know...kinda twisted because he was so unpredictable and crazy. The scenes between him and her (even the girl who played her character when young) were just off the charts when it came to connecting. The way he softened when he was with her...even at the end. It’s like she “tames” him and “settles” the turmoil in his mind (a bit Beauty and the Beast like)..just like when she whistled as she dragged him home in the cart. I rewatched a lot of their scenes together but never once watched the scenes of her and YWJ. There was something very pitiful about the deranged king and she was the only one who saw that and offered him kindness. So I have no doubt that LDG would be doing the same in ALML. I see you have encountered the rabid fan girls of the female actress. They were the same in 30but17. I have nothing against her but I find it hard to believe her “happy” scenes. Her face seems to bear that perpetual sadness about it...like she’s never quite completely “happy”. 946
  10. No...it’s gritty and the characters true to life. I was never in the corporate world (in private practice) but I loved it. The relationships were what kept the drama going. The hard decisions you have to make. The tough choices. The grin and bear it scenes. Granted what the female colleague had to undergo was hard to watch (sexual harassment if you go by Western standards - I had to keep reminding myself that this is still the norm in a lot of Asian countries). I only recently watched it whilst on holidays and binge watched from start to finish. I was so sad to say goodbye to the cast in the end. SiWan is soon to be in a quirky Strangers From Hell drama with Lee DongWook. I will be tuning into that. 950
  11. Brilliant. I discovered Im SiWan then (he was perfect as Jang GeuRae). You won’t regret it. I loved it from start to finish, even though the romance was hardly there. The characters lived and breathed. I loved them all. 952
  12. When the real WonDeuk-I is actually going into the army (unlike the one in the drama who just returned - KyungSoo you have it backwards ), you send him off with well wishes (return safe and healthy) - even if you have to photoshop one of the cast in because he was filming elsewhere (he was there in spirit)
  13. YooYoung-I is how Mr YSY refers to her. All the costars he has special fondness for he does this...SaeRon-I... Bar one who he has always referred to as “the actress” in all interviews. He will be busy with his fan meet and then new drama (very high chance that he’s already signed on). Will be a reunion of sorts as they were both in MOTW together. She’s a solid actress Jung In Sun. They should hit it off well. I have high hopes for Psychopath Diary. It’s a good drama to pick up where he seems to be leaving off in NDF (going dark). And because @rachelyun reads Japanese. She translated one little tidbit from recent magazine interviews about his “ideal type” of girl (no airheads for him).
  14. Yes she was the mother of the twins in MOTW. She also starred in Welcome to Waikiki (first one) where the male lead’s name was DongGu . So now she’s potentially going to star with the real DongGu .
  15. Ooo...same. Jennifer Lawrence was a tad too voluptuous to be Katniss... they were starving in District 12? She looked too well fed to be Katniss. Peeta I tolerated. Although his height did put me off a bit and Gale was so disproportionately tall compared to him so it just didn’t come together. Nah I much preferred the books. Didn’t like the movies because of all of the above. 880
  16. Casting news!! it's a tvn drama "Psycopath diary" with Jung In sun!! https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002924422 thanks @rachelyun - YSY-pedia.
  17. Yes I adored that pairing - the beginning bit where he was wooing her was hilarious - hiding under the desk with the corded phone . The fact that he kept wanting to go back to her after running into the future. It was a bit weird between him and LYY but their acting and restraint kept it clean for me. 686
  18. https://www.soompi.com/article/1328807wpp/lee-yoo-youngs-agency-addresses-concerns-over-her-recent-instagram-post How does one post something like that “accidentally”? She must’ve drafted it? So it’s a hint at her state of mind. She needs help. I hope her agency gives that to her. And her friends and family rally around to get her the help that she needs. 688
  19. O...and here was I thinking that it was like a cryptic metaphor of being the “sunshine” (circular shape, yellow rays) in the rain (gloomy and depressing)... like saying that their “love” shines bright in the “gloom” of trials. 680
  20. Is there something about yellow umbrellas in Korean culture? I mean, it’s such an unusual colour to have? Thus far in a lot of the dramas I see yellow umbrellas - especially when it’s like a prelude to a romantic scene? Someone enlighten me. 680
  21. Which OTP - Lee YooYoung and Yoon HyunMin? Or Choi JinHyuk and his wife played by Lee SiAh? I really liked that drama. Both were great. Binge watched from start to finish. Excellent cast and story. LYY is not in a good place mentally now (I worry for her). And Lee SiAh has joined Early Bird (I couldn’t believe it. Of all the agencies to choose she had to pick the one with the actress I dislike the most ). I really liked Lee SiAh and was hoping she would get a break out role. Her acting is good. When her character died in Mr Sunshine I lost interest . Thereafter she had bad luck with Four Men (which will probably never be produced) and I haven’t seen her in the news since. 682
  22. Do they (Park2 shippers) even realize that the fact that they are using his name in the drama as a reference (which didn’t exist ‘a few years back’) means they’re already on the back foot? I go there to read for amusement . 656
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