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  1. See I am not so sure about this. He seemed fine around his friend? He doesn’t remember her as the little girl at his mother’s restaurant. She made that link herself because she went back to look for him and found out his name. He knows nothing about her as the little girl...no name. She looks familiar because he met her back at the hospital. But he’s a doctor, and it’s not like she’s one of his patients (she didn’t have neurological problems that he had to perform surgery on) and their meeting at the hospital was brief. Doctors are always tired and they meet lots of people fleetingly so he probably hasn’t made any of those links yet unlike her? But yes I agree, she left because she had residual feelings for Kang.
  2. Yeah that was my fav line from her. . I mean...there’s a saying that goes, “never trust a skinny cook”? More power to her for admitting to it. She’s a real woman. I think she was working towards it and she would’ve said it eventually had it not been for Kang breaking her reverie. She was just stunned that he had “come back to life”. And I believe she did tell him before she packed up and went to Greece? Or was I mistaken? That’s why Kang was aghast when MS said he wanted to eat her dumplings? He was mad that she left MS after presumably saying “yes” that night to MS’s advances.
  3. I agree. And he’s always so gaunt. He looks positively anorexic. The man needs to eat and get some sun to get some colour on his face. He looks ill. When he showed up in stills as a Dentist in Strangers From Hell I thought he looked the part. As a doctor running around in Life, I thought he looked sicker than some of the patients which isn’t great. 646
  4. 640 (I think) @staygold ”He definitely was in my suspects list! God I was suspicious of everybody on the show! ” Human rights lawyer was my top suspect (because he kept popping up right through the drama). The other lawyer with the tattoo was kinda left field. Especially when they didn’t reveal the whole backstory with the kid till so much later.
  5. Did she? She merely came out, put gloves on his hands. She made no moves to hug him. He hugged her? And when he did, she didn’t exactly return in kind? Her hands were still rigid on her side. And then he mentioned seeing someone watching them holding a bunch of flowers. So in my mind she never said yes. She didn’t outright refuse him. But she gave him lots of excuses NOT to go out with her. I think in her mind she was swayed but still unconvinced. And then when Kang showed up it made it even worse because MS just took the fact that she didn’t say “No” as silent assent and announced to Kang that she was now his gf. @Latte_Anyday yeah. I think he was so infatuated with her that the fact that she didn’t rebuff him straight up sent him delirious with joy...and with all that Christmas goodwill floating around, he convinced himself that she had come around this time. Christmas does that to you.
  6. That was my first thought? I thought it was a big no-no to do 2 running dramas at the same time? I mean what about the promos? SF2 he’s not main though so maybe that can be managed. Frankly I would rather see him in the main role in 365...at least he’s hopefully more “likeable”. His character in SF2 is slimy at best, cowardly at worst. He nearly killed his colleague? Strangled her? I was sorta incredulous that she would just let that slide and act normal in front of him again at work. Only in KDrama...
  7. I must be in the mood for Makjang...it’s an easy watch, not too taxing on the brain...and there’s a lot of nice food involved. Actually it’s quite gratifying watching HJM eat cake, chocolate and look like she’s really enjoying it. There are so few dramas where I have watched actresses eat like normal people. There’s been a few time jumps already which sort of surprised me. I am staying for a bit. 644 (I think) EDIT - btw does anyone think Lee DongWook is like a real life vampire? I am watching Life now and of all the characters, his is the one I can’t relate with the most. I wish he wasn’t so gaunt. It makes him look even more vampire like.
  8. Didn’t baseball stuff up all the drama scheduling? I recall a lot were pushed back because normal screening time was interrupted by sport. So it could be a projected date which isn’t set in stone and it might be give or take a few weeks later.
  9. Sigh... guessed right but it was still hard to watch . The last scenes were lovely. Much needed reprieve from the gore and pervasive evil that we were witness to for 15 episodes. All because one old man didn’t have courage enough to say “sorry”. So much pain for all those involved. As some have suggested, the saving grace is that evil will always persist but there are those of us who still fight the good fight despite the odds. Just because it’s worth fighting for. Kudos to TS and his team. And SHui. It was well worth 16hours of my time. Thanks all for the discussions. You made it all the more entertaining . Till the next drama, adieu.
  10. A consolation for us...our OTP... at least happy in real life (and SHoon is whole ). Honestly they look so comfortable together. I haven’t had a chance to watch the final ep. Sounds ominous from spoilers.
  11. O . They totally copied Love Actually in that scene where MinSeong used the tablet to express his feelings to ChaYoung. But it was still sweet. I am slightly surprised by the rapid pace of this drama...Lots of time jumps all within 2 episodes. . The acting is good though. I like the characters. And the scenes in Greece is just gorgeous. I actually find it quite satisfying to see an actress eat indulgent food. . Most of them are rake thin and hardly eat anything. There’s something very liberating to see CY eating chocolate, cake and other delicacies. And she talks about her “belly fat” when she was trying to stave off MinSeong’s advances. Seriously though, her assent to being his gf (?) was presumed? I never actually heard her say, “yes”? It was all implied because she didn’t give him an outright, “no”?
  12. He’s not my oppa anymore. He fell off the top of the list due to missteps... I still will watch him but he was booted off the top by Do KyungSoo . Currently started Chocolate. It’s pretty good. Only problem is...it should come with the warning NOT to watch on an empty stomach...the cooking and baking just makes me hungry 592
  13. Just finished Ep15. That drug that YM is thinking of injecting into SHoon? It’s Euthal (I think)...it the euthanasia drug used by vets for animals. Basically it’s a barbiturate (pentobarbital) and when you overdose on it, you pretty much die. In lower doses it will sedate. But if you overdose on it, it will kill you. I can’t see the concentration he’s using but the syringe is small so I am doubtful it’s enough to kill a human male. Here’s hoping that it’s reality and not drama logic. Drama logic may deem any dose is large enough to kill a human. Guess we will find out tonight...but it’s kinda premature for YM to kill SHoon beforehand though? He was talking to the Chairman and asked him to choose between SHoon and the company? To kill him before the Chairman actually made his choice wouldn’t make sense. Unless YM was already on a suicide Mission when he made up his mind to have a heart to heart with the Chairman so he decided to kill SHoon first before heading there because he never planned on getting out of there (the hotel) alive.
  14. I am a bit confused? The original character chart is this There was no love line between Lee Jun and Cha Young? It’s Kang’s friend (?) who is in love with her? But the one @andra3 posted (see below) says there is? Maybe they changed it? I haven’t watched Ep2 yet. Will have to do so tonight.
  15. That is true. But amongst his 3 “sons”, IDG is the most “loyal”. SHoon has already turned against him and he doesn’t want the throne? YM has proven untrustworthy. So who has the chairman left but IDG to bequeath his estate to? Btw was it ever revealed why SHoon came home from Germany? He seemed happy there away from the mess. Why did he come back and take on the job at JQ? Or did I miss that detail?
  16. Although, if the amnesia carries through right to the end, and he falls in love with her regardless, wouldn’t it be lovely as well? They would start off on a clean slate and fall in love with the person presented before them and not some figment of their nostalgia? It would be grounded in reality and not just memory? Actually I would much prefer that. Humans tend to have a nasty habit of romanticising “what could bes”...that old flame, that first love...forgetting that the person in front of them could be vastly different from the person they remember. It is brutally apparent that Kang is not cut out to be a Doctor, especially not a neurosurgeon. Let’s hope he goes back to doing what he loves doing - cooking.
  17. A VERY good one at that. Thanks for the reminder. I wish my bed hair looked as good as Monkey King. Pity it’s never like that. 566
  18. he played a prosecutor . He was out to get JiSung for “aiding” a patient end his life. His character had a terminal illness too though...so it was personal. That drama brought up good issues but somehow it just never quite delivered the punch required at the end. It was well received, mainly because of JiSung and Lee SeYoung but it just seemed to skirt around the issue and touch on it but never really probed far enough. Yes to LIYE. The characters sing. 544
  19. Yeah. Saw that coming...swan dive from construction site. I felt sorry for him. He took one bad step and never recovered. Slippery slope down and out. EunSoo (SHS’s character) was cringey because of her crush. I tried really hard to imagine that she did what she did solely to get her father’s name cleared (and how she related to SiMok was totally above board) but she was just making it far too obvious that she was crushing on him. So that sort of put me off her character altogether. I went to the thread and read a bit and I can see why you said what you said about her fans being dissatisfied about her untimely exit. S2 should be good. I may watch Life (same writer yeah?). She writes well. 544
  20. @triplem @ktcjdrama so my guess for who the killer is in Secret Forest was totally off the mark . I guess I know why SHS is not coming back in S2 . Was the human rights lawyer in amongst the list of potentials when the drama was airing? There’s just something really unhinged about him? SiMok slammed their piano lid onto his fingers at school and he still goes around calling him “chingu”? Acting all chummy? And he was the guy who sent flowers to Bae Doona’s character in the end? He’s just kinda creepy. It was a great watch. I am looking forward to S2. 546
  21. Yup. It was done so well. No judgement. It’s not preachy. It just tells it like it is. I really liked that. Because that way, it doesn’t turn the audience off the life lessons by making us all defensive. It just presents us with the scenarios and we have to do with the information as we choose. It sits with our conscience and opens our eyes to the other person’s predicament.. It really calls for a kinder, gentler world. It’s a testament to Kim HyeJa. There are lots of little tributes to her littered through the drama. Ads that she was in. Things people would immediately pick up as part of her legacy. It was really well done. 522
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