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  1. I can’t stand KMR either!! Like I get she’s upset with KSY about her dad, but on a professional level she is just so unprofessional. It was KSY that analyzed their patients diary, and when she stopped the surgery, there was this scowl on KMRs face just like when she watched KSH helping YH in the surgery. I feel like she uses her dads death to justify her jealousy, something she probably had even before her dad died as someone in the same field as her older sister that probably was always a bit more talented than her in medicine. I mean if she really were a true doctor, she wouldn’t care if KSY her worse enemy is the one that helped her patient, she would care that her patient is saved and gonna be okay. It’s like she cannot separate personal with professional. I get that with her dad, but even with regular patients? She doesn’t seem relieved or happy at all that they didn’t have to do an UNNECESSARY surgery on a person that already tries to avoid pain as much as possible because of their condition. It grated my nerves so much, she had no right to criticize YH at the dinner or throw a whole hissy fit about it.
  2. Hey guys joining this thread now that I’ve caught up! for one I too am curious what ZY’s ‘real reason’ is for the abortion. For a minute I thought maybe it wasn’t his kid...but why would she say that when she’s such a desperado to go back with him? So maybe she says something how she had no choice to abort...it was a dangerous pregnancy or basically her health was at risk. I think she will end up with that guy at KH’s work, not his assistant who’s in love with WWs bestie but the other dude that she was talking to in front of KH when he looked annoyed as heck ( I even though maybe she and him had an affair in the past and that’s why he was so pissed). I watched the recent episode raw, and I’m so relieved that she has finally broken up with HY (and also gotten a more spunky wardrobe change?) I just hope she also gets a bit more strength like her bestie, where she doesn’t care what other people think and is okay with being single (because I think her obsession with wanting to get married is what has also kept her staying with her no good fiancée). Then again, KH has shown over and over he wants to wife her up himself so why doesn’t she just break up with her Bf and go to him already? Like it doesn’t seem KH is gonna hit it and quit it with her (is that what she’s worried about?) he’s more successful than her boyfriend (aka no more stupid sacrifices like eating a crappy lunch) and it definitely seems like she has more chemistry with him than her fiancée. Okay, I get her rationalization that chemistry and a physical attraction can only go so far compared to her long term relationship already on the path to marriage. But comparing her to her best friend, how much do you have to be treated like crap before you would rather be alone than with this bad partner? Sometimes I wonder if some people hesitate to break up because hey associate that with failure. And she is scared if they break up than her three years went to waste and she failed at achieving her dream? Just trying to understand her character.
  3. Wow thank you for sharing your story chingu and my deepest condolences for your loss When I first started this drama, I felt some ‘House tv show’ vibes mixed with ‘doctor prisoner’ because of all the diagnosing and medical practices in a jail. Now in the hospital and seeing the main expertise of this drama, I think the subject of pain management is certainly underrated because I thought all anastesialogist do are put people to sleep in surgery and monitor them. But it makes sense they are skilled in managing pain too since morphine is administered though IVs too like anastesia? But not only are we being introduced to the theme of doctors being responsible for a patient’s pain, we are also given such important issues like euthanasia and assisted suicide that are still being debated to this day. And in all this, even given food for thought about a doctors moral compass and the ‘grey’ side of all this ethical problems.
  4. The subs never said the time skip. Was it 3 months or 3 years??
  5. I have to say, this is the first drama where I feel like I know the ‘secondary leads’ more than the main lead. We never got flashbacks of her high school years except the one of all three (did they ever find out in the end or just all automatically knew beforehand that they knew each other in teenage years?) or background of TM, not saying that it would explain her marriage views or she has to justify them with her background, but I was just curious to learn more about her and see why she has the views/values that she does. Honestly it’s fine though because It doesn’t make the drama any less incredible. It’s just my one of my thoughts while going through this amazing ride with you guys. Watching the finale raw, I’m not sure if they also ever explain why GG was so anti-TM in the beginning, or basically how their dynamic flipped from being so close building Unicon together to how it was throughout the show. Many of you were able to perfectly explain what MG meant when he would give his metaphor ‘fish tank aquarium’ or said ‘I understand now’ in the recent episodes when he finally let MG go p. So maybe it’s already been hinted or explained in the drama but I haven’t noticed. Does anyone maybe understand why GG and TM were in bad terms at the start of this kdrama??
  6. So since it’s on Netflix will it be released all at once? Also,will there be a season 2 like chief of staff and because is is my first love??
  7. Random, but I was sad this thread doesn’t have many pages compared to some other popular dramas because it deserves it for such a unique and incredible storyline in this kdrama. Yet seeing so many new users here that joined for the drama, I think that’s even better and I just want to sincerely welcome all our new soompiers here. I hope I can see you all again in future threads and I am so excited to keep reading your insightful thoughts here. Silent lurkers or those lurking, considering to make an account, please do it! I’m looking forward to reading your posts tomorrow’s finale @forwww @Ho Lo Buon @ardyna @Flaneur2 And anyone else I missed ^^
  8. You know the song always played when characters did the catwalk? And the lyrics even went ‘perfume perfume’? Which ost was that?? I’ve been looking for it everywhere
  9. Yay a happy ending that makes me happy. I also like that it was JH that ended up with him. And they didn’t do some flash forward scene she goes on a diet and changes. Great show.
  10. Omo did young YD use the perfume too??
  11. Is it just me or do the American actors in this show working for Unicon global call it UNICORN??
  12. Sorry to cut your incredible post. I adored everything about it. But this part specially resonated with me because you explained TM and PM’s dynamic perfectly. Oh my goodness I cannot emphasize enough how much I love for the girl power in this show!! Please please writernims pdnims everyone in kdrama showbiz keep these kind of kdramas coming !!!!
  13. I’m fine with bi vibes too. Fan fiction mind sees a future where GG and JH are living with CH in an apartment, GG, with her previous affection for MH, is also fond of JH, while CH gets the best of both worlds aka throuple mania. Hey, a girl can dream right? Maybe it was the incessant back and forth between MG and TM that makes it easier to accept their break up. We were already sick of the constant tug of war. Yet the kiss in the office and then finally being together, I do want a happy ending for them, that said, I don’t want either of them to have to change their values for the other, unless ‘time’ comes into play and maybe TM has changed her beliefs about marriage from when she dated her ex getting married to the man she is with now. And if she doesn’t, that’s completely understandable too because I think there should be representation for woman that do not see marriage or children in their future thus taking a ‘childfree/marriage free’ stance. I totally support that and even more so for a role model to exemplify that because I don’t think media shows much characters with those type of unconventional values.
  14. Please don’t get me wrong, I admired JKYs acting skills when he was in My Ahjussi and part of why I kept watching Come and Hug me & Kill It kdramas was cause of him. But as an avid drama watcher. I can’t help but feel like he doesn’t have a diverse way to be different characters. Like GG, I can barely recognize that she’s the same actress from Misty. Yes the roles are different, but so is Morgan from the characters in three dramas I mentioned yet his expressions and such I could see in same shows I’m not blaming this on why I’m not so much into our lead pairing (I ship them, but I just not as engaged in their scenes as I am with scarlet and actor/GG). I hope in future shows he can surprise me.
  15. Okay has it been explained how Sunbae Hu from being out in jail and stripped of his angelic powers to back in his regular position? Honestly, if I were Dan and told YS gonna still have to die, I would still question this prophecy. I mean he was given a mission to have her fall in love with a human, and the person he was pushed to match her with was none other than an ex-angel. Sometimes I wonder if Hu’s efforts to separate them is really the Diety’s test to see how strong their love is and maybe even a reverse psychology way to bring them closer. Because so far that’s what’s been happening. @lolly84 haha when she said she wanted a son like her and daughter like him, my fan fiction imagination totally went wild and envisioned YS and Dan at home with a little girl looking like Dan and oppa that looks like YS and also bad tempered like her but has a sweet spot for his dongsaeng. Also when they visited her parents, I thought ‘please let the ending be where ten years from now these two can visit them again, but with their kids this time. Please ‘
  16. my heart went out to JH :/ and I liked his reference to the rainbow bridge (for those who don’t know, it’s a beautiful poem I suggest anyone who is grieving the loss of a pet to read). I recently lost my dog in January and I have had him for over ten years so it was extremely difficult losing him because he’s my only family besides my mom. I cried so much in this scene because it hit so close to home and brought out major feels. I wonder if GG is doing all this to TM on purpose to make her hate her. So that TM helps her ‘disappear’. Maybe GG thinks she’s the only one who can especially when going up against her MIL. As much as I love the progress between CH and uri actor, I’m still subconsciously cheering for CH and GG, I wish they had more scenes together. And I feel like GG needs CH’s love very much. Ahh but that preview. GG being fierce with her coworker (whom I thought was her ally but guess not) haha I’m liking all the chemistry between female leads. Even his MG got jealous about TM being sad about things being ‘over’ with GG, the girl power is strooong in this show. I also have to wonder, has any of the events in this show ever happened in real life? Controversies about search engines? Someone related to it going viral in the keyword search?
  17. Wow how is this gonna end? Ideally I would love it that JW saves YS from dying, then actually turns back to an angel where SH is waiting for him as an angel too...or maybe YS becomes an angel and forever they roam the world as angels. Whatever it is, please give everyone a happy ending sir diety
  18. Who is the ahjussi? MKs dad/ED step dad? JH/YR’sfather? (ED made it sound like the guy seems familiar...and JH didn’t recognize him when he delivered perfume) so who is he ?! Maybe his identity gives a clue to how and why the perfume ended up with JH.
  19. Will season 2 have the same cast? I hope we don’t have a cliffhanger, the wait to November will be torture chingus
  20. I hope lee becomes the justice minister! Wow this show keeps me at the edge of my seat haha can next week come soon enough?!
  21. This is why even though I get so annoyed with BTM’s back and forth with PM, I can understand how she may be intimidated by changing her ‘lifestyle’ because she is someone that values singlehood and independence, which I respect. I would love to see a representation of modern day women that willingly choose singlehood because they want to not cause they have to. So it would be a bit sad if BTM can’t be that representation if she ends up with PM. But if she doesn’t, it would also be a bit frustrating that we had to go through all these episodes watching their tug of war in love just for it all to be nothing. Basically I’m on the fence about whether I want BTM to end up alone but as happy as she would with someone or realize that maybe at one stage of her life, like when she was with LDW, she favored singlehood and not being married, but now her preferences have changed which is fine. I think we have seen a lot in this show people change throigh times and hardship; GG with her arranged marriage, CH with losing her judo spot but becoming star student to future barro employee. Seeing the Barro work environment reminds me of what I heard Google and other IT tech companies office buildings are like. You can dress however you want, the offices are all cool looking rather bleak but traditional to what most company offices look like. Then there’s the fact that no one addresses the other as titles and all speak one manner formally. It’s like there’s this precedent for coworkers to all treat each other equally, thus establishing a dynamic from the beginning with unconventional power balance compared to Unicon where everyone’s dressed professionally and using different titles. I still wonder if Barro is any different than Unicon though when it comes to protecting their employees. I know Brian did everything in his power when BTM was the top keyword search, but I can’t help wondering if what makes these two company similar is their willingness to throw the employee under the bus for the sake of the company. Wow I love your insight on this chingu, I didn’t think of it like that! Ugh she is so creepy!! Honestly I wonder if the MIL is responsible for GG’s parents bankruptcy. Like it was a way to blackmail her into the marriage (since they all knew each other before her parents went in debt, MIL saw how son was in love with her or how competent she was.) I recently found out that the Viki page for this show has a lot of character descriptions and spoilers if you scroll down near the end. The husbands backstory spoke about how he was very into film and went abroad or to some school for it that his mother was against. So maybe it was during this time when she decided she has to get GG aboard since her son wasn’t gonna be any help to the family business. The grey part is exactly what I thought when I wrote the beginning of this post, because I think BTM changing her mind about marriage is a perfect example now life is grey. Sometimes you can’t keep the same mindset from the past because you’re not the same person as you were now. Sometimes you can’t just put yourself in a box or label yourself as something, because not everything can just fall in one category and be separated by lines, most of the time they’re blurred and it’s cant be black vs white. Pardon my air headedness, but what does it even mean, this whole analogy or metaphor or whatever you call it about the fish tank? What do the leads mean when they bring up this figurative fish tank ??
  22. I feel like this was the week of progress and plot revelations, soooo many things came to light that now YS knows; Dan is an angel, what his mission was about, hes the angelic reincarnation of SW, and that he could turn into dust because of their love. Not to mention the family side with all the misdeeds they have done disguises as accidents. My favorite part? That there wasn’t as much angst as I worried about and it was actually handled so beautifully. S
  23. Finally caught up with this show! i am shook about the news of the song song couple. Off topic, but relevant to my thoughts on BTMs reservations about marriage. Hearing about their divorce announcement was like being hit back to reality with cold water. Their marriage seemed like a fairy tale ending from a Hearing them not work out is that the brutal truth how real life doesn’t imitate kdramas. I think in this case, they’re trying to show a unique character that doesn’t see her fairy tale ending being marriage, but just having a partner for the rest of her life while she works. Is it wrong to not believe in marriage? I think it would have even even more controversial if she took a child free stance too (that she doesn’t want to just not get married but also she never have kids, which I think she did also mention yeah? Just didn’t say it outright). Fililial piety and family is extremely important in SK. So what to do in a current society where some modern day women want to take advantage of their freedom not to be tied down and married, especially when back in the day some didn’t even have a choice (I think her boss Brian had even mentioned something like that before he asked them about if they planned to get married). The thing about BTM is, I feel like she’s in denial and that when she was invited to her ex’s wedding, the truth was she didn’t want to marry HIM, but I think deep down she was hinting that she would waver for PM but I guess she’s scared. I may be wrong though. It’s interesting we get flashbacks of GG and CH in high school but we haven’t seen any from BTM besides the one with her and GG at the beginning if the company even though she’s the female lead. I’m not sure if maybe she doesn’t want to get married because she saw how her parents fell apart or what. It could be he’s googling himself to see if a wiki page or something was finally made for him? Ahhh I really ship these two! Scarlet is literally us when we watch kdramas, and then meet our favorite character and then probably want we would do if wanted back in the show (go on set and give absurd storyline less insane than the actual script). But I tell you the truth, even though I love this pairing I was a little disappointed nothing has really festered between Scarlett and GG. At the beginning of the show, BTM comments how she asks her coworker if he has a lover and he says it’s GF modern day but she said that on purpose to be vague in case he was ‘bi or gay’. I thought that was the first hint that this show might have a non-straight couple. I sensed the chemistry in their first scene together at the bar, when she saves her outside when she’s smoking. I was so excited for their scenes and kinda bummed that they didn’t have another one together till a few episodes later so I wasn’t sure if maybe the writers back pedaled in having a girls’ love story. I’m all here for it. Jut as I’m here for a female lead that doesn’t want to get married or have kids like most societies expect of women, I’m ready to see a same sex relationship on kdramas to pave the way for more LGBTQ characters/pairings (I wonder if the lack of gender bender genres have to do with maybe SK acknowledging transgenders and thinking gender benders aren’t politically correct?) Now here’s the thing, I have a lot to say and I forgot mr of it but this I remember cause it’s been bugging me the whole show. WHY does GG hate BTM so much? Okay so we can justify that everything GG did company related at the beginning, getting BTM to testify as their shield than firing instead of letting her reign then slapping her for working in another company, but what about when she fired PM? And just what happened that she switch from a role model sunbae to BTM to feeling okay to backstabbing her? It is a bit confusing but then you see how GG depends BTM when CH talks bad about BTM in front of elevator at Godori’s apartment. BTM comments how not everyone turns out like GG who had similar situation and it’s her bad decisions that are to blame not her unfortunate past (when CH was recalling past and defending GG for how she turned out now). I wondered if BTM went through something similiar - she came from a rich upbringing then family became poor from bankruptcy. So is it that GG sees BTM as who she could have been if she made better decisions or didn’t have a marriage of convenience that made her a slave to the MIL (lol side note I would love to see scarlet witness their interactions and be like omg this is a real life kdrama happening haha I always think of that whenever the serious scenes between MIL and GG happen. Also what is with the MIL and young men, drawing them then tattooing then? Can someone please explain this?)
  24. Personally I did not like the story as much as I wanted to. The only thing that saved me from stopping watching was uri leads and their magnetic chemistry. I also have to give it to PBY because even though she has short hair like DBS character, SY was nothing like BS. She was really able to make this character separate from the others like Oh my ghost ess (didn’t even realize at first it was the same actress). I just hope the next drama she gets, the story is as intriguing as her character so I can enjoy it even more, she’s one of my favorites.
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