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  1. <~~~~~~~~~this expression adds wrinkles to our faces...I realized just now...
  2. Tsk tsk... This is not the sejabin I know...the sejabini who is adventurous, daring and full of life... Here...let me tickle you... Your spirit will definitely come to life with my tickles...
  3. It may be a week late...but I'm still grateful that my guardian angel reminded me about it...so, here's my

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (last December 3) to my dearest and precious chingu and best friend SEJABINI!!! :heart::love::blush::mrgreen:

    1. Sejabin
    2. Jee_


      :kiss_wink::kiss_wink: Here are twin birthday kisses...:heart:

  4. Thank you for being my Mom... :heart:




    1. Sejabin


      huggssssss :heart: .. I will send prayers for your mom's soul .. and for my papa too :innocent:

    2. Jee_


      Thank you, my precious friend...:heart:

  5. It will come back to you...If not, then think of it this way: The one who found it can now pray the rosary more meaningfully... Don't be sad... everything has its own time...
  6. My chingus... I just found out from the news that a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami hit Palu City, Indonesia...Our chingu sejabin is there... Please...let us all pray that she is safe and well...
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