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  1. I missed some cuz my stream cut out for a minute but YS and Angel Dan are taking a romantic nighttime stroll. It's a little awkward till he takes hold of her hand. Now they are talking more comfortably. Angel Dan appears to be opening up about something. She wants to take him somewhere it seems. End of half episode.
  2. Ballet studio drama. Face off with devil cousin and JKstalker. I heard more whispers. Creeeepy! Cut to Butler going to meet minion informant in a stairwell. She brings him to meet the old man GongYoo (no I don't see it either lol) lookalike from yesterday. I don't know what's going on! Oh shizzz this guy was the one who made the chandelier fall on YS? Maybe he didn't know what he was doing? Anyways cousin minion is listening in and taking pics. He sends the convo to devil cousin who has more whispers around her. Too many adversaries for poor Angel Dan to take on alone in order to protect his woman.
  3. Angel Dan goes and meets YS for tea. Not sure if they are at home or someplace else. It's the place in the preview. Their convo seems to get serious. I think he mentions his father ? Like maybe his human father. He tries to act like he's fine and even half smiles. But she sees through it and pulls him in for a full hug awww. She comforts him and he gets a little emotional. Awwww. Sweeeet.
  4. Nightime. JKstalker (do you like how I have a new name for him every time now?) shows up at church. Sits outside on the steps with Hu and drinks. Hu please talk some sense into this dude. Don't think it's possible but may be I'll still have hope. Basically he talked to Hu about his blossoming love (stalker love) for YS I think *vomit* Cut to our cutie Angel Dan sitting on his bed going thru the contents of the tin box. He gets a call from her. Not sure what he has written as her contact in his phone but it had a heart next to the name aww.
  5. Cut to Hu at the Buddhist temple. Thinking about JKstalker. Goes inside and opens the shrine for Matil. Sees the Angel handkerchief with the black feather. Short scene of NiNa watching JKstalker watch YS in the studio. Think they will show short scenes like this cuz Nina is gonna turn bad. I think. Quick scene of auntie minion/butler informant eating in a restaurant. Cousin minion comes in and takes his phone and puts a listening device on it. Cuz then butler calls the dude and the other dude listens in. I don't know if any of that made sense but most of y all don't care about this part anyways hahah.
  6. Angel Dan brings her to the ballet studio. After she walks off to rehearsal, scary stalker JKW comes up the stairs. Angel Dan remembers more of their convo the night before. Dan def has his guard up against JKstalker this time. Lots of words between them the night before. You protect your girl, Angel Dan! You got this boy!! Back to present. Angel Dan waiting at the studio, looking contemplative. Looks at childhood pic of him and YS briefly.
  7. We get a repeat of the kiss woot woot. Kiss seemed different this time haha. Multiple takes. Next morning lol I don't wanna type I wanna watch. Umm they basically just being all cutesy and were about to kiss against the stair wall but darn Butler interrupted. She wanted to look at CCTV I think and they were both like NO! Lol
  8. Since I'm having so much fun reading this thread and we are sharing our flexibility... This is about the extent of mine:
  9. PG 17? Hmmm I don't know of that . But I do know of NC 17. I mean, I know *of* it, not that I've watched any like that Anyways....what I know *of* it (not having watched it, of course), they gonna have to blur out the whole scene if it got to that now
  10. I hear you. But why do his threats sound like 'Oh YS is gonna hate you once she finds out your true identity'? Actually, I'm just guessing that this is how JKW's words come off. Since I haven't watched with subs, I don't know for sure. Maybe subs will clarify it
  11. My #1 reason they cannot have a sad ending: They cannot show us a child dying and then have that same child who is now an angel be turned into dust. That would be beyond cruel and I would never forgive the writer! Therefore, I have faith for a happy ending! But not before we have to get through a lot of angst and obstacles....
  12. New beautiful OST. This is the title song (played during the intro). Man there are still at least 2 if not 3 I'm looking forward to. Even after this one! Love the music so much! Look at the thumbnail
  13. Okay just for fun. The slap that YS gave JKW is nothing compared to the slap I want to give him. Mine would go something like this.... Dang, is that GIF from a reality show? That is more like a neck chop Still, JKW deserves that...
  14. I'm glad Mr. Jo isn't really alive. That could really complicate things. I love everyone's thoughts on possession, but somehow I don't think that's the route the drama will take. Possession seems like it might take on more of a Biblical mess than the show wants to get into. So not having watched with subs, my understanding is that JKW wants to reveal Angel Dan as an angel to YS because JKW thinks angels are awful (because of what happened to him) and he thinks YS will be disgusted by Angel Dan too. Is that about the gist of it? Gosh I really can't wait for YS to prove him wrong. I'm sure she'll be shocked by the angel revelation but she'll come to love and accept him just the same. And when she finds out he's her childhood friend it will just be so tragic and beautiful!!
  15. Mr. Jo is alive?!? Was he the mystery man with Ms. Butler? Someone please fill me in. Clearly my tired/wandering mind missed something big while I was watching. Lack of sleep or thinking about Angel Dan and YS reunion, not sure which, or maybe both
  16. The GIFs are giving me the feeeeeeels. My body is all out of balance though cuz I'm super tired from not sleeping much last night, but also my heart is all fluttery and excited. Can we please have more scenes like this and no more random weird forceful hugs from JKW? I'd be forever grateful.
  17. Lol you guys and your reactions are cracking me up!!! Nobody get hurt out there, please!! Tuck yourselves away in a safe place and go crazy there
  18. Lol there was lip movement! Not a lottt but you could see it from Angel Dan! Not much close up tho of courseeee
  19. YS has been pulling rose petals in her patio. I think doing he loves me he loves me not. When suddenly appears Angel Dan. She's kind of scolding him but also happy he is there. She's making him pinky promise not to leave I think. He takes her face in his hands and says I love you, I love you YS. And kisssssss!!! Finally!!!!!
  20. What is this? Angel Dan trying to get in somewhere. I thought JK Idiot had shown up again. But it was just Hu in disguise. Oh I guess Hu decided to help Angel Dan with something? Where is he? Oh he's at OK Idiots house. Now real JK Idiot is coming. Hurry up and get out of there Dan. Lol Hu helps him hack the computer. He sees the wallpaper of Matil. He sees the weird wall JK Idiot has. JK Idiot walks in and Dan is sitting there. Angel Dan is not cool with this stalker bullshizzz. He's making threats to JK Idiot now. They both making threats to each other.
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