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  1. Popping in to show my love and support for CWPFN. First let me say that this show is hilarious. And while I don't look forward to the angst beginning (I could probably be happy just to watch SK and OS make googly eyes at each other for the rest of the show lol), I appreciate it for the character development. From a realistic stand point, SK had to reject OS. I too have a lot of sympathy for him, perhaps because of personal experience. But even though OCD is joked about in the show and we all laugh at his excessive cleanliness, we have to remember OCD and phobias are real mental illnesses that can be very debilitating. I'm sure he's thinking he can never be in a relationship because of his mental state. So yes, I do feel very bad for him. That being said, he didn't have to be so harsh with his words to OS. I get that he can't really open up to her yet, but she has every right to not dwell on the rejection and to move on. I look forward to them both becoming more understanding of one another, however that will play out. I know nothing about the webtoon, but it seems next week Grandfather will learn that SK is benefiting from OS's presence in his life. Will Grandfather go to OS and ask her to stay by his side? I'm also very curious how things will play out with Dr. Choi. I love his character and think he is going to have a real tough time deciding what to do about his patient and his first love. My guess is he is going to continue to witness their interactions and decide to help bring them together in the end. Which will make me really love him. Can't wait for Monday!! Luckily I have a few other shows I'm watching and I won't be thinking about CWPFN non stop. Nope, not non stop, just like 80% of the time
  2. I'm being over obsessive too so it's ok. Agreed the bed pic it looks like the same dress and I notice the brown jacket, altho the pic seems more like a sweater but you can't really tell. Seems like they are not very far ahead in shooting so I think the bed scene will be next week. But I have a feeling he won't be sleeping next to her. Maybe just letting her sleep there. Hmmm. As far as the bracelet, it seems like the same one he is wearing, but watch us be all analyzing it and then it is never mentioned in the show. Lol. I really hope the love triangle is over quickly too. I really dislike love triangles!
  3. I'll be curious to see if we find out he's not all that innocent after all...it's true he does have an air of mystery to him. Maybe after KS rejects him (assuming she will), he'll meet Im Soo Hyang in Seoul and she will fall for him
  4. Interesting thought @RobinM I'm not sure what MD's motives are, but it seems like he is just as innocent as KS (altho maybe she's not so innocent after reading that romance novel...). I thought they must have gotten separate rooms at the hotel. And they missed the boat because YB summoned it. But who knows! I definitely think YB will assume MD has other intentions, though, which is why he will flip out. Do you think he will give her the bracelet before she goes on her date with MD? It would be a little strange for her to be wearing it while out with another guy, although she's pretty clueless right now to the fact that both these boys like her. Ahh so many questions!
  5. I need a slow mo of the preview....I'm trying to figure out in what scenes she is wearing the bracelet She definitely has it on in the hotel when her hand is over her heart...but I can't tell if she has it on during her date with Ma Dol. I also want to know who shocks her at the end of the preview. I hope it's Yoo Baek and it is a happy shock. But I think we are going to have a very confused Kang Soon who may not know where her heart is leaning. Boy, this show is definitely getting to me!!
  6. Popping in cuz I've been following this show and loving it. In JSM's Instagram she posted pics in the same outfit as the preview. She's on a bed, so maybe it's the hotel room in the preview? She also has the silver bracelet on in the pics. So when will he give her the bracelet I'm wondering... Although MD is a good guy, I'm rooting for KS and YB all the way! The preview has me a bit nervous but I also think KS will turn down MD. The romantic spark just doesn't seem to be there like it does with her and YB. Ahhh I don't want to wait another week!! Lol.
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