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  1. @iffy21 The Secret Life of My Secretary - it tore apart my heart today so ALML better mend it back together please and thank you.
  2. So what is everyone's thoughts on this? Can Dom really not see GH in the preview when he walks by her in the hospital? Oooorrr, is he just pretending not to be able to? I think this is important. If he really cannot see her, then does this mean he stopped loving her?
  3. One of the other dramas I'm watching gave me severe heart ache today, so I'm really hoping ALML will give me severe happiness tomorrow/Thursday. Change sir to "Drama Gods"
  4. This is what I need, a big tub of ice cream, the only cure for a completely broken heart GH is so naive. She needed to leave Dom alone for a while before even approaching him again. The minute she followed him in the office, I knew more trouble was coming. Oh girl! And here I thought she would be injured by the bad driver and that would bring them back together. But the injury already happened. So now what? Then I thought maybe she'll be kidnapped. But now she's been fired so I guess the bad guys won't care about her anymore. So how will the reconcile?? I need our babies to be happy and together again, stat!!
  5. Next day. Dom comes into office. Detectives are there. They have DJ on cctv meeting with the evil driver! What is this? Dom can hardly believe it. Is DJ really behind it all, he thinks? Poor Dom!! Dom goes to meet DJ on the roof. He asks DJ something but I don't know what. DJ is telling a story about something. But what? DJ and bad driver seemed to meet at that funeral. But what about? DJ doesn't seem fazed by the meeting. I don't know what's going on! Dom is upset. DJ seems to be defending himself though. I think Dom is stuck not knowing who to believe. But DJ can't believe that Dom wouldn't believe him. The detectives comes out to take DJ in for questioning. DJ hands him some paperwork. It's something nice to Dom from DJ I think. Cut to bad driver at some bus station. Meeting with his boss, the bad secretary. Dom going back to the office sadly. GH is there at her desk. She follows him into the office. She speaks softly I think apologizing again. She shouldn't be saying anything. I think it's just gonna make him more upset. Think he's probably firing her. I don't know. Just a thought based on the sad feelings. So much sadness!!! I hate this episode!!! And the preview is more sadness!!!
  6. She immediately gets worried about his rash I think. And I think he said V fed me peanuts. He's now flashing back to everything. Awww I feel so bad for Dom!! He must feel so stupid for not realizing it sooner. He is asking her what is going on now. She is crying. All she can do is say sorry. Now he's crying too asking why. She's trying to explain herself. I wish she'd at least look him in the eyes. Oh nooo this is so sad. The heart break is real. He turns to leave. She tries to grab his arm but he pulls away. She grabs it again. Think she put her confession letter in his pocket. She's left alone crying. Dom returns home. Mom is screaming at him but he just walks silently to his room. He sits on his bed and cries a lot. Poor babies!!! GH goes home sadly herself. Mom is there waiting. Asks how it went. She says what happened. Still crying. So much crying. Heart ache sucks. Mom cries too and holds her.
  7. Here comes the angst.... But first awkward dinner between Dom, V, and their moms. Hahaha V is pretending to be having trouble talking due to her neck injury. She finally talks. Dom is super uncomfortable. Oh no!!! V drops her phone. Dom tries to call it. No ring. Her mom calls it. It rings! V is trying to make an excuse for the incorrect phone number. Now she's giving him a plate of food with peanuts on it. Oh No! He knows. Wait why did he eat the peanuts? He's getting a rash now. He runs out the room. V follows him. Dom comes out of the bathroom. He wants her to touch his hands. It's not the same hands he realizes. Think he asks who are you. He gets a call from GH. She's at an amusement park. Oh she wrote down her confession to him. He runs off and goes to meet her. It's not the end of the episode yet. What's gonna happen???
  8. Next day at office, the secretaries are acting all weird around Dom. He wants to learn some tasks like making coffee I guess so he can make it for GH. Two moms are meeting now. Dom's mom calls him. Everything feels so somber since we know what's coming now. V is in that blue sparkly dress. Guess this scene is gonna happen already. She's with her mom and she's drinking a lot of wine. Here comes Dom and his mom. V is dreading this. She looks so worried. This is very awkward. It already feels like he's suspicious of V. Hrmmm. GH is at the hair salon. She talks to her sis over the phone. Sis seems to be working as a set designer for some small stage. GH wants a make over for Dom. Ofc she can't pretend to be fake V in front of Dom. Oh no how is this gonna go down. Mom appears at the hair salon to give GH a pep talk.
  9. Shady secretary is meeting with other secretaries. I think she's gonna spread false rumors. Back at hospital, happy VP arrives at GH's room. I guess this is where they spill each other's happy news. Happy girls. They are both being adorable. But now it's getting more serious. I guess they have to figure out what will happen to fake V. V seems to have a plan but don't know what it is. They hug nervously. What is the plan I wonder? Dom is at home thinking of GH. GH is at her hospital room writing some notes down about something. Dom calls. She hardly knows how to answer his call. They are being cute and nervous over the phone. Dom wants to come see him but she stops him for some reason I think cuz of the notes she's been writing down? So instead they're just talking sweetly over the phone. Wish I knew what they were saying. They hang up. Dom is so happy. Think he texts fake V. She texts back. He is so happy but she's feeling all sorts of nervous it seems.
  10. DJ waiting for V to show up for a date. She gets the missed calls from him finally when her mom brings her phone and she runs off. Lol she ran to the movie theatre in her hospital gown and neck brace. DJ wraps his coat around her and is gonna kiss her but she gives those weird pucker lips and he pushes away. He gives some excuse. She starts acting silly cute. She turns to leave but he stops her. They talk and he steps forward and kisses her. She pulls back and then goes in harder. Smooch smooch.
  11. Oh they're gonna show us what happened after the accident. They were brought in different ambulances reaching out for each other. But they ended up in the ER on beds next to each other. V was scheming something I think. Now back to Dom and GH. Sitting on a bench outside the hospital. Guess Dom is explaining one of the reasons he liked fake V was cuz she reminded him of GH. Why do I feel like Dom is going to go on a date with fake V and then reveal to her that he knows the truth? Eeks. I guess Dom confessed cuz everything was sparkly and shiny around them. But GH isn't saying anything. Dom seems confused. GH seems really hesitant. Dom takes her back to her room. Think asks if her brother is coming later. He seems concerned for her. He takes her to the wash room and washes her hand for her. Wow who knew hand washing could be so sexy. He's being very thorough massaging all her fingers. She's getting all hot and bothered lol. He holds onto her hand for an extra long time. Aww Dom doesn't want to let go. I think he's talking all sweet and her flustered self pulls away. Now hrs signing her cast. He puts a sweet heart on it awww.
  12. Just to weigh in, I don't think this is true. A lot of us (myself included) are discussing more in depth parts of the drama, even delving into some of the usually touchier religious aspects of it. I've been treated with nothing but respect even when proclaiming my dislike for some of the heavier religious parts of the show. I think when we talk about the kissing/romance part, well, that is because we are just trying to have some fun and make each other laugh. I enjoy laughing on the thread because I know the drama will be heavy itself and could very well have a sad ending, so I appreciate the humor we have on here! As far as criticism goes, I have no problem with people expressing their thoughts. But personally, I skip past the criticisms because I do not agree with them. Just a personal choice.
  13. I'm telling you we need an open mouth/eyes wide emoji for posts like this. Instead I used the "Insightful" emoji Yes plz feel free to do more "hot kissing" research. It is very insightful I'm learning so much
  14. You all sure are working hard to get to those 100 pages, it seems. Maybe more stills will be released tomorrow to be analyzed. I have bad news, I kept my doc appt for Wednesday so I will miss the live stream. I feel very conflicted here - I should see the doc - but our lovely show too!! I will definitely make sure not to miss any more live streams after that!! *If my EKG goes all over the place, I will have to explain to my doc it's because of a beautiful angel I'm missing. Then, he will be sending me to the head doctor
  15. I don't think I'm ready for the angst but then again we gotta get it over with! Is it going to be a cliff hanger and make us suffer all through the week? My birthday is on Saturday too. I don't want to be suffering through it lolol
  16. Cut to all the secretaries having a meeting and reciting something that was somehow in the weird file? Dom somehow reaches one of V's secretaries and learns about the car accident. Think he heard GH was hurt somehow as well as VP. He has to choose whose room to go to first at the hospital. Aww what an awful decision he has to make. Who is he looking for? He runs outside and spots GH and feels relieved. He pulls her in for a big hug. Aww episode ends. Oh no something big looks to happen tomorrow. Well first cuteness with Dom and GH in hospital. And then some drama with V and fake V and Dom looking upset about something.
  17. GH is dressed as VP. She gets a call from evil secretary. Hmmmm wonder what's being said. Does secretary want her to come back to work? Dom is outside of work with flowers. He sees a little girl with a red cardigan on and thinks of GH. He also remembers giving GH the flowers. GH as V is sitting on the curb outside the office. Mom comes and sits next to her. They talk a minute then GH stands up to go meet Dom. She sees him standing there. She can't do it. She starts crying and runs away. She goes immediately to VP's office. She's crying. I missed some cuz of my stream. Think she said she can't do this anymore. Is VP mad at her? I think so. Oh. V and GH are driving now. Dom calls fake V. Suddenly there's a car accident and the phone goes flying.
  18. Not sure what's happening. Dom went to the police station and something clicked with him while they were talking. Think he got worries for GH. He showed up at her place. Think he's having a security system installed at her place. Aww cute. Next morning, the other secretaries are spying on Dom at the office while on the phone with GH who is at home. I dunno. Dom goes in his office. Thinks about something GH said the night before. Oh I think Dom has that weird file on his computer. She must have backed it up. There's something in the file about the fish? Stream died again so I missed some stuff. Dom has evil secretary in his office. Ofc she sees the file on his computer and looks shocked. She also sees the 2 tickets on his desk. She's scheming something in her head. She leaves his office and looks at DJ in his office and thinks something in her head.
  19. GH walking home in an alleyway. Mom is walking with her. Mom points out Dom standing at the top of the steps. GH gets excited and goes to meet him. He at first almost runs away but doesn't. So does he recognize her without her red cardigan? Maybe not and that's why he ran away at first. I'm not sure. Again not sure what's being said. Stream died again so not sure how the rest of the convo went.
  20. Dom and fake V go somewhere private to continue talking. Everything feels so melo. I want happiness and cuteness. I guess before it gets more awkward, he stands up and says he has to go. Haha i dunno what's going on but Dom fakes getting a call from GH and rushes out of there. Fake V looking at him all confused like. Cut to scene of uncle seeing the suspicious driver the night before. Wait, he drove for uncle before? I'm confused. Back to Dom at work. Looking at those 2 tickets he was given. He looks at his fish tank. The moss balls aren't floating anymore cuz they're sad. He remembers his almost kiss with GH. Now he's talking to the moss balls about it. They're his therapist hehe. He wants the balls to float but they won't. He's mad at them. Oooh when he turned his back, one started to float. Wonder what he said to them.
  21. I'm gonna lose it with this steam. Ok I missed some convo between Dom and his mom and more Dom inner contemplation. Now we are at GH at home and receiving a call from VP. While she's on the phone, Dom comes in and asks at the reception desk to see VP. Guess VP tells GH to come and play the part. Yup here we go with VP dressed as secretary haha. Poor GH has her judging her now haha. She sits to watch the whole thing. GH is like go go but nope she's staying for the show haha. She takes some fruit and puts her heels up on the table. Dom is talking to fake V and ofc real V interrupts. Looks like she got them tix to go on a date somewhere. Hahaha she gets up close and make a faces at Dom to see if he really can't see her face. VP you so funny.
  22. It's next day at work. GH and Dom meet in the elevator. Dom wants distance between them but GH wants to talk. Wish I knew what they were saying. It seemed sad in nature the way Dom was talking. Cut to VP on a stage acting all dramatic. Lights go up and GH's sassy sis is in the audience judging her performance. Think she's lamenting over DJ. She exchanges some words with sassy sis and leaves. She goes and meets DJ who is at a fishing pier relaxing. Her outfit is funny. Somehow she's wearing a dress and corset with outdoor clothing. They catch a fish and sit down to cook and eat it. DJ remembers Dom saying he had kissed VP. Think DJ brings it up. Will DJ learn the truth? Ughh this stream really being dumb on me. Luckily we have @ktcjdrama to catch everything that I can't!
  23. GH is at home in her pajamas contemplating everything. Her mom appeared and is sitting next to her talking to her. Mom is apologetic for not being able to really be there. GH is apologetic too. Mom comforts her. Next day Dom is at the doc. He's sitting on an MRI/CT scanner. Think he wants his head checked haha. DumdumdenialDom just put it together. Arghh my stream died for a hot minute. Totally missed the rest of his doc meeting.
  24. I think Dom said he loves both of them? DJ slugs him. Dom is trying to defend his words. DJ is disgusted with him. I think Dom thinks he's nuts cuz GH's lips seem to similar to VP's. He just walks away.
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