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  1. I like Yukee but Alan is way too stiff. He is really good looking but I find him stiff and no expressions at all. Sometime I feel something is not right with his face bez some people say he has plastic surgery or too much botox. I really wish he can show more emotions or some life if he really loves her. But, man he is really good looking. Lol Yukee is really carry this series on her shoulders bez she has so much energy and expressions.
  2. Girl, you are a superstar. I see you every where. Thansks for the updates.
  3. So very true because MH has too much screen time. I think she has someone strong backing her up for a drama to focus on her than the lead. At least it was a happy ending. But, it was a hot mess this entire drama. Oh well, on to the next drama. I just wish someone translate the book in English so I get a better feeling for the leads. Fingers cross
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