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  1. Thank you so much for the schedule. Now the waiting game. Lol
  2. Her problem is that she should have kept her mouth shut and nothing would happen but wait here comes his wife. So either way HX and FC is f@ck... lol
  3. Wow, thanks for those trailers. I can’t wait but I don’t know abt the emotion climate. I will wait until I see the full eps to determine the emotional impact or not. I hope next week they finally release new eps bez I don’t see any more eps leak anymore. Lol Also, finally kisses!! Eps 35 and 36... If I was that in love with someone, I would kissed his lips off. Haha Wait I do that, love u my wonderful husband!!!! lol
  4. I agree with you. What happen to their son? Also, how did WY reaction to MY death and how did he find out abt her death? So many questions that need answers. Lol
  5. What caused WY hair to turn white as well? If anyone knows.
  6. Very true bez I didn’t see that too. I was like why you like her and when? Either it was not film correctly or the general didn’t make it too obvious. Lol
  7. Where did you hear or read this? This is sad but I do like the change bez in the novel having to be force to sex in front everyone is gross. I hope there is better chemistry from the couple maybe it’s Aarif bez he really can’t express that emotion with first eyes. I don’t know I don’t any emotion invested with them but knowing they suppose to be together. Lol I hope it gets better. Lol
  8. I think you are right because I hear the novel is way more tragic than GBMP but I don’t feel the sadness even up to eps 16. The main male lead has one facial expression and can’t convert any feelings to get our attention but I still want to watch. Haha But, why is the eps keeps getting removed from YouTube?
  9. I hope someone post the esp on YouTube bez this drama is pretty good. The main girl is great in her role. She is the one who is carrying this series on her shoulders.
  10. I do agree with you regarding the male lead. But, I just feel something is off from him. If they just another guy then maybe I won’t feel the same way. But, Sophie did a good job on her role.
  11. Wow, loved your interpretation of the song. It’s so sad in so many levels. Now, this drama is over so what do we watch now? Lol
  12. I hope so but the recent China restrictions might prevent it. Too bad.. :-(
  13. I thought I was the only one who noticed his hands bez I was saying to myself dang his hands are nicer than mine. Lol At first look he may not be as handsome as other male actors but how he protrayed his character was really good which is why u find him amazing. He also did really well as YH in the Legend of the condor hero drama with his excellent acting which I noticed him there as well. I have seen really handsome actors that can’t pull off some scenes that CXX can with emotion just with his eyes or smile. I think he will have great potential in this industry. Again, such pretty hands.
  14. Thank you for the sub. LCY said he will die with her if she dies. Too bad she made him promise to live on. Also, I have to to agree with everyone if they just gave us a little more of cute scenes of the main couple then I would feel more satisfied with the ending. I feeling like the romance was on a shallow level when they were at the palace and don’t feel too sad abt XF death as much. It’s not the actors fault but the editing department. But, all in all they did really well bez they had great chemistry and great acting. Just would like to had more time with the main leads. I will start looking out for CXX dramas now on. Haha See everyone in the drama. :-)
  15. So, just to confirm in eps 47. LCY did sleep with XF, correct? Bez I know they cut part of this scene bez in the trailer we see he throws her on the bed. In eps 47, he wakes up next to her like he did the deed with her. Its so sad that he doesn’t know he is GXW. They r destine to meet and fall in love but not meant for each other. Boo
  16. Here the link to the latest previews of LCY killings GJ and XF getting her memory back. Wow... https://m.weibo.cn/u/6264447311?jumpfrom=weibocom#&gid=1&pid=1
  17. Here is a link to a picture that has LCY and XF in bed sleeping. I think it’s in eps 34. https://m.weibo.cn/u/6264447311?jumpfrom=weibocom#&gid=1&pid=1
  18. Qin dynasty is the first dynasty and was established by the first emperor, Qin Shi Huang several hundreds years before Tang Dynasty. Also, that story abt people going to Japan was originated from here. The first emperor wanted to find the elixir of eternal life and sent a group of people over there but they never came back. But, I don’t know if it’s true but you are correct many Japanese characters are Chinese. Also, when I hear them talk with that has the same word is the same pronounation in Chinese. Maybe..haha.. We are all cousins. Also, that queen has the most super crazy makeup.......LOL
  19. I heard that same story but you can expect them to remember their origins if it’s true. Also, Japan is well established by the time Tang Dynasty is around so I think maybe they were influenced and verse reversal as well. But, I can still be wrong but FL clothing is so much better than the queen. The queen makeup is so scary. Lol i keep looking at her eyebrows to make sure if she really shaved them. Hahaha
  20. The FL and the queen costumes are actually from Chinese Tang Dynasty era. During that period they were very progress in their clothing and makeup. Show lots of cleveage and makeup were very different. If you google Tang Dynasty clothing and makeup then you will get your answer. Also, remember during that era Japanese was largely influenced by China. I hope I answered or at least clarified some of questions for you. :-)
  21. No, he will not treat her well bez the higher the status it’s more dangerous. He treats XF bad so people can’t use her against him and she won’t get hurt from them as well. Remember what the original crown prince said to LCY. People who protected u at first is also the people will/can harm you later. That’s why he is doing that so the target won’t be on her but on SeSe. i hope that clarifies things.
  22. Here r previews he where he treats her not so good like in the novel. Which we know he is doing this to protect her. Here is another preview of wedding.
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