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  1. He is so gorgeous and always has that majestic countenance in eveything that he do...
  2. Cant wait to read all the books...can't get enough of Donghua and this Three Worlds three lives universe...
  3. i always love Lian Song I've grown fond of him...too bad siming is not included...
  4. A lot of fans will be thrilled like a stand alone book all dediacated for Donghua...hope Tangqi is reading this...I would say Donghua's( character in the novel) is to be considered an iconic titular role...I think there is more story to tell because his character is so mysterious and even his origin is vague...can't deny that a lot of fans are thirsty and want more...❤
  5. Would love to see DH and his legendary 72 generals...Im curious to what DH is like during prehiatoric time and battle...I think he's a different person back then...I want to see the ruthless Donghua before my eyes until he united all the realms...
  6. My question that keeps boggling in my mind is, what is really Donghua's true form? They said it's a rock but I don't think so because he just sprang in the blue seaout of nowhere though in aranya's dream when he was fighting with the serpent he transformed into a phoenix and sometimes a dragon. I just concluded tht since he's the master of the universe he can be anything he wants to be.
  7. They said in IG the reason why Donghua doesn't want Gungun near FengJiu its because she's pregnant so I deduce they already have gone to Taichen Palace...just my analysis but maybe there's much better explanation than mine... as for Yingti he didn't dare to be the successor of Taichen Palace as per Tangqi the author...(someone said...when they translated the outakes and bonus Dongfeng treat)
  8. I think it moved because the two most important forces in her life already meet...so when her fingers moved it is the time that she's about to wake up...(based from the conversations it was already 3 months from the day that they defeated Miao Lou).
  9. Hope Tangqi will still write more about Donghua and Fegjiu...because a lot of fans still want more... I wish donut fans will still translate and post them here...because Im not leaving this page...
  10. P.S I love Vengo's final interview...he knew Donghua too well...I think he was still in character when he was adressing fans on his final message...(He knew that the novel and Donghua's character are quite popular in the fandom universe and has a cult following). I love it when Vengo said everyone has a chance in love beacause Donghua in his lonely millenial existence found one...he is really a romantic dork...
  11. It was bitter sweet watching the last two episodes...I can't help but think they seemed like Mr. and Mrs. Smith when they were battling Miao Lou...except that they are wielding swords instead of guns. I have to say that they defied destiny and came into conclusion that they really worked hard in those three lives and three worlds to be together and destined...one couldn't say the other one didn't love as much as the same...Both were even. Siming even said it...( he didn't know if Fenjiu is a misfortune of his majesty or the other vice versa.) I'm happy with the boat scene it was a better closure as a big fan of the novel... Thank you for all the translations and informations...please update us every now and then on Tang Qi's specials and book writings (Lotus steps and Bodhi Vines)... I will never forget Donghua nd Fenjiu...
  12. Nice to meet fellow kababayans here in the forum...hope all is well with the heightened community quarantine...