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  1. I'm looking on his name in Mr. Sunshine's Wikipedia but it's not included there. His name is Kim Nam Hee...I agree he played his character well. He's such a psycho.... Hope to see him in other dramas. I'm glad that they showed the back story of Hotaru and Dong Mae but I'm still waiting on the story of Hina and Dong Mae. I mean when did their deep and complex relationship start. @lilyphenix- I love your interpretation on how the ronin boss freed Dong Mae. It just perfectly make sense specially when the boss said, "You now have something you cherish above else" and slashed DM to make him fall in the abyss ...I think ronin's at that time too had a code to follow. Sorry I keep mentioning DM - I'm a sucker of these type of characters portrayed in a drama or movie.
  2. There is no denying that Ae Sin loves Eugene but this are trying times and war is brewing...It may look that way, that Ae Sin was going to use Eugene to pull the impossible mission but (from what I understood...personal Interpretation so I may be wrong) the day when Eugene's life was spared and accepted to be an instructor in the military academy...Ae Sin and Eugene are already comrades (secret ally)...the scene with Go Sang Hong and GDM is also a testament when the grandfather explains why Eugene has to be the one to kill Mori. Furthermore the scene in the bridge when Eugene told Mori that he just made up his mind and will kill him. So I think Ae Sin went to Eugene as a comrade seeking for aid...well Eugene's response is of personal and as a lover...I cannot blame him...their love story is really complicated blossomed in a world of chaos but I remember that Ae Sin mentioned that if love is just limited to one then no different love stories can be ever told. (something along those lines)
  3. I remember back in my college days with my siblings one of my sister would go in the streets to rally and my mom would be so worried because they are abducting and torturing students and label them as one of the rebellious group in the mountains...Watching Ae Sin holding a gun, my sister's words back then keep ringing in my ears, "You don't understand what revolution means..." I think it's the exact same scenario in the case of Eugene...In one of Ae Sin's conversation with Hina after her hair was cut she placed her country first in the Hierarchy when she was telling the important things in her life thus the motto, "Country first before anything else..." justified and explains it well. I have to give the writer and director a big round of applause...the drama not only conveyed the story telling in the dialogues but it was also translated visually...I place this drama personally as a contender with NiF franchise... The heroes and heroines in this drama are often talking about sad ending BUT I am betting my two cents that there is always sunshine after the rain. Historically South Korea and USA are very close allies...they even called it, "The relationship forged in blood..." I think this line says it all for the upcoming and final episodes...
  4. I really love the actress who played Ruyi such a great actress...I remember her in Painted Skin...The drama is slow pacing but it unfolds every plot key points just perfectly...I wish that they will sub Yaanxi Palace and Rise of the Phoenix other than NiF 2 these are my favorite cdramas for this year...
  5. I cant help but to join the thread ...been a silent lurker for a while...my heart is in explosion right now... Lee Wan Ik is such a brilliant and effective actor...he made me hate the character so much...the scenes from the last episode made me remember the plight of my ancestors when the Japanese invaded our country...Im excited when I saw Ae Sin at the rooftop it was a beacon of hope in a moment of bleak situation and future. I am so proud of Hui Song. (don't know the spelling) He wasn't that worthless un-employed playboy afterall. I hope that nothing had happened to the lady servant and confidante of Ae Sin but death is inevitable. I am thrilled and been holding my seat for the next episode...
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