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  1. Can you guys imagine if they are married and have triplets and later join Return of Superman hahaha. What kind of parents do you guys think HB and SYJ will be?
  2. Bello, anyone got any smut fanfic for binjin/yoonseri&ri jeong hyuk on Chinese Lofter or weibo that I can read? I have read all the ones on Wattpad and Archive of Our Own.
  3. Agree that he's witty and hilarious lol. Find him quite blunt also, he himself said that when he's in his early 20s. There's one time when the interviewer showed him three photos of him when he was younger and told him that you still looked the same. And his reply was, "This is because we're the same person". I was like LOLOLOL.
  4. 100% agree with what you've said. I realised that too!! I wonder why he became more serious as he gets older.
  5. hey peeps, do vote for HB as attached in the link below for him to guest in "3 Meal a Day" ! The chances may not be high but who knows right.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxNuP9S1eT4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl4fXnwY5sE Just found new videos on past interviews for HB. Enjoy!
  7. Hey everyone, I am an avid CLOY fan here and honestly CLOY reignited my love for K-Stuffs. However, as much as I love CLOY, I think I personally agree (just my personal opinion) with the statements highlighted in red above. Based on my observation, it seems like DOTS, MLFTS, Dae Jang Gum and Winter Sonata have truly reached an iconic status of Korean dramas and their hallyu effects were phenomenal. I actually remember DOTS being really famous, like really famous even in China (I'm not from there but I remember its soaring popularity everywhere). The thing is I am not even a fan of DOTS, I tried watching it given that it's so famous but I gave up after the first episode and this has always made me curious as to why it's so popular. On the other hand, I really really love CLOY and you have no idea how excited I get whenever someone watches CLOY. But I personally think that it's popularity is not as huge as DOTS? Which really made me wonder why and why is it not as popular in China given its huge population? Anyone mind enlightening me as to why CLOY's wave is not as huge as DOTS, MLFTS, Dae Jang Gum and Winter Sonata? I would of course be more than happy when CLOY's popularity soars to the extent where it reaches an iconic status.
  8. I have always find the highlighted in red part amusing. Can you guys share with me what do guys think the staring eyes and closed eyes mean?
  9. Hi, I cannot read chinese but I guess I will resort to google translate haha. Mind sharing the app name?
  10. . I watched ‘My First First Love’ to move on from CLOY. It’s very average, cute, cheesy and humorous. So far, no other romantic K-drama beats CLOY though. I also recontinued watching Memories of the Alhambra after 2 years. Confused why I didn't finish it sooner, great show. Starting 'Ietawon Class', good reviews. Any other recommendations? I actually just watched Memories of the Alhambra too. And it's actually very good! Love Hyun Bin in MOFA too! Love his look and outfits! Yes Hyun Bin is handsome and manly. Also curious about how his parents and brother look like. I wondered too! Wondering if anyone has any pics to share.
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