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  1. hey all, I too was a yanxi palace big fan and shipped Qianlong x Ying Luo. I therefore really look forward to their reunion in Hao Lan. While the first few eps of Hao Lan are rather monotonous and uninteresting, I find it getting better day by day. I would say it starts to be exciting from ep 30 onwards. So, for those who give up, do give it another chance. Although I really love Qianlong in Yanxi and also Qianlong x Ying Luo, I cant find myself to adore Lu Bu Wei in Hao Lan. I am unsure why but I also find the chemistry between Lu Bu Wei and Hao Lan to be lacking. On the contrary, I actually like the pairing of Hao Lan and Yiren in Haolan. I think things which spice up even more after everyone returns to Qin state!
  2. Do u know which chapter/page of the novel it is for the dessert part? Would love to read it! Find it very diff to find any missed out parts of the drama in the novel.
  3. Thanks @kyoko22. I have done some reading on the website. Quite surprised that the drma is almost 90% similar to the book. Wondering if anyone knows if there's anything which is not shown in the drama but is mentioned in the book? Also, what are you guys' opinions as to when Ying Luo fall in love with the Emperor and also when the Emperor fall in love with Ying luo?
  4. I saw the book version being sold in my local bookstore but unfortunately I cannot read Chinese. I actually also came across the book version on Wattpad but in Vietnamese . I am wondering if anyone knows where I can read the book version in English online? Just like how Love o2o can be read online. Pretty sure the book version would be more detailed.
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