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  1. I can’t seem to link to your account. Just confirming that SJH said this about KJK. Was it in this week’s ep? If so, what was the context? Thanks.
  2. The implication is that they are saying “You are perfect to me” to each other, LOL. @spartaceluv98, I’m re-uploading your link to show the image just to clarify. Thanks. Credits as indicated. Thanks.
  3. I agree. Their firing connects them more than other members. No matter the lack of SA moments, we know that SA are still very tight bts. There hasn’t been a fallout. KJK was the spokesperson for both when the s*hit happened. I haven’t seen the ep yet, but the fact that he responded for both of them, plus she backed him up, reassures me of their bond. I’m glad that they’re not staying quiet and are casually tossing shame back into RM’s face. Just because they go along with all the insane twists and turns doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten. I think one lesson learned from this is to stick it out. Never back down from a bully. They could have easily flame up, but then would have quickly flamed out. Team SA, all the way!
  4. I just found out that So Ji Sub is taken! Guys, what am I going to do now? I thought he would wait for me! Nothing to do now but to grab KJK. Oh, wait ..... LOL. Kidding aside, SJS wrote a letter to his fans. It obviously has nothing to do with SA, but I want to share it since it gives us insight into all the reasons why SA (and other celebs) are so careful. I wish him and his love all the best. https://www.soompi.com/article/1325174wpp/so-ji-sub-writes-heartfelt-letter-to-fans-following-news-of-his-relationship
  5. @Adora Dark, I want to also extend my welcome to you. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. You touched on some great points that I would love to address and/or add to at a later time. Until then, welcome, again.
  6. SBS doesn’t care about I-Fans. K-Netz matter because they contribute to ratings. We don’t because we have zero impact on ratings. With that in mind, be aware that most K-Netz see KookMin as SIBLINGS, not LL partners or anything else. Also despite SA “cooling off,” most searches on KJK still overwhelmingly pull SJH. There is still a lot of interest and speculation about those two AS A COUPLE. I got that information on good authority. While some shippers are concerned about the possibility of a new LL, it’s telling that despite YJS’s latest “teasing,” the staff did not insert cheesy captions or pink hearts. CMIIW but the members also did not tease them. Also, for the first time KJK pulled out the donsaeng card for JSM. I see his latest actions, ie showing “closeness” with her, as nothing more than pushing a platonic equation. That’s in sharp contrast to what we got re: SJH, and yes, including from him. It’s almost like he’s differentiating the two women. The problem is, any sign of “closeness” (even when innocent) is misinterpreted as something else. That’s on shippers, not him. I wish everyone would chill, stay in their lanes, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, stop posting crap on the members’ IG. The main definition for “shipping” is BEING HAPPY in my book. If you agree, let’s keep flooding our thread with positivity no matter all the unnecessary noise from RM, SBS, MUD, or other sources. We’re all here to support SA as a couple. Until we get something official, let’s keep enjoying ourselves. Cheers, y’all.
  7. I think this was pre-recorded. While it would have been great if this was said on a recent, live broadcast, it’s still great that the guys pre-recorded, allowed the footage to go through editing, and chose to keep HH’s words in. Some shippers have been concerned that KJK was maybe dragged into the LL against his will. It’s hard to drag someone when he knowingly allows footage of his buddy calling a popular female celeb, someone who’s been rumored to be with him, basically his “wife.” KJK has more control over BP than RM. Think about that.
  8. Totally not SA related, but I’m a longtime RM fan so I always appreciate good news: 4 RM members are in the top 30 of brand rankings for May 2019. YJS is 1st and KJK is 3rd. Apparently, he got a 39+% jump from April. No surprise since he’s been quite visible lately. LKS is 5th and HH is 20th. Congrats to all! https://www.soompi.com/article/1322016wpp/may-variety-star-brand-reputation-rankings-announced-2
  9. LOL, I understand their concerns, but I disagree with them when they say that KJK “denies” whenever he’s teased with SJH. While he acts “irritated,” he’s pretty consistent with basically side-stepping the issue. He’s been doing that for years. I don’t worry when he “denies.” I’ll start worrying when he embraces everything. That means either the LL is scripted, the subject (or person) is not important to him, or he’s about to reveal. Oh, and I don’t see him “not denying” JSM as embracing her or hinting about announcing being with her. I frankly don’t think they’re together. Again, just my opinion.
  10. This is way overdue, but better late than never, I’ve been told, LOL. I still haven’t watched the entire recent ep, but did finally get a chance to watch the intro. The part that some shippers have been unhappy with lasted barely three minutes! Why all the fuss over a blip? I agree with those who said not to worry about a potential LL (or something deeper) between KJK and JSM. The members clearly said those two had good SNS chemistry, nothing else. As some of you already pointed out, the staff has consistently labeled KookMin as siblings, not LL partners or a “couple.” Also, when KJK responded to JSM’s posts, it was to basically point out that she was a bit off, ie he didn’t understand her references. Generational gap, I guess. IIRC from his Healing Camp interview, he said he preferred to be with someone closer to his age because he wanted to relate to her. With that in mind, YJS’c statement about JSM’s mom criticizing KJK’s age takes on a new meaning. I also want to point out that KJK was very happy, but not directly because of JSM. He reacted mostly to his solo concert being mentioned. He was clearly very proud of it, and accordingly appreciative of the members supporting him. I’m glad that he mentioned the members by name, especially YSC. FYI to those of you who did not watch the MUD ep from two weeks ago, KJK was featured with the focus being on his concert. The MUD staff edited YSC completely out, which was unfortunate since he didn’t just show up, but also performed. Another thing shippers have been upset about was that KJK said he was glad he left a good impression on JSM’s mom. There’s nothing wrong with him saying that. Don’t we all want to leave good impressions on everyone we meet, especially those who disapprove of us? Jumping to the conclusion that he meant he wanted to get on the mom’s good side as a way to get to the daughter is a bit hasty. Anything’s possible, but until we get something official, IMHO there’s no there, there. Lastly, some shippers complained that SJH looked sad, perhaps because KJK didn’t mention her, or worse that he disrespected her. Other shippers took her being “left out” of the conservation as a sign that she didn’t care, also that she didn’t go to his concert. As my favorite Auntie likes to tell me, “Bullsh*t, my child!” I noticed that the editing was really fast. For example, a few members said “Hello” to the staff, then everyone went straight into the part about KJK’s concert, followed by comments about JSM’s parents. Again, that entire segment lasted barely three minutes. I’m sure lots of things were removed, including possibly any mentions of SJH or interactions with her. What stood out for me was NOT that those who publicly attended the concert were mentioned. What stood out was that the one person who possibly attended the concert privately was NOT mentioned. We all know how close SA have been over the years, and still are. If SJH didn’t go to the concert, it was because she was busy. KJK’s not the only family member with a packed schedule. Also, those first concerts were not the only three KJK held. He’s held a few since then, with more on the way. Does anyone who’s been following this ship for any length of time, and who really ships SA, believe for one second that if SJH had time, she would have NOT supported KJK? Whether as just a friend or something more, that woman would have done everything possible to make it. If she couldn’t make it, I’m sure she had a very good reason. Who knows? Maybe KJK told her to stay away like he said he did the last time Turbo had their concert. SJH did not listen to him that time, but maybe she did this time. Too many eyeballs don’t make it easy for anyone to sing, especially when a certain someone wanted to share a very private letter he wrote to his “future” wife. It would have been a bit awkward (and obvious) if SJH (and his mom) sat in the audience while he talked about the letter. As usual, these are just my thoughts, random as they are. Sorry about that. Also, my comments are not always intended just for this forum. Cheers, y’all!
  11. I haven’t watched the latest ep and won’t get a chance to for a while, but I’m intrigued enough about the latest “article” to jump in here. Pending subs, here are my preliminary thoughts: The article is still there. For those of you who can’t access it, here’s the full text minus pictures. The bold part is the one we’re interested in: “In the April 28 episode of Running Man, the cast revealed how Jun So Min’s mother showed a particular interest in Kim Jong Kook. Kim Jong Kook recently held his first solo concert in nine years. He commented, “Because I was holding a concert for the first time in nine years, Kwang Soo and So Min attended, and Se Chan performed with me. Jae Suk also came.” Then, Kim Jong Kook joked, “Jae Suk got there three hours before the concert started. He asked, ‘Can I be the guest [performer]?’ and I said no. He ended up not doing [the performance], but he was caught dancing alone.” In particular, Jun So Min attended Kim Jong Kook’s concert with her parents. Yoo Jae Suk shared, “I heard her mother is a fan [of Kim Jong Kook]. Her mother was beautiful. After watching Jong Kook’s performance, her mother said, ‘Become our son-in-law…,’ but because of the age gap, it’s a little bit…” Despite this comment, Kim Jong Kook replied, “Anyways, So Min’s mother is now my avid fan.” IMO, there’s no substance to the article re: KookMin. With such a clickbait title (running-man-cast-shares-how-jun-so-mins-mother-wanted-kim-jong-kook-as-her-son-in-law), I expected more info, but nope. What the “article” referred to was barely 1/4 of the entire thing. 3/4 of that had nothing to do with KookMin. If this is all a “writer” can squeeze out of the interaction between KJK and JSM’s parents, someone’s really scraping dirt just to try to make some noise, LOL. My thoughts exactly, especially given RM’s repeated emphasis about KookMin being “siblings.” I haven’t visited RM/SBS’s, KJK’s, or JSM’s IG accounts in a while, but I imagine the toxicity level must be at an all time high. There’s no escaping some of the more delusional posts, so this may be a way for KJK to clarify the situation between him and JSM. IMHO, he’s clearly family-zoning her. In contrast, we all know that while KJK has occasionally mumbled outside the show that he and SJH were co-workers, siblings, etc, he never directly addressed all the rumors on the show. SJH is the only one he’s “ignored” all these years, unlike some of his more popular LL partners. Does he like her less, or disrespect her more? I don’t think so. With SA, a public “negative” is not necessarily a bad thing. Let’s wait for the subs. Try your best to ignore trolls. More importantly, ship happily. Have a blessed day, everyone.
  12. Happy Easter, everyone. Whether you celebrate your faith, your family and friends, life in general, or the Easter Bunny, I wish you and yours the very best! Have a wonderful day, and happy shipping!
  13. Thank you so much for taking the time to not only create an account to comment, but to also encourage all of us to give up on the SA ship. Because you say so, we MUST absolutely do that. After all, the evidence you laid out is indeed very compelling. Based on your astute observation, it is very clear that SJH has moved on from the RM family. She’s no longer LKS’s precious Noona, JSJ’s on-screen daughter, YJS’s Ms. Mong and Candy Alliance partner, or HH’s Mapo-gu sister. YSC is fairly new but we must have been wrong to note that he’s gotten close to SJH. Same with JSM. Our bad for misreading SJH’s support for the two new members and their appreciation of her good heart. But, the most important and IMO heartbreaking part is that SJH is no longer close with KJK. That, I agree, is the kill-shot for our ship. Again, thank you so very much for pointing that out to us. We’ve been so lost in our delusions that it took a generous person like you to set us straight. Almost a decade of the members working together and forming relationships has ended with your words of wisdom. Personally, I’m now free to go on with my own life. It’s time to celebrate. Have a wonderful day. Byeee.
  14. I just want to point out a slight difference in English semantics: “Aren’t they” means that HH suggested SA were already a couple. If he had said “Are they?” he would have suggested he didn’t know if they were together. English is a bit confusing, but IMO HH basically clued us in to SA’s real equation. And, just in case the translator made a mistake, a friend who knows Hangul confirmed that HH did say “Aren’t they?”
  15. Just something to cheer us up: Watching 7 members working together in the latest ep made me hungry for squids. Watching this should make all of us true fans smile. This is not SA-related, but I’m not putting it under Spoiler, because YT doesn’t allow embeds for videos from this site. https://youtu.be/DtjbtZWFHVs Back to SA: HH was there when SJH mentioned this, so he knows her feelings on OP. It was an odd thing when she said it, and it’s an odd thing for him to say this now. What’s the context for him calling KJK OP? Thanks.
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