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  1. @Adora Dark, my thanks, as well. We don’t always share truly private things here because... well this is the internet after all, so I’m especially appreciative of you doing this. In the same vein though nowhere close to what you did, I want to share something from my private life. Some of you already know this, but for those who don’t, my sister (who knows RM but is not an avid viewer) surprised the heck out of me one day. She once watched an ep with me, and casually asked if SA were “intimate.” IIRC, KJK was massaging SJH’s lower back. I almost fell off the couch coz I never expected her question. I never brought up the issue of SA with her before, so it wasn’t like I was leading her on. When I asked her why she thought they were together, she looked at me like I was crazy. She said it was too obvious. While not an avid viewer, she always noticed he treated SJH differently. While he was a gentleman with everyone, he was “more” with SJH. As a shipper, I’m often obsessed about details, yet ironically because I’m so involved, I miss out on some basic things, namely stuff that are obvious to even the most casual viewer. While none of us can be sure until SA reveal either way, comments like those from my sister and your friend boost my confidence that SA are indeed “more.” Oh, and since I’m a very fair person, I’ll trade my name for yours. Nice to meet you, Helena. I’m Marina.
  2. Thank you for explaining, and I understand about the negative effects of tabloid articles and rumors especially in SK where even a hint of something remotely negative forces artists and agencies to preemptively apologize and engage in self-reflection. Still, the difference for me, and a big reason why I still ship SA, is the fact that they seem to be perfectly okay with people associating them. Plus, while I-fans and SA shippers are more pro-SA as a possible couple, the fact remains that the RM staff pushed the LL themselves. They can’t be doing that just for us non-SK folks and to push attendance at overseas fan meets. Still, this is just me wondering out loud. Also, just for the record, I do understand and appreciate cultural differences. What seems perfectly acceptable to me may not be to others, and that’s cool. Thanks again for explaining.
  3. I wonder why they’re so pissed. Is it the connection to KJK, or because SJH fans think these articles are somehow insulting to her? I haven’t read the articles myself, but unless they’re anti-SJH, what’s the harm in a bit of speculating, especially since she’s never really denied the rumors herself? I get that both she and KJK paid lip service to the “we’re just colleagues, friends, etc...” spiel, but they’re now in an acknowledged LL, plus SJH herself actively participated in the LL. I understand feeling the need to defend my bias, but is there really a need to do so in this case? IMO there’s nothing wrong with going along with the flow especially when my bias is doing the same. And, before anyone judges me as being anti-SJH, I’m a big SJH fan. The difference may be that I’m also a big KJK fan. Regardless, with all due respect, everyone should just chill and enjoy whatever our biases choose to show us. No one’s forcing anyone to do anything, especially two very strong-willed people like SJH and KJK. A pre-emptive apology to anyone who feels like I’m shading them. I’m doing no such thing. I’m honestly puzzled by the bad feelings. Peace, all. Very sincerely.
  4. Awww .... thanks. I love that YJS smiled when he saw your SA bag. I can just imagine the teasing when he gives them your gift, LOL. No reason to be sorry. I really appreciate you reporting back like this. Totally didn’t expect it, so I’m beyond grateful. As for your lack of vids, that’s cool too. I prefer the first person account anyways, especially if it comes from one of our own. Hopefully you can capture some stuff at the fanmeet, but if not due to security or whatever, at least you’ll be there. The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself. Anything else you can share will be extra. Stay safe. Thanks, again!!!!
  5. I knew you were going to the fanmeet, but I didn’t know you were meeting them at the airport. The whole thing sounds hectic and frankly a bit dangerous. I’m sorry you lost your glasses, but I’m glad you’ll get them back soon. Thanks so much for going through that for all of us. As for KJK holding your glasses, SJH relying on him, and both basically watching out for each other, wow. How are the members in real life, especially SA? How does it feel to be so close to them? Oh, and which 2019 SA pics did you include? Sorry about all the questions, but we’ve never had any of our active thread members at the fanmeets, so I’m trying to live through you, LOL.
  6. One of the all time great endings of RM. Absolutely loved the moment when they opted to tear each other’s tag at the same time. https://www.soompi.com/article/366322wpp/tiger-jk-and-yoon-mi-raes-kiss-is-best-ending-in-running-man-history
  7. Not directly SA-related, but interesting bit about how celebs secretly date:
  8. Agreed. I’m surprised that some people are discouraged by SJH saying she doesn’t have a BF. They must be new to K-Entertainment or our fandom. No way would an entertainer and especially an actress of SJH’s standing casually burst out the truth. What matters is what some of you already noted, that she seemed to have momentarily slipped up, plus that she sounded very much like KJK when she addressed her yet-to-be born partner. Either she saw him say that and followed his lead, or discussed the situation with him and they came up with the same script. Whatever the truth, the similar response suggests a matter so personal they had to somehow share its messaging. IMO, it will be especially telling if in the near future SA’s interactions and skinship increase. If SJH’s BF is not KJK, no way would he stay publicly close to her. Totally not his thing. Same with her if he has someone else. But, if the interactions and skinship stay the same or increase, we can cautiously anticipate some good news. No matter the identity of SJH’s BF, let’s stay supportive. She deserves the very best. If not KJK, someone else equally wonderful. I’m also glad that one of her most memorable, albeit painful moments involved KG leaving. She expressed exactly what us longtime RM fans always hoped, that the original 7 stayed until the very end. How completely kind and wonderful she was to encourage everyone to support him. There’s a special bond between the originals that can never be broken, something I’m sure they all cherish. This puts another light on that moment several eps back when she was asked about her past and current, aka KJK, LL partner. She casually said “KG, who?” and p.issed off a lot of fans. It may not have looked like it to some people, but I thought she was kind to publicly let KG go. Kind both to him and the man sitting right next to her, who couldn’t manage to hide his smile.
  9. Dang, there goes KJK’s competition! His Ji Hyo (not Twice’s) must be so disappointed .... Just kidding, all. Congrats to the new couple. https://www.soompi.com/article/1343373wpp/breaking-twices-jihyo-and-kang-daniel-reportedly-dating
  10. Sorry for not contributing much these days, guys. I read and appreciate everything you do, but just can’t add much right now. Regardless, I took a quick mental break and saw this article. It’s not about SA, but addresses something I’ve always been concerned about as a SA fan: their privacy. I try to never invade it even indirectly, but ofc others are not as mindful. I’m putting the link to the article under spoiler, but I strongly suggest that anyone who reads it, who swears up and down they love their idols, reflect on that “love.” I don’t mean to not support artists and their work. I’m saying some of us need to be more aware of not crossing lines. Not shading anyone at all. Just injecting a little bit of reality and sensitivity into the mix, especially since “fans” feel so free nowadays “loving” their biases while hating others’, especially on IG. Peace everyone.
  11. I’m curious about something that is sorta related to SA, but not quite. I mean no disrespect and definitely don’t want to offend other fandoms, so I’m putting my question under spoiler. This is not meant for discussion on the thread, so anyone who knows the answer or wants to discuss can DM me. I appreciate it. Thanks!
  12. @Regita M. P, thanks for going the extra mile this week and transcribing not only the RM ep, but also KJK’s MUD segment. I really appreciate everything you do. I haven’t seen the latest RM ep, though I did watch KJK’s MUD segment, and I just want to make some quick observations: 1) HH looked on KJK’s interactions with the kids like a proud papa. I LOL’ed at the under currents between the two adults as HH teased KJK and KJK threatened to hurt him, especially when HH kept telling him to go higher with his voice. What I found very interesting was that HH brought up the subject of marriage to tease KJK, and said JK and Ji Yu. While we’re all used to seeing HH tease KJK with marriage, bringing up the subject in the context of a kids’ show makes no sense. To top that off, I agree that “Ji Yu” is phonetically close to “Ji Hyo.” 2) I thought it was odd that they did not show his mom’s reaction to the little girl asking if KJK liked SJH. We all know it’s weird that KJK has always evaded similar questions, but it’s like MUD’s being vague by perhaps protecting Mama Kim’s privacy, and by extension Mama Kim’s being vague herself. None of this makes sense. If there’s nothing going on and SA are nothing but best buds, just say so! I read the Soompi article tagged above, and all the comments were, if not openly supportive, definitely positive. Frankly, I can almost hear playful snickers and see rolling eyes, coz SA seem to be an open secret not just to shippers but to everyone at this point. 3) Re: SA’s painted nails: was this a random, eagle-eye thing or connected to games played during the ep? I’ll add more once I’ve had a chance to catch up to all things SA-related. Thanks to everyone who’s been keeping the ship afloat. Edit: Congrats to Byul and HH!
  13. Frankly, I’m not sure. Anything’s possible since they’re apparently trying to streamline and may deactivate you without meaning to while they work through the kinks. Not too long ago, some very active shippers were locked out of their accounts without notice. The same thing may happen here. Clicking a “like” should technically keep you active, but just to be safe you might want to post here once in a while.
  14. In my experience, technically yes, though I lose a bit of control over how the posts are displayed: 1) the posts are merged, or 2) there’s a delay in not only uploading but in the system recognizing my key strokes. Sometimes, the second outcome results from too much traffic on the thread, but not always.
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