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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to not only create an account to comment, but to also encourage all of us to give up on the SA ship. Because you say so, we MUST absolutely do that. After all, the evidence you laid out is indeed very compelling. Based on your astute observation, it is very clear that SJH has moved on from the RM family. She’s no longer LKS’s precious Noona, JSJ’s on-screen daughter, YJS’s Ms. Mong and Candy Alliance partner, or HH’s Mapo-gu sister. YSC is fairly new but we must have been wrong to note that he’s gotten close to SJH. Same with JSM. Our bad for misreading SJH’s support for the two new members and their appreciation of her good heart. But, the most important and IMO heartbreaking part is that SJH is no longer close with KJK. That, I agree, is the kill-shot for our ship. Again, thank you so very much for pointing that out to us. We’ve been so lost in our delusions that it took a generous person like you to set us straight. Almost a decade of the members working together and forming relationships has ended with your words of wisdom. Personally, I’m now free to go on with my own life. It’s time to celebrate. Have a wonderful day. Byeee.
  2. I just want to point out a slight difference in English semantics: “Aren’t they” means that HH suggested SA were already a couple. If he had said “Are they?” he would have suggested he didn’t know if they were together. English is a bit confusing, but IMO HH basically clued us in to SA’s real equation. And, just in case the translator made a mistake, a friend who knows Hangul confirmed that HH did say “Aren’t they?”
  3. Just something to cheer us up: Watching 7 members working together in the latest ep made me hungry for squids. Watching this should make all of us true fans smile. This is not SA-related, but I’m not putting it under Spoiler, because YT doesn’t allow embeds for videos from this site. https://youtu.be/DtjbtZWFHVs Back to SA: HH was there when SJH mentioned this, so he knows her feelings on OP. It was an odd thing when she said it, and it’s an odd thing for him to say this now. What’s the context for him calling KJK OP? Thanks.
  4. It’s been a while since I posted. Welcome to all the new members. I look forward to reading your thoughts. I noticed that concerns about KJK’s behavior has bubbled up again, both here and on IG. While those concerns are legit, I want to give my POV. This is just my view. Feel free to disagree, get some encouragement from it, or not. I recently had a discussion with a friend, and this is what I told her: I still think that SA are solid. While some shippers are concerned, some are even mad, that KJK isn’t as expressive as SJH, I agree with some of you who say that it’s just his personality. We all know SJH’s “all in.” Now, just imagine if KJK signals the same thing. It will be total chaos not just in SK, but all over Asia if not the world. Everyone’s waiting for KJK to make a strong move. The moment he does, it’s over and SA are just as good as married. He knows it. The guy’s no dummy, and he’s acting this way for a reason. IIRC, he said he will date this year, and marry next year. He has a timeline in mind, and his timeline matters, ours does not. As some of you have suggested, let’s not just focus on KJK. There’s also SJH and the other members. Their reactions and enthusiasm matter, too. I don’t think someone like YJS would push SA so hard, even warn KJK about a date race and say that SJH’s ready, if it’s only for ratings. YJS is really supportive of the show, but IMO he’s more supportive of SA as his donsaengs. When doubt settles in, I always fall back on that time he said it would be good for SA to get married. At the time, he had no reason to say it unless it was true. He thought RM had ended, and IMO was helping SA pave the way for a reveal. I’m not going to post that moment here, since I’m sure you have all seen it. Take a good look at it, again. YJS looked a bit sad because SA got fired, but he also looked very serious when he blessed them. Again, he publicly gave them his blessings that day. That was huge. He seems to be doing the same thing right now, but within the context of RM. Fingers crossed as always, but let’s all be patient. Happy shipping, everyone. Again, welcome to all the new members!
  5. IIRC from the restaurant scene, SJH forced KJK to acknowledge that if she and KJY were not the secret couple, KJK was simply jealous. He agreed. The “un-emotional” guy caught by his own emotions. I heard LA, too.
  6. Probably just April Fool’s hoax. Putting this under Spoiler: Edit: @spartaceluv98: Oops, we’re talking about the same thing, LOL.
  7. I’m still watching the ep, but I just want to clarify one little thing. It may be different depending on the site you use, but this is how Kocowa explained “Future Couple” and Yeoboseyo: First, SJH said SA’s team name would be “FC.” When prompted, she said that meant “Future Couple.” Her slight embarrassment was so cute, and I loved that YJS encouraged her. Also, there’s more to Yeoboseyo than a simple “Hello.” HH stretched that to mean “Honey” (Yeobo), “Hello” (Seyo). Switch that around, and we get “Hello, Honey.” SJH’s the “honey,” and KJK’s the one who says “Hello” to her. That’s also beyond cute, and very much a HH way to tease them. Will point out other things as I come across them. SJH not attending the concert: The fact that SJH and JSJ were the only two members who did not attend the concert made them, especially her, stand out more. IMO, there’s no way she would not have gone unless she really had a tight schedule. That’s very possible, but despite having an overseas event with HH (who managed to attend the concert), she made time for a co-worker’s wedding. The fact that YJS attended the concert meant all the members knew it meant a lot to KJK. SJH would have wanted to support KJK. If SJH attended (and I believe the chance of that is high), she would have done so in private. Given the LL and the ramifications if she attended publicly, going incognito made more sense. No matter what, we all know SA are extremely close. I agree. When the PD announced that two people would go to LA, HH immediately accused the staff of rigging something for SA. This time, the members did tease them, but I didn’t think they made a big deal about it. As you said, maybe it’s because SA are no longer “secret,” LOL. The sense was “It’s them two, again” like it’s a normal thing. Someone said something about fate, and JSJ said the pairing was not pre-arranged. As the members walked out, HH and JSM said SA’s situation was very funny. YSC also said that KJK did what SJH wanted. As soon as she said “Yeobo,” KJK said “Seyo” like a good BF/husband. Most of this pointed to familiarity vs something new or “secret.”
  8. I know that Yeoboseyo means “Hello” when Koreans answer the phone, but the way HH suggested it by dividing the word and pointing first to SJH (Yeobo) then KJK (Seyo) emphasizes the word Yeobo. Doing this suggests the stand alone meaning of Yeobo, and we all know what that means when it comes to a married couple and SA. Also, isn’t Seyo typically something added to words as a sign of respect? That fits KJK’s stature. I could be way off since I don’t know Hangul. And, is it just me or was KJK not only shy, but he turned red? And, I love how cute, young, and happy SJH looked. The way she suggested “Future Couple” was so funny, like she didn’t mean to but somehow for her the natural ending to “future” was “couple,” or vice versa. At least, without subs, I assume that’s what she said. Credits as indicated. Thanks.
  9. Anyone knows if catching the bouquet in SK is a free-for-all where single women “compete” to catch it, or is the bouqet pre-targeted, ie the bride planned to give it to SJH? Thanks.
  10. Beautiful SJH. Credits as indicated. Thanks.
  11. Different angles of KJK’s March 29th concert:
  12. Here’s the text of the Soompi article, minus intro and outro. Thanks @tiglon, @cio and @Falah Haziq, . After Kim Jong Kook called Song Ji Hyo his wife on the show, a mysterious vibe has been blossoming between them. The upcoming episode will feature a race among the “solos” to find the “secret couple” who infiltrated the show. The members will use their keen senses to find out the identity of the secret couple. Kim Jong Kook will pick Song Ji Hyo and model-turned-actor Kim Jae Young as the candidates. While the other members suspect different people, Kim Jong Kook will keep his vigilant gaze on Kim Jae Young and Song Ji Hyo, and continuously accuse them of being the secret couple. He is strongly suspicious of them because they talk comfortably to each other and even hold hands. Claiming innocence, Song Ji Hyo says, “If I’m not a secret couple, then Kim Jong Kook is being jealous right now.” The other members agree and point out his paranoid attitude is jealousy. Also, Song Ji Hyo tells the other guest Jang Hee Jin, “Kim Jong Kook is a bit scary, but he’s actually a good guy.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1313918wpp/kim-jong-kook-to-get-jealous-of-song-ji-hyo-and-kim-jae-young-on-running-man
  13. Not exactly SA related, so I’m putting this under Spoiler.
  14. YooLee and JSM were all there. You can see YooLee clearly, with JSM partially shown on the right side of the screen on LKS’s left. IIRC, this is the first time YJS came to one of KJK’s concerts (at least publicly). There are two more nights and 3 members left. The “most important” (or anticipated) guest is often reserved for last. Ofc, I’m talking about JSJ, LOL. Fingers crossed. Credits as indicated. Thanks.
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